For users in Canada. Eh?
Hello guys.. I'm putting together a full scale proton pack and I'm getting pretty close to adding lights and sound.
And since I live in Nova Scotia the cost of shipping is a bit nuts.. but I'm just curious where do you guys get your light and sound kits from?
Theres alot of places to get kits. I got mine from the gbfans store, theres also the heavy props lights and sounds or the rabid prototypes kit. Those are available in the US, however I'm not sure which ones you can get in your area. Hope this helps.
It’s hard to find reasonably priced stuff as a Canadian. The Gbfans stuff looked decently priced for USD but the shipping costs is insane.

I’m thankful that the Calgary Ghostbusters make good quality name plates and patches at good price with free shipping.

I also found 30inches of gb2 cable ribbon for $25 CDN on eBay with free shipping
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