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By dw2017
Summary: It has been 30 years since the Ghostbusters were forced out of business. With the original team having gone their separate ways, a new team must be formed to fight to save New York City from an invasion of ghosts. Slight AU. Male!Erin. Male!Patty.

Sequel to Ghost busters: Revenge
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Chapter 1
Ray Stantz was a man who kept to himself ever since he quit being a member of the once famous Ghostbusters. No one even remembered who the Ghostbusters were anymore, everyone except Ray. He still ran his own bookstore called Ray's Occult Books, which sold any books on the weird and supernatural. After the Ghostbusters had gone out of business, Ray had stopped socializing with people. His appearance had changed a lot since then. The bottom of his face was now covered with hair as he grew a beard. Today was a quiet day at work for Ray as he was getting very few customers at his book store.
"Hope you enjoy that book," Ray said as he watched a customer leave the store. He looked down at his watch and decided to close early. He turned off the lights and flipped the open sign on the door to where it now read closed. Upon walking outside, he immediately hailed a taxi, which he took back to the firehouse. He immediately locked the doors behind him the moment he walked inside. No matter how hard he tried to forget, he still saw himself with Peter, Winston, and Egon leaving to bust ghosts day or night. He could also see himself the very first day they saw the firehouse and even the day he quit. The looks on their faces was heartbreaking. They were basically his family after the death of his parents. Ray was brought out of his thoughts when...
Knock. Knock. Knock.
Jillian Holtzman seemed to be a lunatic to some people, but she had a good heart. She was a smart woman with the best mind one could ask for. While Buffalo was a big city, New York City was even bigger. Upon arriving in NYC, she found herself standing outside of a firehouse after checking book store called Ray's Occult Books. She then knocked on the door three times and waited for someone to answer the door. Once the door opened, Holtzman found herself staring a the face a bearded man, who reeked of body odor as if he hadn't taken a shower in weeks.
"Can I help you," the man greeted her with a somewhat rude voice.
"Are you Ray Stantz," Holtzman asked him. She was trying her best to ignore the fact that the man reeked of body odor.
"I am," the man replied back. "What do you want?" He rudely asked her.
"My name is Jillian Holtzman," Holtzman introduced herself.
"Okay," Ray said. "Now go away." he rudely told her.
Holtzman watched as he then slammed the door in her face. She proceeded to knock on the door again and waited to see if Ray would come to the door again.
"I used work for your Egon Spengler," She said hoping that he could still hear her. "He. was the one who told me to find you. He said that I should find you, and that happened before he died."
The suddenly opened to show Ray with a confused looked. He had tears streaming down his face showing that he was now depressed over what he had just heard.
"Is it true," Ray nervously asked. Holtzman noticed the sadness in his voice.
"I'm afraid so," Holtzman informed him.
"Come in," Ray kindly said to her.
"Can you take a shower first," Holtzman immediately asked.
"Sure," Ray then went upstairs to take a shower.
While he was in the shower, Holtzman looked around the firehouse. She was amazed that she was actually in the same firehouse that the Ghostbusters once operated out of. The moment Ray came back downstairs, he saw how amazed Holtzman was.
"Do you need a place to stay," Ray asked her.
"Yes," Holtzman answered back.
"You can stay here on two conditions," Ray informed her. "First, don't try to talk to me when I want to be left alone. Second, yoh must pay rent on time. Understand?"
"Yes sir," Holtzman replied back in a polite voice.
"Welcome to the firehouse," Ray said as he handed her a spare key to firehouse.

Chapter 2
Holtzman had just settled in at the firehouse. Ray was at times a pain in the butt. Within her first week at the firehouse, she had already gotten a job. She had started working at the Kenneth P. Higgins Institute of Science. It felt like she was working in a part of the building that no one even knew about. Upon walking up to the door, she knocked to see if anyone was in the room.
"Come in," came a woman's voice from inside the lab. Upon walking into the lab, she was greeted by a woman around Holtzman's age. She was thin and had light brown hair"You must Jillian Holtzman, I'm Abby by the way." She said as she introduced herself to Holtzman.
"Nice to meet you Abby," Holtzman replied back. "Nice lab, but it seems crowded."
"Advances in science don't have to be in a huge lab," Abby stated.
"True," Holtzman added. She then looked over to a table and saw books on the supernatural. "What's with the books?"
"I'm trying to get back at my ex-fiancé," Abby explained. "He called off our wedding, which is why I am publish this book as part of my revenge. I can't decide whether this is the right decision or not."
"I say go with it," Holtzman suggested to her. "He'll regret calling off your wedding."
"You know what," Abby said to Holtzman. "I think we are going to be good friends."
Ray had just gotten back to the firehouse after a long and somewhat boring day. Upon walking inside the firehouse, Ray found that someone there and knew that it wasn't Holtzman as she was still at work.
"Who ever is there," Ray warned whoever was in the building. "You better show yourself now and leave before I call the cops."
A man who Ray could never forget walked down the stairs. It was his former co-worker and his long-time friend, Peter Venkman.
"Hello Ray," Peter greeted his friend.
"Get out," Ray immediately told him.
"You changed so much you know," Peter implied. "You barely look like your old self. When was the last time you actually smiled? When was the last time you shaved your face? In fact, why haven't you even thought about calling. Egon passed away recently and you never even came to the funeral."
"I know and I already told you to get out," Ray replied back.
"Why are trying to get rid of me all of a sudden," Peter asked him. "I came here to check on you hoping that you would want to talk about anything. You are still like a little brother to me Ray."
"You know why I haven't called," Ray pointed out. "I guess you forgotten what happened to me. Peck tortured me and during that time, I hoped that you guys would find me. After being tortured for a month, I realized something. I realized that you guys didn't care about me. NOW GET OUT!"
"If you ever want to talk," Peter told him.
"Just get out NOW," Ray repeated yet again with an angry voice. He then watched as Peter walked out the door. Holtzman walked in seconds later and was curious about who the man walked out of the firehouse was.
"Who was that?" Holtzman asked in a curious voice.
"Don't ask," Ray told her.
"Ok then," Holtzman responded back.
Author's note: I hope that everyone liked the prologue. Note that instead of Melissa McCarthy playing Abby Yates, it is Kristen Wiig. Don't forget to review.
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