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Lego Ghostbusters 2 - Exhibition Hall at the Manhattan Museum of Art (updated with images sept '18)

Posted: September 5th, 2018, 2:12 pm
by Cofresi
Finally figures out how to embed the images, so here it is in full color.

Please check out my design of the Manhattan Museum of Art from Ghostbusters 2. This was really quite a challenge, considering I figured it out from just watching the movie scenes over and over again ;-).

I’ve been a huge Ghostbusters fan ever since the first film in 1984. While building my Lego Ecto-1 I got inspired to create my own Lego Ghostbusters models and stories. After thorough research of the first and second movie, I chose to create the Exhibition Hall at the Manhattan Museum of Art from Ghostbusters 2. This building has a lot of storytelling potential, first of all the story of the film itself. The provided images in this project tell part of the story of the ending of the Ghostbusters 2 movie. So please be aware of spoilers.

Image01 GB2 Manhattan Museum of Art by Roberto Cofresi, on Flickr

Image02 GB2 Lets visit the museum by Roberto Cofresi, on Flickr

Image03 GB2 Will you hose him please by Roberto Cofresi, on Flickr

Image04 GB2 One two three Blast by Roberto Cofresi, on Flickr

Image05 GB2 Blasting close up by Roberto Cofresi, on Flickr

You can also just clear out all of the interior and have an empty Exhibition Hall for any historic exhibition you want to create. Tell your own stories with historic artifacts that might even turn out to have some ghostly specter in them! So that is exactly what I have done. I have written two short sequential Ghostbusters stories related to my Lego Ghostbusters models. The first story starts where the Ghostbusters 2 movie ends and is called The Egyptian Exhibition.

The Egyptian Exhibition - a Ghostbusters story
Inspired by historic events

*spoiler alert* In the following story I used the ending of the Ghostbusters 2 movie as the beginning of this story.

In December of 1989 the Ghostbusters were successful in fighting off the spirit of Vigo the Carpathian, a powerful legendary sixteenth-century tyrant and sorcerer trapped in a painting in the Manhattan Museum of Art. This was done with a little help from all New Yorkers during the New Year celebrations. Due to this great success, the Manhattan Museum of Art made them official liaisons to the museum, giving them an exclusive contract to maintain order for each new exhibition. So, the Ghostbusters were now in charge of the upcoming Egyptian Exhibition at the end of the month, celebrating the rule of Cleopatra.

The most interesting discovery during this time was the ghost of Cleopatra’s cat. Egon was intrigued when he captured this new ghost, naming her Cleo in honor of her former mistress Cleopatra. That same year, Egon had already continued his work from 1989, conducting experiments to study human emotions and behavior. His studies also proved very useful in better understanding ghost emotions and behavior. Therefore, together with Ray, he started a thorough behavioral study of Cleo and Slimer. They concluded it was possible to train such low-level ghosts, for them to become Ghost Pets that people could adopt, reducing the number of ghosts in the Containment Units, which were getting crowded again. And so the idea to start a Ghost Pet Academy was born.

Special thanks to:
• Brent Waller, the 3D designer of the Lego Ghostbusters Ecto-1, and Lego designers Marcos Bessa and Adam Corbally who worked on it at the Lego company.
• All the people who worked on the first two Ghostbusters movies.