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By Ectobond
Hey everyone!

After a year of struggling with recovering from a severe injury, it looks like my dad might soon be walking again. All he has looked forward to is being able to don his flight suit and proton pack again.

I just received the Spirit Blaster soundboard and was trying to install it. But I am having some issues. Can anyone help?

I am running the Spirit Blaster board to the spirit light upgrade and the wand light upgrade kit. With the Soundboard connected, the lights function appropriately, but when I switch the battery on, the startup sound blares, but nothing else happens. When I push the firing button, the appropriate lights flash, but no sound. The start up sound only sounds when I turn the battery on, but will not sound when I flip the switch on the wand.

Any thoughts? I appreciate the help.
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By darthbuster
Are these the upgrade kits done by spongeface? If so, have you contacted him? I’ve purchased a few items from him and he answers emails within a couple of days.

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