By Camryn
I have decided i want to take on building my own proton pack and after looking through the shop on here im a bit overwhelmed, is there any kit lists of what parts you need to build a proton pack with all the bells and whistles,eg: lights sounds etc, and any instructions. Ive seen alot of forum posts but no clear path to follow.
By tobycj
Unless you get a commission build done for you there is no one stop shop for everything you need.

There are a few sellers that sell kits that have almost everything you need for the pack itself, probably two of the best known are BenofKent in the UK, and Karnivorous Creations in the US (although he is shutting up shop and sold his moulds etc. to Proton Props in the UK). Mack's Factory are doing a kit that is being released piecemeal, but there is a very long wait for the shell. Blor Props in Spain have produced a lovely looking shell recently, but I'm not sure they do anything apart from the shell yet. Most kits will come with resin parts, so if you want to upgrade those then the GBFans shop has everything you need, as well as various greeblies like the hat lights etc.

For lights and sounds there are quite a few options, including DIY using Count DeMonet's Arduino code, but if you want plug and play then the GBFans kits are great and I believe getting an upgrade from something Spongeface hinted at, Ninjatunes in Greece is a nice kit too and has a snazzy "party mode", as does Rabid Prototypes. If you want a smoke kit then I'd recommend Cory at CS Prop Shop - you can find him on Facebook.

I'd recommend going back and looking at the build threads that are long, as they tend to be the most comprehensive, and have plenty of photos. Canpara, mburkit, julz, JWils23, pyhasnon, GohstTarp, RedSpecial and bishopdonmiguel have all done excellent build threads that I've referenced a lot for my build.
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By Fienen
There is viewtopic.php?t=13811, which can be a starting point, at least. The nice thing is, you can pretty much look at packs and see everything you need. Just start at the top, and start going section by section for the most part. You can always add things over time. I did several orders of stuff over 3 months as I got ready to do things, and found sellers I could bundle things through.

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