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fixer79 wrote:I hope our buddy Alex is getting to the bottom of this as we speak. Maybe he has even tracked down the darn thing on Ebay and will be posting nice and clear pictures of all sides of this mysterious anthropomorphic animal soon!

Alex? :D
Nope, no luck so far.

I keep having the feeling that it's somehow related to Walt Kelly's Pogo, but have found no figural representation of those characters that are anywhere close.


But I suppose even eliminating all of the things that it is NOT technically counts as progress.

I remain hopeful, though. Perhaps another dedicated fan will figure it out and share the info.

I once thought the true ID of Ray's library coat or Venkman's office radio were impossible to find, until Dr. Raymond Stantz and kaison showed photos of theirs and helped me redefine my search terms. Now I own both.

As for the white rabbit tail...


I think it might just be a highlight.

Dusting off this old thread, full of broken picture links.

So, I've held off on buying the DST figures. I just didn't like the sculpts or the paint apps, and the price was also a factor.

But I did really want those diorama sections.

You might wonder what I would need them for, with no figures.


Oh, how about the old NECA Gozer and Terror Dogs? And this awesome temple door made by Venky.

A few days ago, I saw a post by a friend on Facebook saying he was wanting to sell JUST his diorama pieces. I sent him a PM, we struck a mutually agreeable deal, and a few days later I get a parcel with all the dio parts from the Series 1 and 2 figures.

It was somewhat fitting that the sender's address was on Fifth Avenue in NYC.

Had it been from Central Park West, though, that would have been too perfect.

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