gEkX wrote:I can convert them to ring tones if you like. Oh and I did make them on my phone hehe. Ringdroid is a great app if you have an android and need something to make ringtones or whatnot with.
I know how to create ringtones for my iPhone through iTunes. Pretty simple. Just of matter of changing a song file into a ringtone file.
Can someone reupload the gb2 sounds. I know I’m a little late to the party but I’ve done thorough research and all the old links are dead. I’ve tried the darth Egon sound files but I’m not entirely satisfied until I try the Sony ones. Someone please help? :)
Croesus wrote: February 27th, 2011, 5:14 am Ok so I was browsing through my friends sound libraries and I stumbled across the official Sony sound library. To my complete surprise and joy I found 2 sound effects which were officially used in the GB movies. I'm going to have a look for more but its a big library and I didn't all the way through it.

1. The real proton pack switch on/idle/off sound
2. GB2 Stream sound effect

So I thought i'd fire them up here for you guys... Sounds a lot better than the video game sound effect (which had some kind of weird buzz/hiss sound all the way through it)



Thank you for the uploads.

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