For the various Ghostbusters Cartoon series. Real Ghostbusters, Extreme Ghostbusters and more!
Thanks much! I started cleaning up scans of it almost a year ago, and that project got sidetracked. I can shitcan it now, since theres a good image available now!
the other day I purchased issue #1 of the Real Ghostbusters magazine on ebay, carefully removed the staples from the center and scanned the 2 page poster spread of the famous promo art done before the Real Ghostbusters cartoon aired and created a new, cleaner version of the image in my first post of this thread, it was scanned at 600 dpi and can be printed at 24" x 36" for a nice poster, here is a smaller version if anyone would like it.


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if I can find a free place to host the 300 dpi 24" x 36" file I will post the link, this would make a killer framed poster. I dont know if there are copyright issues with printing it, but I dont think you'd have any trouble. depending on how much Staples copy center charges I think I might have them print one up for me, I bought a 24 x 36 frame last week and this would be perfect
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I found Gabi Payn on facebook and sent him a message telling him in depth about how I acquired his artwork, that I scanned it and cleaned it up and would like to get it printed as a poster, but since we are not 'facebook friends' the message will go to his 'other' folder so he may not see it. not only that but it shows his last update was over a year ago... does anyone have an alternative way of contacting him?

also IMDB says it used to be Gary... and now "she" is Gabi...
Does anyone know where to find the best quality print reproduction of this design?

I remember getting a copy in Smash Hits UK magazine (I think) which I had proudly displayed on my wall as a kid.

I'm looking to put up a smaller, framed print in my study.

There is a cool 3D version on etsy but a little expensive for my budget atm.

I guess I could always print a copy for myself from digital. Thanks to joeghostbuster for scanning!
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