Have you accumulated a huge Ghostbusters Collection? Talk about what you have and show it off!
Pretty self explanatory. Ever since I found out Hasbro was rereleasing the Kenner figures I've been planning on how I want to display them. There are so many options. Dioramas either custom made or using vtg Kenner toys. Figures loose with art behind them (like the movie poster) or the same but with them in packages. Perhaps hanging the figures up but then do you go with protective cases or not? And when you hang them up do you do so like they are art or mirror a retail display?

I have no idea what to do so I'm hoping to see what you guys have done with your figures.
I went pretty basic with the setup... I have a pretty minimal IKEA wall shelf on which I dedicated a shelf to the Kenner figures.



You can see my Benofkent trap below, as well as my Plasma series figures. Funko Pops are out of frame on the shelf above.

The shelves are a little too small to fit Gozer with the Plasmas, or Slimer and Stay Puft with the Kenners.
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That's a pretty nice display. I actually never took into consideration that the busters have their own ghosts. I guess if I do a diorama or something I need to account for those. Maybe a display divided down the middle. The busters and slimer on one side and Puft with the other 4 ghosts in the containment unit on the other.

    I wish they would rerelease this.

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