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I don't know how else to do this, so I'll do it like this (any tips are welcome):

The Real Ghostbusters: Wrinkle in Slime

(Pans in on the Firehouse, starts closing in on the closed doors of Egon's lab.)

(Peter is sitting on the table reading the newspaper, Winston and Ray are playing checkers, and Slimer is eating donuts.)

EGON:(Hunched over unidentified invention, stands up, looks down on invention, then looks at the others.) Finished! Gentlemen, I present to you, (steps aside to reveal machine) the time machine!

(Everyone stops what their doing and looks at Egon, dumbfounded.)

PETER:(Turning to Ray and Winston,) I think he's finally lost it.

RAY:Does it work?

EGON:I don't know, I haven't tried it yet.

RAY:When can we try it?

WINSTON:Ray, Remember the LAST time we traveled through time?

RAY:Yeah, but this time, it'll be safe! Right Egon?

EGON:I don't know yet, Ray.

(Cuts to Egon's time machine in front of the downstairs closet, next to Janine's desk.)

EGON:(Holding checklist) Proton packs fully charged?


EGON:Two dozen traps?

PETER(Struggling with a bunch of traps) Check.

EGON:20th century calender?


EGON:Camera, blank tapes, and film?



RAY:And check.

EGON:I think we're ready to go!

SLIMER:(Quickly flies down the stairs carrying a duffel bag.) Wait! Wait! (Panting, drops duffel bag in front of time machine.) Ready!

PETER:Hold on Spud, you can't come with us!

SLIMER:I can't?

PETER:No Spud, it's too dangerous out there.


EGON:Slimer you have to understand that we're not sure how time travel affects ectoplasm. It could be extremely dangerous for you to go with us.


PETER:I know Spud, I know.

RAY:Don't worry Slimer, we'll get you a souveneir from the future!

EGON:Ray, that would be worse than crossing the streams.


WINSTON:Our proton packs are gonna work in the past and future, right Egon?

EGON:Usually no, but I've made some modification to our packs so hopefully they will.

JANINE:(Walking down the staircase with a coin in her hand) And if they don't?

EGON:We'll just have to find out. Are we ready to go?

RAY:Yeah, I think so.

JANINE:Oh, Egon, take this.

(Holds out coin.)

EGON:What is it?

JANINE:It's my lucky coin.

EGON:I don't beleive in luck.

JANINE:Well, I want you to take it anyway.

(Hands him coin.)

EGON:Uh, thanks.(Puts coin in his pocket.)

PETER:Come on lovebird.(Drags Egon by the arm towards the time machine)

(Once inside, glass doors close, and Egon starts pressing buttons.)

JANINE:Be careful guys!

(Janine is waving)

(Guys wave from behind the closed glass doors as time machine slowly fades away.)

JANINE:Where’s Slimer?

(Cuts to Slimer inbetween they’re knees in the time machine)

SLIMER: (Looking nervous)Ohhh…
With all the positive feedback you've provided others in here in their creative endeavors, I'm surprised nobody's returned the favor. Excellent work, have you gotten any further on this piece? I've always felt The Real Ghostbusters was a wonderful place to explore in terms of fanfic. So many possibilities yet undiscovered. Would like to continue along with your script.
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