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By sakis720
Hi ghostbuster fans i want to saw you what i found in the game files the dialogue for the cut parade level i don't know if this is useful or not and also i don't know if this topic has been posted before , i post this topic because i found it interesting

Also sorry the dialogue is kind mixed up


Diag_Egon_PAR_S_001, We've got to stop that slime flow.
Diag_Ray_PAR_S_004, He left a trail. This way!
Diag_Ray_PAR_S_006, Yahhhhhhhh!
Diag_Egon_PAR_S_008, Don't hold me to it, but these things always come in threes.
Diag_Egon_PAR_S_009, Hm. Strange.
Diag_Egon_PAR_S_011, This tunnel network. What could it possibly have been built for?
Diag_Ray_PAR_S_012, I was thinking the same thing.
Diag_Ray_PAR_S_014, No way, Peter. The design and valves don't fit for moving steam, water, gas, electric, oil, trains, not even slime.
Diag_Ray_PAR_S_016, Morlocks would hate this kind of ornamentation.
Diag_Egon_PAR_S_017, I don't recognize the alloy fabrication.
Diag_Egon_PAR_S_019, You're right about that. There's more consistent, accelerated PKE blowing through here than I've ever seen. But this is not the origin point. This is just a conduit.
Diag_Ray_PAR_S_020, Question is, where does it lead?
Diag_Egon_PAR_S_021, We may have crossed through a portal.
Diag_Ray_PAR_S_024, Hmm. Watch stopped. Anybody know what time it is?
Diag_Egon_PAR_S_026, Actually, it's 8:34 in the our dimension.
Diag_Egon_PAR_S_028, I don't wear a watch. I count seconds in my head. 57....58...59...8:35.
Diag_Ray_PAR_S_029, Well, we knew which way to go for a while at least.
Diag_Ray_PAR_S_031, There's got to be another way around this.
Diag_Egon_PAR_S_032, Check your meters.
Diag_Ray_PAR_S_033, Throw at the target.
Diag_Egon_PAR_S_034, First, find the target.
Diag_Ray_PAR_S_038, The new cadet's alright.
Diag_Ray_PAR_S_040, Oh my. So MUCH black slime.
Diag_Egon_PAR_S_042, The column! It's flowing upwards!
Diag_Ray_PAR_S_043, If you see a big yellow eye in there, poke it with something!
Diag_Egon_PAR_S_044, No yellow eye, Ray!
Diag_Ray_PAR_S_045, Maybe it already went up there.
Diag_Ray_PAR_S_046, Good instincts, Chief. But there's just too much black slime in there.
Diag_Ray_PAR_S_048, Uh-huh.
Diag_Egon_PAR_S_049, Well. That doesn't sound good.
Diag_Egon_PAR_S_052_a, Only one way to find out.
Diag_Egon_PAR_S_052_b, Only one way to find out.
Diag_Ray_PAR_S_054, Welcome back to Ghostworld.
Diag_Peter_PAR_S_010, Well, that is your conversation starter. What's strange?
Diag_Peter_PAR_S_013, Well, it could just be an old steam tunnel.
Diag_Peter_PAR_S_015, What about Morlocks?
Diag_Peter_PAR_S_018, So it's not steam, it's not Morlocks. But there's plenty of ghosts.
Diag_Peter_PAR_S_022, Wait. Are we in Ghostworld?
Diag_Peter_PAR_S_023, Egon, it's dark down here. Did you just shrug?
Diag_Peter_PAR_S_025, Well, it's late, Ray. Way past bedtime, anyway. In our dimension.
Diag_Peter_PAR_S_027, Your watch is still working?
Diag_Peter_PAR_S_030_a, And the temperature?
Diag_Peter_PAR_S_037, That was alittle harsh. What'd you have against that wall?
Diag_Peter_PAR_S_039, So far, not too shabby.
Diag_Peter_PAR_S_041, Oh, it just seems like a lot because it's alive.
Diag_Peter_PAR_S_047, Let's try up.
Diag_Peter_PAR_S_050, Is it my turn to lead? I don't want to jump in front.
Diag_Peter_PAR_S_051, Well, I wonder what paralyzing terror's on the other side of this hatch?
Diag_Peter_PAR_S_053, You always say that. Alright, give me a hand.


Diag_Ray_PAR_F_056, Peter! It's the Thanksgiving Day Parade! I completely forgot what day was!
Diag_Ray_PAR_F_058, Or we did...and then crossed back.
Diag_Egon_PAR_S_052_b, Only one way to find out.
Diag_Egon_PAR_F_060_a, Looks like the parade has stopped.
Diag_Egon_PAR_F_060_b, Looks like the parade has stopped.
Diag_Ray_PAR_F_061, There's our pool of black slime.
Diag_Egon_PAR_F_060_c, Please don't touch the slime! It's extremely dangerous!
Diag_Ray_PAR_F_063, It's Blinkers the Science Pup! When I was a kid he was my favorite! I learned to love science from Blinkers.
Diag_Ray_PAR_F_065, Yeah, you're not the only one. This is his last year in the parade. They're retiring him. Kids just don't connect with him anymore. I still have all his shows on Beta.
Diag_Egon_PAR_F_067, I think Venkman has reason to be concerned, Ray. I'm getting the same volume in PKE spikes we had at the museum.
Diag_Egon_PAR_S_069_a, I have no idea! I'm more of a lab-rat person!
Diag_Egon_PAR_S_069_b, I have no idea. I'm more of a lab-rat person.
Diag_Egon_PAR_S_069_c, I don't know! I'm more of a guinea pig person!
Diag_Ray_PAR_S_070, Oh man! How many more beloved icons from my youth does the paranormal have to ruin for me?
Diag_Ray_PAR_S_072, I remember.
Diag_Ray_PAR_S_074, I remember her! It's the Broccoli Queen, 1964! Ooh, she was something. Had a tragic death as I recall. Fell asleep in a sauna and died in '67.
Diag_Egon_PAR_S_076, She seems a little overdone...not decomposing well at all.
Diag_Egon_PAR_S_079, Which one was that?
Diag_Ray_PAR_S_080, Lady Kielbasa, 1943.
Diag_Egon_PAR_S_081, Ray?
Diag_Ray_PAR_S_082, What? I had the whole set of Parade Float Figures trading cards. I didn't like baseball until I was 18.
Diag_Egon_PAR_S_084, Stop that float!
Diag_Ray_PAR_S_085, We can't go through there! The Black Slime will eat through our bodies into our souls.
Diag_Egon_PAR_S_087, Jump on that float! We need to keep up with him!
Diag_Ray_PAR_S_089, I'll drive. I can't bear to attack Blinkers. Even if he is a horrible, out of control embodiment of evil now.
Diag_Egon_PAR_S_090, Marching band ghosts!
Diag_Ray_PAR_S_092, Leave the tuba and the triangle to me. I've still got some High School issues to work through.
Diag_Egon_PAR_S_094, Oh No! Shriners!
Diag_Ray_PAR_S_095, Nope! Loyal Order of Pelicans. Even a Shriner's ghost would never do any harm.
Diag_Ray_PAR_S_097, Argh, it's that damn band again! Gimme all you got!
Diag_Egon_PAR_S_099, I got a piccolo, two french horns, and a kettle drum. How about you?
Diag_Egon_PAR_S_101, Keep your eye on the demon dog! He's the source of all this!... Sorry, Ray.
Diag_Ray_PAR_S_104, There goes Blinkers.
Diag_Egon_PAR_S_105, The street's completely jammed! There's no way we can get through this wreckage.
Diag_Ray_PAR_S_106, Then let's go up! It just so happens that I have the key to a shortcut.
Diag_Egon_PAR_S_107, I didn't realize you meant that literally.
Diag_Peter_PAR_F_055, Ghostworld is much more festive than you guys described.
Diag_Peter_PAR_F_057, Alright, so have we crossed over...or no?
Diag_Peter_PAR_F_059, Alright, that shrug I saw.
Diag_Peter_PAR_F_062, Alright, don't touch the slime. It's slimy...and it's extremely dangerous.
Diag_Peter_PAR_F_064_a, He doesn't look that smart to me. Looks a little mangy too.
Diag_Peter_PAR_F_064_b, I don’t think he looks too good.
Diag_Peter_PAR_F_066, Yeah, well tough truth is that kids are cruel and vicious. And they like japanese robots. Golly, if Blinkers there could turn himself into something else he'd be right back on top again. I bet ya...I bet ya a nickle.
Diag_Peter_PAR_F_068, Huh. I should've seen that coming, but I didn't.
Diag_Peter_PAR_S_071, My youth wasn't so jampacked with icons.


Diag_Ray_PAR_S_109, Ah, we've been so busy lately, I haven't had time to do much housekeeping.
Diag_Ray_PAR_S_111, Yeah, well...I like to see us all up there like that. Makes me feel good.
Diag_Egon_PAR_S_113, I'd advise against that. Ray is sensitive about his books.
Diag_Egon_PAR_S_115, Ray, do you have that item we were working on a few weeks ago?
Diag_Ray_PAR_S_116, I tinkered with it a little. Accuracy is about 25% improved from before.
Diag_Ray_PAR_S_118, Let's take it up to the roof. Show you there.
Diag_Egon_PAR_S_119, How do we get to the roof?
Diag_Ray_PAR_S_120, This way.
Diag_Ray_PAR_S_122, As many as it takes. Keep moving.
Diag_Egon_PAR_S_124, They're behind us!
Diag_Ray_PAR_S_125, Try to pivot them to get around their shields!
Diag_Egon_PAR_S_126, I can't do it!
Diag_Egon_PAR_S_129_a, This is a prototype for a dual-effect composite particle system. The first component is the meson collier. It releases a hyper-collided...
Diag_Egon_PAR_S_129_b, This is a prototype for a dual-effect composite particle system. The first component is the meson collier. It releases a hyper-collided...
Diag_Egon_PAR_S_131_c, Okay, you can show it to him.
Diag_Egon_PAR_S_131_a, ...long-range stream of particles that will vaporize any material in its trajectory.
Diag_Egon_PAR_S_131_b, ...long-range stream of particles that will vaporize any material in its trajectory.
Diag_Ray_PAR_S_132, The spread is limited but intensely focused. It's great for dead-eye accuracy. Long distance, medium distance.
Diag_Egon_PAR_S_133, However, in close quarters against agile targets, I expect it may be a little unwieldy.
Diag_Ray_PAR_S_134, Here's how you use it.
Diag_Ray_PAR_S_136, Whooops! Ran out of roof!
Diag_Egon_PAR_S_137_b, There's an open door!
Diag_Egon_PAR_S_137_a, There's an open window!
Diag_Ray_PAR_S_138, That door's not open!
Diag_Ray_PAR_S_139, I think that's your cue, rookie!
Diag_Ray_PAR_S_141, Yes, there certainly is. In the 1930's, a famous Russian Circus toured New England.
Diag_Egon_PAR_S_142, Yes, Buryshkin's Moscow Circus. But I think "Infamous" would be more accurate.
Diag_Ray_PAR_S_143, Right. Bursyshkin couldn't compete directly with the bigger shows, so he billed his as the 'Deadliest Show on Earth'.
Diag_Egon_PAR_S_144, And he lived up to that.
Diag_Ray_PAR_S_145, He sure did. His performers died regularly...and the crowds just got bigger.
Diag_Egon_PAR_S_146, They used to perform at this parade every Thanksgiving.
Diag_Ray_PAR_S_148, Heads up! Here they come!
Diag_Egon_PAR_S_149, Slime them first!
Diag_Ray_PAR_S_150, Then hit the toggle for your Meson Spread to capture them.
Diag_Egon_PAR_S_151, The parade ends right down there.
Diag_Egon_PAR_S_153, There's the Mayor!
Diag_Ray_PAR_S_154, We've got to get to the Mayor before Blinkers does!
Diag_Peck_PAR_F_157, Aaagh!
Diag_Mayor_PAR_F_158, Get the hell away from me!
Diag_Mayor_PAR_F_159, Care to tell me why my library, museum and parade are all going down the toilet?!
Diag_Peck_PAR_F_160, I keep telling you, sir, the Ghostbusters are nothing but scam artists determined to throw a negative light on you and the City... and extort you for more money!
Diag_Mayor_PAR_F_162, Both of you! Pipe down!
Diag_Egon_PAR_F_163, Mr. Mayor, an enormous event is on the horizon.
Diag_Ray_PAR_F_164, Something at the Museum exhibit triggered a systemized psychic occurence. Some mechanism we don't know the nature of yet.
Diag_Peck_PAR_F_165, No. Of course you don't.
Diag_Egon_PAR_F_166, But it's feeding enormous energy somewhere.
Diag_Ray_PAR_F_167, Something that's now in the process of breaking down the walls between our world...and another one.
Diag_Egon_PAR_F_168, This other world is crossing through into ours. It started with simple ghosts and animated monsters.
Diag_Ray_PAR_F_169, Now it's getting bigger. We don't know exactly what's next. But there's only room for one city here in this dimension.
Diag_Egon_PAR_F_170, Two physical worlds can't exist in the same space. That's just elementary particle physics.
Diag_Egon_PAR_F_172, ...whole city blocks sinking into a fifth dimensional abyss!
Diag_Ray_PAR_F_173, Cockroaches the size of polo ponies.
Diag_Egon_PAR_F_175, Panic in the streets!
Diag_Mayor_PAR_F_177, I get it. We're in trouble. So what am I supposed to do?!
Diag_Ray_PAR_F_178, We need to prepare the city for the worst.
Diag_Mayor_PAR_F_179, The city's my responsibility, not yours! Now go do your job and stop that thing!
Diag_Egon_PAR_S_180, Hit the handlers first!
Diag_Ray_PAR_S_181, Take out the small ones!
Diag_Egon_PAR_S_182, Looks like it's helpless!
Diag_Ray_PAR_S_184, It's got to have a weak spot somewhere!
Diag_Egon_PAR_S_185, Try to flip it around with the streams!
Diag_Egon_PAR_S_186, Almost there! Come on, keep it coming!
Diag_Ray_PAR_S_187, I'll teach you to posses a childhood friend!
Diag_Ray_PAR_F_189, That's it! He's ours!
Diag_Peck_PAR_F_190, I should've shuttered you fraudulent gangsters forever when I had the chance! You know what? I'm going to put an end to this madness now! Right now! I'm shutting down your containment grid for good! You can kiss off a permanent license, not to mention any chance for more government contracts! You did this to me, and you're going to pay!
Diag_Ray_RTK_S_034, You're welcome, you Peck.
Diag_Peck_PAR_F_192, Alright! That's it! That's it, you're done, smart guys! You are done, smart, cool guys! I have the authority and I am shutting you and your phony containment grid down NOW! The whole city will have to pay because of your shenanigans. The whole city!
Diag_Peck_PAR_F_194, Well, so be it! I have bigger fish to fry.
Diag_Peck_PAR_F_195, And get him off me!
Diag_Egon_PAR_F_196, I think we need to keep an eye on him.
Diag_Egon_PAR_F_198, No. I mean, we really need to keep an eye on him.
Diag_Peter_PAR_F_156, Ok, who's got a fire hydrant or a safety pin?
Diag_Peter_PAR_F_161, Hello Peck. I own that suit in blue.
Diag_Peter_PAR_F_171, We got a glimpse of the other world, Jock. It ain't pretty. It's like Brooklyn and the Bronx with no Queens in the middle.
Diag_Peter_PAR_F_174, Pal, you've been there. You wanna pipe in?...No?...Alright, you go ahead, Egon.
Diag_Peter_PAR_F_176_a, Yeah, Studio 54 reopens
Diag_Peter_PAR_F_176_b, yeah, OJ Simpson moves here.
Diag_Peter_PAR_F_176_c, How'd you like disco to come back? Bigger than ever.
Diag_Peter_PAR_S_183, Now what?
Diag_Peter_PAR_S_188, It's one thing to SPAM, but this is too much.
Diag_Peter_PAR_F_193, What? But that shuts you down, too.
Diag_Peter_PAR_F_197, Ya think?

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