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By MikeyJ122
I just ordered the cyclotron light kit for my spirit pack. I decided to not get the sound kit because I am putting the Hasbro wand on my pack as well. Since there isn't currently a way for the Hasbro wand to communicate with GB fans kits, I decided to run everything separately.

My questions are as follows, I know the light kit can run without the other kits, but where do you add the switch to turn it on? Also can a second switch be added to switch between the modes (slime blower, stasis stream, etc)? That is why I bought the kit, because it has all the different modes that go along with the Hasbro wand. I don't mind having a separate switch for the pack lights, just as long as it IS possible. Finally, how do you make the cyclotron lights change color? Do you just have to get RGB led bulbs, or something else?

I haven't received my kit yet, I've just been reading over the pdf. Can I achieve these things without the other kits, or do I need the sound board?
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By Dove
You can just wire in a simple switch in between the ground wire to turn the lights on and off. I initially had this setup in my spirit, I wired the switch on the left side easy on off. I have since upgraded to the sound card and all other GBfans electronics (which I LOVE btw) and a full size wand, which looks GREAT on the spirit pack. Here's a link to the pdf found in the GBfans shop on the soundcard page, I think it may have some additional wiring options for you. ... ctions.pdf hope it helps.
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By MikeyJ122
Thanks for the info. I also decided on buying the sound kit as well. I just figured I can't go wrong with it.

Question, did you use the stock speaker or replace it?
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By Marcus B
I have the speaker gbfans sells and am planning on replacing it.. maybe it's just mine, but if I turn it up to any appreciable volume it starts to distort badly.
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