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Kingpin wrote: June 8th, 2022, 9:50 am
Nothing says you're a cutting-edge comedy show like trying to land a joke about something five years after it happened. :eyeroll:
Family Guy is all about the old references!

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By timeware
As I've gotten in trouble for some of my videos in the past you might want to advise people that this isn't a safe for work video. It's not recommended to play this at full blast with a lot of people around. Catchy tune though.
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By Kingpin
Conceptually the video is pretty weak.
The inclusion of a Ghostbusters team is thematically pointless - Boris isn't depicted as a ghost, and the team itself carries the standard no-ghost logo, rather than a custom version featuring a charicature of the EX-PM.

If you're going to make a protest video for a Christmas Number 1 submission, at least go to some effort with it to make it witty - The guy who was submitting sausage roll parodies of famous songs for the past few Christmasses had the right idea.
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By timeware
Take some cues from Epic Rap Battles of History. Special effects don't cost much these days if you know how to use the software. You can throw a Trump wig on a sheet and it move it around with wires. There's your ghost and it only cost you fifty bucks to make.

Probably would have cost less then the costume they threw on that actor, or paying the person if they did at all.

If it were me, I'd have blended the Let's Go Brandon song with the Ghostbusters Soundtrack replacing Brandon with the title of the video. An F for Effort.
By BRD 527
Was playing State of Decay 2 on my Xbox last night and came across this hidden gem tucked away off the beaten path lol

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By ghoulishfright
Just watched the new film Bandit, which is based on a true story which takes place in the 1980s, and a theatre marquee in one scene shows that Ghostbusters is playing.


Incidentally, later in the film, there is a reference to The Blues Brothers, Dan Aykroyd, and John Belushi.
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By mrmichaelt
ghoulishfright wrote: November 19th, 2022, 12:36 pm Just watched the new film Bandit, which is based on a true story which takes place in the 1980s, and a theatre marquee in one scene shows that Ghostbusters is playing.


Incidentally, later in the film, there is a reference to The Blues Brothers, Dan Aykroyd, and John Belushi.
Neat. When in the movie does this marquee appear (i.e. timestamp)?
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By ghoulishfright
mrmichaelt wrote: November 19th, 2022, 3:48 pm Neat. When in the movie does this marquee appear (i.e. timestamp)?
19:17 . . . I recommend watching the entire film, though. Admittedly, I don't watch many modern films, but this is the best film I've seen from 2022. Very intense.
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By Kieron W
I can name a few references -
01) Doctor Who Series 2 Episode: Army of Ghosts - the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) comes up from inside the TARDIS and says "Who ya gonna call?!" with Rose Tyler yelling "Ghostbusters!" afterwards
02) Family Guy - both references to GHOST and Ghostbusters where Peter laments on how he had a part time job as it cuts to a cutaway of Peter driving the Ecto-1, busts down the door as the infamous clay making scene from GHOST plays on and Peter uses the Proton Pack and Ghost Trap to trap Patrick Swayze's character then says to Demi Moore's Character - "That'll be $24.95!"
03) Casper - Dan Aykroyd reprises his role as Dr Raymond Stantz and quotes the tagline but differently - "Who are ya gonna call? ...Someone else!"
04) Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - When Robotnik/Eggman creates a giant robot of himself, his henchman Wade yells out "I knew it! Just like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!"
05) Futurama - Bender haunts Fry and just as he picks up the phone, Hermes Conrad asks "Who you gonna call?!" and before Phillip J Fry can answer "Ghostbusters", the pre-recorded message on the answer machine picks up and says "The number you have dialed has been lame since 1989!" (Also fun fact, Phillip J Fry's voice actor was also Slimer in Extreme Ghostbusters - Billy West, who also voiced a number of different characters)
06) Rick & Morty - "Claw and Hoarder: Special Ricktim's Morty) - Rick Sanchez finds a vintage Hi-C Ecto Cooler and offers the dragon $20 which the dragon is amused as he knows that the vintage drink is worth way more
By Kalonthar
The new Marvel game 'Midnight Suns' has had multiple references so far and I've barely gotten anywhere in the game.
Iron Man referring to the villain Lilith as Gozer [as mentioned on GBNews]
Dr. Strange during an in-game fight saying he's been 'slimed' in response to a status effect from Venom being put on him.
The main character talks about the dangers of an evil artifact, to which Blade replies, "Got it: Don't cross the streams."
And as a non-Ghostbusters bonus: Iron Man refers to working out some bugs in a system as needing to deal with some Gremlins, to which the MC suggests using sunlight and avoiding water at all costs.
This Post Contains Spoilers
At this point I'm expecting these things at every corner in the game.
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By ghoulishfright
This is an old reference, but I practically forgot about it, and it's probably new to some. It's one of those things that doesn't get mentioned nearly enough, IMO. The Alien Ant Farm music video where they pay homage to Ghostbusters, among many other . . . well . . . "Movies."

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By prodestrian
The CBS TV sitcom "Ghosts" has some great Ghostbusters references.

The premise of the show (not a spoiler, it's literally the first episode) is that a woman and her husband inherit an old mansion inhabited by the ghosts of people who died on the property, and after a near-death experience she can see/hear the ghosts (nobody else can). Trailer here.

From the Halloween episode (Series 1 Episode 5):

Later in the episode several of the ghosts watch "Ghostbusters" and get pretty upset.
"People rounding up ghosts...keeping them in some contraption...for what?!? 'Til when?!?"
"I used to think Venkman was a hero, he's no hero. He's a war criminal."
"Poor Slimer's just trying to live his afterlife eating leftover room service that no-one even wants, then they vacuum him up into this tiny little box?"
"I don't remember it being this disturbing."
"Well, you were a Living when you watched it last. This is a whole new perspective."
"Also, why the hell are they all green? Were they green in life? I mean, what died and made THAT ghost?"

I recall there being another reference the next season but I don't remember which episode it was.
It's a great series though, definitely worth checking out if you're looking for a half-hour sitcom. I really enjoyed the original BBC version too (featuring the cast of "Horrible Histories").
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By Hairy Biker
Just re-watching The Legend of Vox Machina season 1 before season 2 starts.

In episode 7 at about 10:43 into the episode Scanlan refers to Vedmire as Venkman.

It happens so fast I actually missed it my first 3 viewings and had to put subtitles on to be sure.

Not surprised either, Critical Role references Ghostbusters ALOT. I believe its Matthew Mercers favourite movie.
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By scadru

Sir Bug A Boo is revealed as Ray Parker jr on The Masked Singer on FOX back in November 2022. He sings "Ghostbusters" for a minute at the very end. Linda Blair is in attendance and cheering. (Go to 5:30 on the youtube video for just the song)
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By prodestrian
Another one in the latest episode of "Ghosts" from CBS (Season 2, episode 13, "Ghost Hunter").

One of the characters suspects the building is haunted so he buys a stack of ghost hunting equipment. He uses an EMF meter and literally points it at two of the ghosts but there's no readings. He also sets up a "Latvian ghost trap" in the kitchen:

The ghosts are skeptical that the trap works, but two of them get pulled into it. They cut to the inside of the trap and you can see various electronics components all over the walls, including this familiar-looking design on the side:
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By Kingpin
Secrets of Sulpher Springs is a sci-fi supernatural series on Disney+ following a family that's moved into a shuttered hotel in the aforementioned-town of Sulpher Springs. The family's youngest children are obsessed with the ghost stories associated with the hotel, and in the season 2 episode "It's About Time", their father remarks:
Yeah, I was hoping it'd be a distraction from ghostbusting...
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