By joezlo
I've modded a Spirit Halloween trap to run off of 2 cabinet door lock solenoids to open the trap doors. ... 72&sr=8-15

There is one for each door.

They both run on a set of 4 9v batteries running in series which hide in the bottom of the trap between the wheels.

The wireless is a latch button:

The button key will eventually be put into an RGB style pedal, but in black to match the athstetic.

When the wireless pin goes high, the signal is sent to 2 separate relays which fit between the rear wheels of the trap. ... B00VRUAHLE

I didn't use a double relay because 2 of these fit perfectly in either side of the trap individually.

*I have made no modifications to the shell of the trap

*The main modifications have been:

- a dpdt bat toggle switch so the original circuit operates on its own
-the circuit board for the sound has been moved and attached right against the speaker bay (does not impede operation)
-The gear mechanism has been cut in half, springs removed, and pulley doors reversed to catch the solenoid poles.
-One of the pulley doors has a screw running through it to touch the limit switch of the original circuit so it operates the same way

However, both banks of 9v batteries die after about 30-40 minutes of trap use. (maybe opening and closing the trap about 10-12 times)

The solenoids are 12 volts, and 2amps.

The 2 amps has been the issue in finding a battery replacement that fits inside the trap without modifying the shell.

Does anyone have any input? (Sorry I don't have pictures!)
By Kieron W
Heya, I would say use a power bank if you can. Try and grab a 12v one like how I have got one on my Spirit Proton Pack, as you can recharge it the night before a con and not have to worry about it running out of juice when you least suspect it.

On top of that, I think you could in theory hide it in the side of the Spirit Trap and have a little hole drilled so you can hotglue the charging port in there as well.
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