For users in: Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, & Wyoming.
BY Ectostrodianary
From 2 different forums (and now 3 as this is technically a "forum") Me and a few other GBfans users have came to the conclusion that there needs to be a Northwest Ghostbusters that covers the Washington State area, Idaho State area, Oregon State area, Montana State area, and the Wyoming area. If we do get enough people on board, this could be the largest Ghostbusters franchise ever. So far we have 2 people on the list to sign up for the NWGB's and the list so far is:

1.)Ectostrodianary (Washington State)
2.) thesonofabob (Montana State)
Let's see if we can get this franchise started so the Northwest can know who to call!
BY richardj533
count me in!.Would anyone be interested in going to the 2010 crypyticon in everett with me to meet ernie hudson?
I think it would be kind of cool to show up as a group to do the con and get some photos and autographs.
BY The Kreator
I know there are a few Ghostbusters in Oregon. I did see another at a charity bowling event we held around Halloween last year. Not sure if he's a member here or not.

I would definitely be interested in a Northwest Franchise.
BY ShadowFlare
Count me in ...I just finished my proton pack and I am going to build a ghost trap next.
I would love to work with anyone close to lynnwood Wa.
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BY chadpanther
Count me in too. I am just starting out, but give me a little time to get stuff together and such. Would love to meet you all. :D
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BY Thumpernicus
I am in Spokane, already an "official" Spokane Ghostbuster. I am working on two packs (hopefully done by halloween) and I am building an Ectomobile out of a Ford Exploder. Though not a Meteor...and the snooty GB fans will hate will still be an awesome ride!
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BY Thumpernicus
Ectostrodianary wrote:Maybe with luck, we'll able to meet up at a bust later on.
Guaranteed! =)
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BY chadpanther
Is the Northwest franchise dead now? I am still interested in it. I think sonofabob (Montana) has not been very active anymore. x3
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BY Thumpernicus
We are still around! I am working dilligently on putting the finishing touches on my custom Ecto for pre-halloween patrolling!
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BY chadpanther
Thumpernicus wrote:We are still around! I am working dilligently on putting the finishing touches on my custom Ecto for pre-halloween patrolling!

Awesome! You are the first to finally reply to me. :P We need to keep in touch. I want to start a Montana or Montana-Idaho-Wyoming division. I tried contacting all the Montana GB men, but no replies and they have not logged in this site for almost 6 months to a year.

I could use the help from you if you can. Thanks!
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BY Thumpernicus
Just let me know how I can help and I will do my best!
BY The Kreator
I haven't been on the boards as much lately, but have been working on rounding up some new recruits from within Cloud City Garrison. Right now, I'm the only one with a full uniform and pack, but eventually I think we'll have three more in the Willamette Valley.

I'll be attending the Ghostbusters showing at the Salem Lancaster Regal Cinemas tonight, Oct. 13th at 7pm. Will probably head down to a Eugene showing next week if I can fit the drive into my schedule.
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BY Thumpernicus
Awesome! Keep us all updated and share pics if you attend a showing in uniform!
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BY Tyrael
I'm pretty sure I'm the only one here in Wyoming, but I got lots if ties to Iowa and am not too far from Denver, so it's up to you if I count as "northwest". I'm also moving in less than a year so we'll have to see where I end up.

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BY DrMadKatz
Add me to the list as well . ( Washington State - Olympic Region )

There is a conversation at might be of interest .

MichaelGil says he is getting his group more active .
I've started WashingtonStateGhostbusters last year .

With the delivery of the Spangler Proton wands already out and the Proton pack expected soon , we are hoping to make 2023 a blowout !
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BY Ectojeff88
I’m on Whidbey Island, always experienced very slim GB presence up in WA. My brother and I are usually the only ones dressed up wherever we may be at any movie release or Halloween.
Good to know there’s a few more of us out here!
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BY MichaelGil
I am still here in Tacoma and I'm working with anyone who wants to finish their packs or now customize their Haslab packs. hit me up if you have any questions!
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BY Rootbeer
I'm in the Seattle area and I know a couple other ghostheads nearby (including the folks behind the excellent GhostbustersNW videos). I think Bill Doran of Punished Props is around here too. It'd be good to have some official meetups planned. @DrMadKatz, I'm not on Facebook, but do you have anything planned coming up?
BY Digital Decade
Can I join? I’m in Richland, WA. Also am very familiar with the Tacoma/Seattle region and visit family often. I have been working on my Haslab pack and suit and should be ready to go in a couple months at the most. Really want to connect with some people in the WA/OR area for events and stuff, but also especially anyone in the Tri-Cities, WA.
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