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By ZedRage
I make no secret of my dislike of the new movie. As a writer myself, I am downright baffled how anyone could put pen to paper and come up with that script. Some of you liked it, and that's fine. I did not.

And like any true fan, I've had my own idea kicking around in my head for years.
Well, I found my old movie treatment, dusted it off, and polished it up. I re-wrote it with the cast (sort of) of the 2016 movie, and made a real GB3 passing-of-the-torch movie.

I did change a lot about the characters, but mostly to give them greater depth.
And I changed the main focus of the story. It's no longer Erin Gilbert's story. It's Patty Tolan's.

I changed Patty a lot, but not much. I'll explain. She's still basically the same character, but instead of being a history buff because she "watches a lot of documentaries," she's an actual professor a Columbia. She joins the group because the idea of speaking to a person who lived hundreds of years ago intrigues her.

The rest will speak for itself. In a full screenplay, there would be more time and detail devoted to this, but this is a summary. While it's lengthy, it has all the story elements in place.

A subway worker who is overly bored hears a commotion coming from up the tracks. She tries to call over security to check it out, but can’t raise anyone on the radio. Thinking its kids tagging again, she wanders down with a flashlight. As she approaches the darker area, her flashlight goes dead, and all the lights around her go dark. She sees a bright glow, and hears a strange buzzing noise. That’s when there’s a bright light, powerful wind, and we cut to our opening title.

Our story begins with Patty Tolan, a history professor at Columbia University looking for her new office. She runs into one of the deans, who is arguing with Dr. Ray Stanz, professor of metaphysics. Stanz walks away from the argument unhappy, something about getting tenure. While on the subject, Patty mentions she’s up for tenure soon, and the dean seems similarly unimpressed. She asks why her office was moved and the dean makes some mention of maintaining a ‘comfortable’ work environment for the staff. Patty makes a clearly unhappy face, but declines to comment. She asks where room 215 is, and is directed down a few halls.
When she arrives at her office, it’s little more than a boarded-up old door that’s been painted over. She thinks it’s a broom closet, but once inside, she sees it’s actually a decently sized space, but full of junk. She begins going through the junk an finds an old yearbook. Inside is a picture of Egon Spengler, with a signature over it that says “Study harder, Pete.”
She flips to the front of the book where it says “Property of Dr. Peter Venkman.” The “Dr” part is underlined heavily. She puts it aside and looks in another box, pulling out what looks like an old copy of Hustler with, scrawled on the front “Burn in Hell, Venkman!”
“Who was this guy?” she asks as she continues to clear out the stuff. Soon there are trash bags outside and she has a very basic setup on her desk.
There’s a knock on her door, and a female face peeks in, (Jillian Holtzmann,) and she’s asking about a (insert tech-talk here) gadget that might be hanging around. When Patty asks why it would be in there, she just shrugs and says something about it being the “ghost office.” She then leaves, and Patty sits there confused.
But, because Patty loves mysteries, especially historical ones, she goes online and begins researching Dr. Peter Venkman and ghosts. She stumbles upon numerous articles about the legendary Ghostbusters, but being from the Midwest, she has no idea who these guys are. Moreover, supposedly, they were frauds who used sensitive nerve gases to make people think they were seeing ghosts, then “bust” the ghosts and extort money.
Apparently, one of the founders, Dr. Egon Spengler, passed on recently. Patty is sitting in the old office that Spengler, Venkman, and Stanz all shared.
But seeing that Professor of metaphysics Ray Stanz, (whom she recognizes,) is still around, she decides to go poke his brain.
She finds Ray Stanz teaching a class. Once it’s over, she introduces herself and asks about the Ghostbusters. Ray flies into a rage and tells her never to ask about that again.
Obviously flummoxed, she leaves, and once again runs into her first visitor, (Holtzmann,) out in the hall.
“You were asking about ghosts,” she says with a smirk, “He won’t talk about them.”
“Sorry, who are you? What is this big weird secret?”
Holtzmann beckons her to follow.
She leads Patty into the school’s library, where she pulls out a book published by Dr. Stanz and Spengler back in the 80’s detailing the physics and metaphysics of the supernatural.
“These guys were legit, but nobody knows that. Personally… I saw the haunted Statue of Liberty walk past my window when I was a kid. It’s real. All of it is real.”
Patty regards her with skepticism.
“Look, I know my history. If ghosts were real, we’d be up to our necks in dead people.”
“I know! But powerful spirits only cross over when dimensional barriers are weakened. That’s what the book says.”
“Okay, but even if this is real, what does it prove?”
“You teach history, right? Ever want to ask Washington what it was like to cross the Potomic?”
Patty lights up, but remains skeptical.
“Come on, want to meet the gang?”
They head outside where Holtzmann meets up with Erin Gilbert, professor of particle physics, and Abbey Yates, not-professor of anything but a hobbyist ghost hunter.
They talk, and Patty tells them about how her office used to belong to a Peter Venkmann. This causes Holtzmann to spit her drink and laugh while the other two look on in shock.
“Peter Venkman was a disgrace to science,” says Yates, “But a hero to the city.” The four discuss what is known and not known about the original Ghostbusters team. In the end, Patty’s curiosity is piqued, but she’s not quite up for joining the “Ghost Girls,” as they’re known around campus. Even Dr. Stanz doesn’t like the attention they bring on him and his old work, but he lets Holtzmann work as his assistant at the firehouse. She mentions that she’s actually seen and touched the old PKE meters, proton packs, and memorized the old blueprints years ago. Patty is polite, but leaves the meeting and goes back to her office.
When she opens the door, several books are floating above her desk. Everything falls down suddenly, and she sees on the floor the yearbook, with Spengler’s picture once again.

We cut to Rockefeller center, where Dr. Venkman is on a news show, debating with a panel on spiritual matters. He is listed as “Dr. Venkman, TV personality.” One of the other guests is “Reverend Benjamin Sharpe.” Sharpe brings up the fact that Dr. Venkman and his “ghost-busting hooligans’ have ‘possibly hundreds of human souls’ locked up in their containment unit. Sharpe is leader of the ‘Free Souls’ movement, and he intends to see those souls set free.
Venkman blows him off with trademark charm and wit, and counters his argument by saying most of those spirits are either malevolent and harmful, or otherworldly demons and freeing them would be an absolute disaster.
Sharpe hits the same talking point over and over, and Venkman matches him, as only a master of TV debate could.
After the exchange, Venkman extends a hand, complimenting Sharpe on his game.
Sharpe is adamant about his views, even with the camera off, and storms away in a huff seething with fury.

Cut to the aforementioned subway. Police are looking over the area where our subway worker saw “a glowing, electric blue old man,” but conclude there’s nothing there. As they go to leave, their tasers go wild and almost explode. They see the ghost themselves, and as they flee, we see on the wall is a scrawl of arcane symbols in a large circle.

Cut to the firehouse. Jillian Holtzmann is tinkering with something when a device lights up, and an old computer monitor clicks on. A bunch of numbers fly across the screen and she gets a strange grin.
She jumps up and examines the readings flashing across the screen. She picks up her phone and dials Stanz, but it goes to voicemail. She conjectures that he must be giving a lecture and calls up the rest of the Ghost Girls.

Holtzmann collects Abbey and Gilbert, roping in Patty as well to go check out this disturbance. They find the ghost in the subway and video it, as well as get readings on the PKE and other devices. The ghost fires lightning at the girls, who try to take cover. Holtzmann takes out a ghost trap and tries to activate it, but the ghost destroys it and gets away.

Abbey and Patty examine the video, but it’s blurry, and the rest of the equipment was damaged in the confrontation. As they re-watch it, they notice the markings they’d missed during the confrontation. They’re blurry, but oddly familiar to Patty.
Holtzmann suggests they bring their evidence to Dr. Stanz.

The group knocks on the door to Stanz’s office to find him in the middle of an argument with Peter Venkman.
“The containment unit is fine, I’ve got two backup power units. It’s bullet-proof.”
“Yeah, so was my first wife’s pre-nup. We know how that worked out. Look, we’ve both met a lot of kooks, and this one seems dangerous. He’s got that glassy stare.”
He trails off as the four women stand at the door. Holtzman beams.
“Is this who I think it is?”
“Dr. Peter Venkman, hello,” he holds out a hand and winks to Holtzman.
“Wait, Venkman?” asks Patty, “Burn in Hell, Venkman?”

Cut to The Firehouse, where all are assembled. As Stanz and Holtzman open the door on a building with a fine collection of antique dust, the Ecto-1 under a tarp, only Abbey and Gilbert are really geeking out.

They journey into the basement, where we see the sizeable new Containment unit still covered with dust, and looking like it hasn’t been updated since the mid-nineties.
“Yeah, cutting edge, Ray,” says Venkman.
“Doesn’t need to be,” he says, “Like this countries nuclear reactors, it’s too old to be hacked. It also has a backup generator, battery good for eighteen hours, and only I know the password to the system.”
“It’s certainly an impressive… um… thing,” says Patty.

Ray explains what the containment unit is, and Patty almost freaks.
“So there’s a shit-ton of ghosts inside that thing?!” asks Patty. She takes a slight step back.
“Don’t worry,” says Ray, “They’re contained. The high-voltage laser containment grid keeps the nasties bound up and out of trouble. We haven’t had an incident in nearly a decade.”
“Unless this Sharpe guy gets his way,” said Venkman, “I’m telling you, I’ve seen crazy like that before.” He casts a glance at Ray. “He’s trouble.”
“Bring it. This stuff could withstand Molotov cocktail hour and keep on ticking.”
“Dr. Stanz,” says Abbey, “We were wondering if we could borrow your old equipment. See, we found an apparition in the subway.”
“I tried to call you,” said Holtzman, “I got a reading on the thing. It made the ping noise.”
“So you ran off after getting a reading on the Spectral seismometer?”
“Yes, the thing right next to the waffle iron and the tesla coil. It went ping-ping-ping.”
“Are you sure it didn’t go ting-ting-ting?”
“No, it was ping-ping-ping, just like that.” This goes back and forth a bit while everyone else looks at them like they’re crazy. Ray starts to get genuinely excited for the first time in a long time.

Patty and Venkman have an exchange where Venkman reminisces a bit about the business back in the day, and gives Patty a knowing look, saying “It’s like an affair. It’s thrilling, exciting, and crazy. But you won’t get rich, and no one will respect you afterwards.”

They move upstairs where Ray checks the equipment Holtzmann talked about and notes that there are many ‘hotspots’ popping up, and one of them is down in the subway. He and the ladies suit up, but Venkman isn’t having any of it saying to Ray that they’re too old to chase ghosts.
Soon, they’re in the Subway, but when Patty switches on the proton pack, it sparks and starts smoking. Ray shuts it off and mumbles something about wishing Egon were here. Her pack doesn’t work, so she holds the trap.
They find the ghost, and Ray instructs them in busting it. It starts to go awry when the ghost seems to be able to shrug off the proton blasts. Ray says something about the ghosts ionization rate being different. Holtzmann knows what to do, and tells everyone how to adjust them to the ghost’s frequency. It still doesn’t go quite right, but they manage to trap the entity.
Ray is hurt, and laments that Venkman is right. He’s too old to chase ghosts.

Fresh off their conquest, they return to the firehouse to find a full-scale protest outside the building. They sneak in through the back door, and Venkman is sitting there talking to some officers.
Ray asks what is going on. Apparently, Sharpe is organizing a massive protest of religious nuts to force the Ghostbusters to release their trapped spirits. The police are trying to keep order, but they don’t seem happy about it.
Venkman asks how the busting went, and Ray admits Venkman was right. He then says even the proton packs weren’t working right anymore.
Holtzmann chimes in and says she might be able to do something about that and with a little updating and some upgrades, make them more energy efficient, and hit a wider wavelength.
Ray looks at her with almost a smirk of pride, then turns to the others.
Patty puts the trap on the desk and declares. “I’m out! I want to learn from ghosts, not shoot them. You guys want to go nuts blasting radiation everywhere, do it without me. I want kids someday.”
Venkman winces and says “I have kids. Don’t do it.”
Yates and Gilbert look at each other, then at the steaming trap on the desk.
“Look,” says Yates, “We really do want to get into this for the spiritual fulfillment. But Patty has a point, and… well, maybe those guys outside have a point. How do we know we’re not just abusing lost spirits?”
No one has an answer, but eventually Venkman chimes in.
“I always looked at it this way. When people call us… they’re calling for help. They’re not looking for answers to the big questions, they’re not looking for spiritual guidance or enlightenment. That’s what those bozo’s outside are for. People call us because the kitchen’s bleeding and the pool is on fire. People call us when their kids start speaking in tongues and gravestones sprout up in the basement.”
Stanz chimes in. “That’s right. Those aren’t really human souls in there… they’re angry, bitter, vindictive, malevolent things just looking for someone to hurt. So if you find Einstein and want to debate physics with him, go for it. But… the second he starts trying to open a black hole… you stuff him in a trap and say, adios! We’re there to help people.”
Venkman chimes in. “And make a little bit of money at it.”
Ray smiles, and the “Ghost Girls,” agree to step up and answer the call. Patty is the last to join in, but reluctantly agrees.

So our four new Ghostbusters take up the mantle, and it’s not long before they have their first call.
Soon, we have our ghostbusting montage, and the four women find themselves appearing to be a bit sloppy at first, but subtly, we see them confronting ghosts with confidence and with less fear.
At one point, Holtzmann and Yates are arguing over a computer terminal, and one of them points to plans for the containment unit.
Patty continues to teach at the university but her cell phone goes off in class one day. The No-Ghost logo appears. She dismisses class and answers the call.
Gilbert and Yates peer at readings on the seismometer, crunching numbers and looking at each other with worried glances.
Holtzmann walks jauntily into the basement with a smaller, sleeker computer and swaps out one of Ray’s dinosaur machines. As she does, the computer lights up, and a voice comes from the speakers.
“Good Morning, Jillian,” it says in a voice reminiscent of GlaDOS.

The team gets a serious call when Patty’s old boss, the dean at Columbia, experiences something he cannot explain. When they arrive, his hair is shock-white and he’s babbling incoherently. They check for ghost activity and find massive amounts of residual PKE energy. However, they lose the trail up on the roof. Nothing appears to have been lost or stolen, however there’s an old book open in the dean’s office, an ancient tome with a strange symbol on the cover.
They return and tell Ray of what they found, and after going over the readings, Ray seems very worried.
Holtzmann corners him and asks him what’s wrong. He says he hasn’t seen readings like this since the eighties, and it wasn’t good.
The ghosts are all non-human entities, things which have crossed over from the ethereal plane. Much like the last time, this points to a massive spiritual disturbance.

Abbey and Gilbert are watching TV when Reverend Sharp appears on the screen, denouncing them and calling them the soul-stealers.
The protests have been growing since the GB have resumed operation, and while business is good, the press is bad.
Venkman is doing brilliant damage control, but Sharpe’s crusade is getting more air time. Finally, he invites Sharpe to come down, tour the Ghostbusters facility and see what he thinks.
As soon as he says this, the ladies scramble to clean up what has become an absolutely chaotic mess. The proton packs are lying around, PKE meters in various states of functionality are stored away, and soon the place is somewhat ready for Sharpe’s visit, though it’s obvious that the ladies themselves are not thrilled with this idea, they understand the best way to get this guy and his protestors off their backs is to show him that they are harmless and out to help people.
Something seems off right away when Sharpe steps into the building. We can hear from one of the lockers, the PKE meters chirping away.
The Ghostusters ignore their possibly faulty equipment and begin taking Sharpe on a tour of the firehouse.
When they get to the containment unit, Sharpe specifically asks what happens if it gets shut off.
“Boom!” says Ray, “And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Locked in there are enough malevolent, cross-dimensional nameless horrors to turn New York into a wasteland. It was bad enough the first time someone shut it off. Now, I have a dozen safeguards, including a few new surprises thanks to Holtzmann.”
Ray explains that the containment unit requires voice, retinal, and fingerprint ID to access its systems, it has a backup generator, and batteries besides to keep it functioning for almost a full week if power is lost. He reminisces about losing power for almost that long in 2010 when the entire Eastern Seaboard was blacked out.
“I slept with a proton pack under my pillow that week, I can tell you!”
Sharpe is impressed, but also seems unhappy.
“Suppose you wanted to free a single soul?” he asks, “One wrongfully imprisoned?”
Ray shakes his head. “It doesn’t work like that. We only bust hostile entities. Benevolent hauntings never cause problems that people would call us over. And even if they did call us, we always try to establish a dialogue with the spirit and find its intentions. We had to learn that part the hard way, didn’t we Peter?”
Venkmann gives Ray a look. “The spud still around?”

Upstairs, Holtzmann is looking at the spectral seismometer and freaking out. She grabs one of the proton packs and a PKE meter, which is smoldering hot. She drops it and it smashes. Panicked, she rallies Abbey and Erin.
Soon they’re all breaking through the door to the basement and aiming their proton packs around. Ray demands to know what they’re doing.
Holtzmann speculates about a potential leak, but before they can figure it out, Sharpe says his goodbye and leaves.

Upstairs, the seismometer goes quiet, and the PKE meters are quiet again. Holtzmann is confused, but Abbey and Gilbert have their suspicions. Abbey remembers seeing the symbol on his tie pin somewhere, and tries to sketch it on paper.

Meanwhile, Patty Tolan is visiting her old boss at the hospital, where he has been recovering from some kind of massive anxiety attack.
He gibbers things at her about crawling chaos and vaporous tendrils, but the more agitated he gets, the sooner he gets sedated.

Patty returns to the firehouse and sees the symbols on the sketch-pad. She asks about them, saying she’s seen them before. She did a dissertation on ancient religions, and there was an obscure cult in agent Egypt that worshipped a many-headed serpent god that supposedly would bring about the twilight of the world. The ancient shadow entity would contact a chosen avatar in this world in order to draw down the shadow god from the stars. He requires both human followers, and a legion of summoned entities from beyond the veil.
Suspecting that Sharpe is the avatar, Venkman decides to get on TV with Sharpe for his next appearance and confirm their suspicions. Ray thinks that’s a bad idea, but Venkman thinks he can outwit and expose him, causing his followers to turn on him.

Patty hits the university library, and confirms that the old stories say the shadow avatar will be a charismatic leader who rallies the spirits of the living and the dead together in order to summon the crawling chaos. At those words, she remembers what the dean muttered. She checks the book she found earlier, and finds within a ritual that requires ‘a sacred number of demons’ and ‘mass human sacrifice of the faithful’ to complete.
They realize Sharpe is after the containment unit, and the creatures locked inside.

They try to reach Venkman to warn him of the danger of Sharpe’s power, but he leaves his phone in the dressing room as he goes on TV.
During the show, the two spar a bit, before Sharpe says something about how reliant the Ghostbusters are on godless science instead of solid faith. Only Venkman catches the glow from his eyes as the studio goes dark.

The Ghostbusters are just about to mobilize when their doors are broken open by Sharpe’s supporters. They storm the firehouse and with flashlights and whatever heavy tools they can find, descend into the basement and start smashing the containment unit’s backup generator.
At the assault, the computer whirrs to life and the voice of the Containment Unit AI announces that it will defend itself from attack.
The Ghostbusters, meanwhile, are helpless against the swarm of fanatics, and retreat up onto the roof.

Venkman, in the dark of the TV studio, looks to Sharpe.
“Nice trick,” he says, “So what now?”
“Now, you and your soul-stealers, your whole godless society… ends.”
He stands and seems to fade into the darkness. As he does, long shadowy tendrils fly out and seize Venkman, dragging him away.

Back at the firehouse, the four women are trapped on the roof while Ray and the AI, armed with low-voltage tesla coils, tries to defend the containment unit. But as the crowd finally cuts the main line on the battery, the alarm sounds. The CU is going to breach.

Frightened by the alarm, many of Sharpe’s supporters flee, but some gather around the containment unit and fall to their knees.
They let Ray go, who scrambles to reconnect the battery cables before it’s too late.

When the banging on the roof door stops, the four women are about to descend when they hear a voice behind them. There stands Sharpe, surrounded by some kind of dark energy, which suspends Venkman in the air over the edge.
“The sacrifices shall be made,” he sneers, “Starting with this one.”
They open fire on Sharpe, but their beams do nothing to him and he drops Venkman.

Below the firehouse, the containment unit begins to breach, but Ray manages to reconnect the cables before it fully loses integrity. Still, several powerful entities fly from the crack and immediately seize the bodies of Sharpe’s faithful.
Ray has a proton pack now, and stands ready to defend the containment unit with his life. Some of them make an attempt to overpower him, but he drives them off.
They reluctantly leave, but not before injuring Ray.

The others arrive in the basement in time to help Ray, and Holtzmann patches the CU so nothing else escapes.

But the damage is done. Venkman is dead, and Ray is in the hospital.

“First Egon, now Peter,” Ray laments, “Peter was right. We’re too old to chase ghosts. But Sharpe has to be stopped. Him, and every other slime-dripping bastard who thinks our world is a playground.”
He tells the new team that it’s up to them.

Back at the firehouse, Sharpe’s supporters have been arrested and the police are demanding to know what happened.
They tell them about the break-in, but the police don’t seem to believe them about the rising dark god.
Since their weapons don’t work on Sharpe, and have been less than effective against a number of the spirits they’ve fought, Holtzmann announces she’s been working on updating the proton pack technology. She says she can make them smaller, lighter, and up the power while also giving them a greater versatility.
She goes to work with Erin’s assistance.
Abbey and Patty meanwhile start looking up the details of the ritual With Patty’s knowledge of local history and Abbey’s ghost-knowledge, they determine the location and time of Sharpe’s ritual based on what the ritual requires to be conducted.
With two days of working near round-the-clock, the Ghostbusters prepare for the final battle. Meanwhile, we get a montage of spirits rising from graves, appearing in high-profile places, and before long, the Mayor and the police are storming into the Ghostbusters HQ to find out what they’re going to do about it.
As they do, they find all four women, suited up, loaded up with their new cutting-edge proton packs, and ready to head out. When the Mayor offers help, they decline.
“We got this. But you might want to evacuate everyone in, say… what, a mile radius?” says Holtzmann.
“Two if we need to cross the streams,” says Gilbert.
“Right… fallout,” Confirms Holtzmann.
“FALLOUT?!” screams the Mayor.

The Ghostbusters fly through the streets in the Ecto-1, and as dozens of spirits try to intercept them, Abbey gets onto the roof and uses a massive proton cannon to knock them out of the sky, leaving them stunned puddles of slime.
When they finally arrive at the scene of the final battle. Sharpe stands there with his possessed people as human shields while, before him, a massive swirl of darkness is coalescing.
The Ghostbusters march up and begin fighting the possessed people, but can’t use the proton guns without killing them. The followers are uber-strong, and Patty Tolan’s surprising size and strength proves to be an asset in fighting them. She manages to knock one of them out of her way where she screams “The Power of Patty compels you!” (See, Paul! See how much more appropriate that is!)
She gets ahead of the pack and stands before Sharpe and the swirling darkness.
She aims the proton gun at Sharpe, but he smirks, knowing that she can’t hurt him. She fires, and the beam causes Sharpe to fly back, the human body landing on the ground while some dark mist rises out of him.
“That’s for Venkman,” she spits.
The others join her, just as from Sharpe’s inert form a mass of swirling, writhing darkness emerges. It rises and takes the form of a spectral Reverend Sharpe, but with undulating black tentacles for arms and command of shadows. By now, his possessed followers have recovered from the fight, and close in around the Ghostbusters.

Holtzmann looks at Sharpe, rattles off a series of numbers with her eyes closed, then turns to the group and tells them to set their packs to 247 hertz with a wide-angle dispersion.
They turn on the possessed followers and fire, knocking them back and separating the demonic entities from the people, who seem to be alive, but unconscious.
They draw the demons into a trap, then turn on Sharpe, who has taken this time to widen the portal.
Something big can be seen from within, illuminated only by strange-colored lightning.
Holtzmann looks at the portal and seems to be thinking. Meanwhile, Abbey and Gilbert consult, and agree that if they can push Sharpe into the portal, it will likely cause the ritual to fail and seal the portal, but they’re not entirely sure.
Holtzmann rattles off another set of numbers, they change settings on the packs, and fire at Sharpe.
Sharpe fights back, and long, slimy black tentacles come flying out of the portal to attack the Ghostbusters. It grabs Gilbert and almost pulls her in.
Patty, meanwhile, has Sharpe solidly in her beam and refuses to let go. Holtzmann tells her to reverse the neutron flow, and set the pack to repulsion. She does, and Sharpe begins inching towards the portal.
Gilbert is briefly pulled into the portal before Abbey dives in and yanks her out again. Gilbert is stunned and her hair has turned white, but she seems unharmed. With Holtzmann, they retreat to a safe distance before joining Patty in sending Sharpe through. All four Ghostbusters fire their beams at Sharpe, and Holtzman keeps telling them to up the power. Gilbert complains her pack is getting too hot, and all four are sweating. It seems like Sharpe might be able to fight against the streams, but Patty recalls something she read in the history book and starts reciting some strange chant. The chant seems to weaken Sharpe. She leads the four in the chant and soon they are able to push Sharpe into the portal.

The portal implodes fantastically, and the four stand there as the darkened skies clear, and the sun breaks through in solid beams. The Ghostbusters stand in the sun as Sharpe’s followers begin to wake up and really see what’s happened.

Patty gets her tenure at the University, but still helps bust ghosts on the side, which earns her fame for both her legitimate academic achievements, and her badass ghost-busting prowess.

Abbey and Gilbert publish a book about the paranormal that sells like mad and allows them to fund the renovations to the firehouse.

Erin Gilbert is sitting in the receptionists area, and she keeps grabbing the phone off the desk and answering before it rings. She is a little creeped out by this, but not more than Abbey who keeps trying to covertly scan her with the PKE meter.

Holtzmann gets on the cover of tech magazines, and repairs the AI on the containment unit. But she’s a bit creeped out when it mentions something about a passcode for “Dr. Peter Venkman,” and that he needs to “stop telling her she’s sexy.”

Upstairs, Ray is tinkering with a PKE meter when there is a strange noise, and a copy of hustler slides across the room to his foot. He smiles, and looks at empty air.
“Hey, old buddy.”

Post-credits scene: The Ghost of Venkman sits at the kitchen table with Slimer.
Venkman: “So… this is what it’s like?”
Slimer just shrugs.
Venkman: “Well… come on, Spud. I think it’s time we let these ladies do their thing. They got this. You ready?”
Slimer nods and takes Venkman’s hand.
As they stand and walk towards a light, we see the spirit form of Egon Spengler waiting for them, holding out his hand, and they vanish.

The End.

Yes, I did tear up writing that last bit.

So that's my treatment of GB3, the De-Boot.
More grounded, with a realistic villain, better character development, and some new concepts to bring to the table for the GB lore. I tried to make it a good mix of new and old, of horror and comedy.
I hope you enjoyed reading it.
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By GBPaulRivera
Ehhhh its alright. Decent, but follows the old fan-fiction formula when it comes to a new team. Gitty to meet the originals, baddie either knows the originals or the new people, Peter dies, ancient occult, blast blast blast, repeat elements of the first two, kick bad guy back into portal, we saved the world, the end. I'm not fond of the characters here, but well, can't win 'em all, which is why taste is subjective in entertainment. I will say, yours is quite impressive compared to others, but has some ... elements I don't like or see as new for a GB3.

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