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A little introduction: Hey I'm Brad, long time Ghostbusters fan since I was a kid. I'm new to the board.

I have recently bought a Hot Wheels Ecto-1 Elite 30th anniversary 1:18 model, problem is the Ghostbusters logo on the right side door was put on crooked and of course its slightly inaccurate due to the lack of chin as many here know. I'd like to replace it but I have no idea what proper size and or the right decal to buy/ get made. I'm looking for something as nice as whats on there. I'd like to avoid any stickers with any excess or say a big clear square around it. Something perfectly cut.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also on a side note I have found a great way to straighten the antenna for those of you who may have gotten and Ecto-1 elite with the antenna bent. I fixed mine by first using pliers to hold it straight up with a tiny bit of force and a lighter (fire). I heated it up at the bend only til it got slightly red (which happens fast) then I simply held it straight up for a bit maybe a minute until it cooled down completely , it worked perfectly. It may be a bit discolored after but with a bit of very fine sand paper you can get it shinny again. I'd suggest doing this very carefully as to much heat would quickly make it very weak and would most light snap off or melt apart.
It's been awhile sense I've been on here but if I recall correctly slays ghost and captcyan made decals to fix those no chin ghost decals. You might get lucky by asking one of them but like I said its been awhile sense I've been on due to health problems but I'm pretty sure they made the decals for them, hopefully some one will have what you are looking for. Good luck on your hunt and also welcome to the forums!
Thanks man, I sent slay a pm about it.

Any one else notice that almost every 30th anniversary Ecto-1 elite has a crooked left side door gb logo and the back door's logo is also off to right too far? I've search google images 100 times by now and they are all crooked in every picture out there. Mattel Really f-ed up with these, I'm done buying hot wheels elite, I sold one because of the logo only to find they all have that issue but the earlier ecto-1 elite without figures had little to no issues (minus the no chin). my ecto-1A is perfect though, it's a shame, diecast model's in general from any brand seem to be hit or miss quality, I'm tired of wasting money then getting screwed up models only to find out I can't get a refund, it's my fault for searching for deals, they always come factory sealed yet screwed up, especially hot wheels elite. if your going to buy hot wheels elite buy two to better your odds of getting a quality one, & make sure the store your buying from has a good return policy. that's my experience.

Sorry, rant over.

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