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"...For years in the forbidding Utah countryside with its dark Ute legends of skinwalkers and mysteries, animals have been dying violent bloody deaths, often left mutilated beyond recognition. Lights and orbs are seen and strange creatures, all centered on a single Utah ranch. When the activity takes a direct and sinister interest in the human inhabitants of the ranch, a farmer takes charge to get help from the boys in grey with their newly hired Rookie Bryan Welsh, to save his family as the Ghostbusters leave New York behind and travel to Utah to confront the source of the animal mutilations. While Ray believes it to be the work of UFO's, the truth is far more terrifying than any of them can comprehend..."

Ghostbusters: "Mutes" by A.G. Milhorn.

http://www.ssprstn.com/sitebuilderconte ... mutes1.pdf

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