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in the honor of christmas, I like to come up with a fictional GB story set around christmas time (not confusing with Ghostbusters II) where the Stay-Puff Marshmallow man was brought back to life. And this time, it wasn't stanz fault (reference to the video game). The Ghostbusters once again grab their proton packs and drive down over to where the Stay Puff is located. they have to get to a nearest high rise so get can get a good shot to blast the 'mother-puss bucket'. Stanz suggest that they aim at him from street level.. sudddenly, the stream particals of the proton pack had malfunction due to a force of power that came with the Marshmallow man and it covers a 2-5 mile radius... the GBs need to come up something quick otherwise christmas would be gone forever. Egon remembered about using Lady Liberty to smash through the art museum, and if the statue can do that, maybe it can do the same to the marshmallow man..

So, hours went by as the GB arrives to liberty island with the slime blower... another hour went by (the statue had a long way to walk from the Island to Midtown Manhattan) and the statue arrives to face the Marshmallow man. Venkman suggest to press one of the buttons on the NES advantage . Stanz pressed the A button (for attack) and the statue lowerd its hammer and smash across Stay-Puff's face causing a burn mark from the fire of the torch. Stanz press the B button to jump and used the torch to stab Stay Puff with the fire and burn him up causing melted marshmallow to drip all over the street and once again, Stay Puff is destroyed...

Egon invented a detector equipment to locate in advance of any paranormal travelers invading the city so they can go there and set a trap before any traveler is formed
By Alex Newborn

Some spelling errors.

It's Stay-Puft with a T on the end, not two F's.

It's Stantz with a T before the Z.

And 'pus' only has one S.

(Mildly surprised there's not a filter for that one.)


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