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By deadderek
How do you watch this?
Serious question, I know there's 12 years+ of history w/ this thing, but it appears at least half of it is done and released, right?
I'm lost, out of touch, and confused.

- Ghostbusters Fan in North America
From Canada. Atm there's no U.S. release.
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By slaysghosts
well okay, seems like now is the golden window of opportunity for exposure..........in a unique time when everyone is watching TV, Disney/Pixar movies are skipping theaters, HBO is free, but this damn ghosthead can't get his fix. The channels you must go thru as an independent documentary maker must suck! Can only imagine the frustration. Thanks for the update! Really thought/hoped there was something I was missing in regards to release.
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By deadderek
Holy smokes the U.S. is finally getting it!

I managed to snag a digital copy while in 🇨🇦.

Absolutely loved it. Can't wait for Part 2!
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By deadderek
Ah crap:

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