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By AppleIsleBuster
Hey everyone. I'm trying to start building a Tasmanian branch of ghostheads to be able to help people in Tasmania. If you could check the page out and give it a share that would be greatly appreciated, also will like other pages as well, please share them so I can reciprocate!

I see a need for busters here in Tasmania to provide sick children with smiles, provide charity screenings and appearances all for the purposes of making those who are sick, whether physically or mentally, better and to share smiles and laughs.

Cheers for reading and if you want any info shoot me a message. :love::love::love:
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By Gadgt5
Hey buddy!!
SA now has a new branch of Ghostbusters.. and we would like to get everyone on board the GB journey together.

Find the South Australia Ghostbusters on Facebook.. and we'll add you to represent Tasmania GB as we get closer to the GBA release date.. its important we're in contact with each other. :blush:

NT Is in there aswell.. and NSW, QLD, WA, CENTRAL QLD, VIC.

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