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By UncleSirus
I'm looking for three old posted fan fics. Can anyone help? It was The Other Side of Forever parts 1 and 2 and a preface called A Prelude to Forever (or Eternity). They were highly rated and I've been trying to find them for a while. They were posted on this site over a decade ago...
By UncleSirus
There lies the rub. It was me. Under what I believe to be a version of the name I currently am using. Uncle Sirus. When I look up the name all I find is my current incarnation and nothing to do with those old posts.
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By Kingpin
Do you remember where you posted the story?

Edit: Ah, I think I see now. I found a reference to your story under your old username in what now remains of Ghostbusters.net. I know Chad has been planning to relaunch the website for years after it went down (to the point where it's past the point of having become a bad joke). Sadly it looks like your story is currently trapped in limbo with every other fanfiction that was uploaded to GBN (practically all of my early fanfic work went with it).

Unless things change with Ghostbusters.net and the archive of fics are reposted, I sadly suspect it's lost to history. :(

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