Forgive me. I'm pretty new to the forums and have a lot of catching up to do, so if this is posted somewhere obvious and I've simply missed it, please let me know.

I'm in the process of modding my HasLab pack and doing full paint apps on the interior of the cyclotron. Does anyone know of reference material or a walkthrough of how and where to remove the two "outer ring" pieces of the cyclotron? Are they just secured by screws underneath/against the backplate, screwed down elsewhere, or are they glued in place? I don't want to remove the motherboard again yet until I have to (planning to do some more internal mods in the near future but will do them all at once to minimize how many times I open it up).

Also, does anyone know what, if anything, the three screws on the inner-facing of the control arm/ion arm are securing in place? I'm planning to remove and paint them in black just to make them less visible but I just want to make sure that removing them doesn't upset the alignment of anything. Edit: I found out that the control arm assembly is held together in two places with a combined 6 screws, so removing the 3 exposed screws will not dislodge anything.:thumbsup:

Thank you, all!
So, I opened the pack again the other day to do some more internal modding. While in there, I tried removing a set of 3 screws on the backplate, behind where one of the outer pieces of the cyclotron sit and then tried to pull it free but it didn't seem to want to budge. I didn't want to risk breaking it, so I didn't apply much force. So, either there are additional screws holding it down somewhere or it might also be secured with glue. Very disappointing, as I want to paint some of the details on it and it would be much easier if I could remove those components.

The journey continues...
Unfortunately the cyclotron is held with plastic tabs which snap when you remove that inner part. Some say it's almost impossible not to break them as they are too weak. So if you want to remove it you need to prepare yourself for the idea that putting it back might mean using glue which would probably end up permanent . So plan mods to that very carefully and consider what you do as one and done.
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If it's any use, here's the vid I used to open the cyclotron:


But a couple of additional tips:
- There are 6 tabs - see pic above - and concentrate your efforts around these. You may find you need to work from both ends (each side of the N Filter).
- The tabs themselves are quite tough and require a certain amount of force - but they do break off cleanly (with a truly horrendous snap!)
- He says you can lever the screwdriver anywhere - but be careful around the back of the connector.
- You don't need to remove the centre screw in the N Filter.

Eventually I'll drill out the tab posts on the outer cover, drill and countersink the inner cover and screw it back together; however for testing it's plenty good enough without, as the bumper holds everything together. As a temp fix, you can use double sided sticky tape (or even blu-tack!) to hold it together if you wish.
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Thank you both but the responses made me I realize that my language wasn't very clear as to what parts I was talking about. What I'm attempting to figure out how to remove are these:

From messing around inside the pack, there looks like a set of 3 screws that sit behind each of them and I was hoping that it was as simple as removing those screws and pulling the modules free. But removing those screws didn't release the component, so I'm guessing it is secured in there some other way that isn't immediately obvious.

Thanks again!
They’re actually quite easy; remove the motherboard and undo all the screws from behind the cyclotron (some of these are what hold those pieces, but you need to remove the rear plate first). It’s snug around the strap pass-throughs, but with a wiggle it comes off. Then flip it over and remove the pieces 😊
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