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By mrfantasticaj
Hi guys, im currently gathering the parts i need to light my ecto 1 and i noticed the rear light bar which is tiny has been replaced by another light bar similar to the two already in the car when ive looked at other peoples lit ectos. Does anyone know where i could get a spare light box, as close to the existing two on the car or a set of three and replace them all. Thanks guys
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By Kingpin
I'm not sure quite what you're referring to. Are you talking about the yellow/green/blue coloured lightbar on the raised framework behind the radar dish, or the directional flasher that's located above the rear door of the car?
By Jake LeRoy
The only way u could light up that part that I know of would be fiber optics. Maybe some micro smd LEDs would work but I never tried to light that part up on my ecto.

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