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By egb fan
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Well, it's getting towards the end of March, so why not kick things off with a Christmas special?

Episode 1: Christmas Tree, Oh, Christmas Tree, by me.

Kylie's father is in town for Christmas. So is an angry spirit out for revenge on all who condone the practice of cutting down, selling and buying trees for the festive season. Both are on a mission, one to ruin Christmas and one to make it perfect, and between them they make it very difficult for Kylie to find her holiday spirit.

Coming soon:
Episode 2: Baking Brownies, by Jake.

Thanks for reading! :D
By egb fan
Episode 4: Mother's Nature, by me.

A terrifying demon appears at Grand Central Station and starts making off with children. Mayor McShane attempts to reassure an anxious public, and may once again have to put aside his personal feelings about the Ghostbusters. This time, however, his assistant Jensen is watching the team's every move.

Coming (very) soon:
Episode 5: Cat Burglar, by Jake.
By egb fan
Episode 7: An Arm and a Leg, by me.

Garrett is in for a frustrating time when his mother comes to visit, as she just can't accept that her son is happy to be handicapable. Meanwhile, a wish-granting entity has come to give people just what they want, but for the highest price.

Coming soon(ish):
Episode 8: Putting the Goth in Gothic, also by me.
By egb fan
Episode 8: Putting the Goth in Gothic, by me.

A Gothic literature class is causing friction between Eduardo and Kylie. He is diligently working his way through Dracula, while she is behind on the reading. Then, when real-life happenings start to echo events in Bram Stoker's classic, Eduardo must put his reading to practical use.

Coming soon:
Episode 9: Book Smarts, by Jake.

By the way, this episode marks the halfway point of our virtual season. 8-)
By egb fan
Episode 10: Stony Silence, by Jake.

(You might have noticed the name change - don't worry about it!)

The Ghostbusters are called to investigate an incident of people being turned to stone under the gaze of a snakelike creature. They quickly identify it thanks to an imported copy of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, but that can't explain the worrying lack of PKE readings.

Coming soon:
Episode 11: Halloween Party, by me.
By Farah
Great work. that story gave me the chills. I'm looking forward to more of your stories.
By egb fan
Episode 11: Halloween Party, by me.

Celebrations are on at the firehouse, but Eduardo and Roland have other things to do. Then suddenly they find themselves in the middle of a TV special come to life, and must battle through chaos to get to that party. Their teammates, however, are not exactly themselves.

Coming soon:
Episode 12: Memento Mori, also by me.
By Farah
Great story, egb fan. I enjoyed it very much. Looking forwards to more of your stories.
By egb fan
Episode 12: A Clash of Symbols, by me.

Eduardo is keen to avoid Kylie after their Halloween adventure, but they are forced to work together the very next morning when a demonic disturbance occurs at the Day of the Dead celebration. As the case goes on into the night, Eduardo is still not keen to talk, but Kylie can see that his thoughts are running deep.

Coming soon:
Episode 13: Carried Away, by Jake.
(But in fact, this title is likely to change as well.)
By Farah
Great story! I enjoyed it very much. I'm looking forward to more of your stories. Keep up the good work.
By Farah
Very good story. It gave me the chill as some parts of the story. Keep up the good work and i'm looking forward to reading more. :kylie::blush::whatever::sigh:
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