Fiction:"Ghostbusters The Kingdom" by WAGB23

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Part One: The Beginning: One night at a New York club, a couple was dancing on the dance floor and having the time of their lives. "Hey hon, want to go get a drink?" asked the man as he started to stop dancing. "sure hon, i'll have a apple martini please...." asked the girl. The man goes to the bar and asks for two drinks, but he smells something funny. "what is that awful smell...?" he wondered, so he gets up and follows the smell, which lead to the kitchen area. The man steps into the room and sees a big green glob floating in the air, it looks at him and sticks it tongue out at him and continues to eat the cake that was on the counter. The man screams as he runs from the kitchen and grabs his girlfriend. "Honey, we need to get to a phone fast..." "why?" Meanwhile at the Ghostbusters Firehouse, Dr. Egon Spengler and Dr. Raymond Stantz are working on the particle throwers when Dr. Peter Venkman walks into the room. "Hey guys, your missing the greatest show ever, its about this..." "Not now Venkman, dont you see me and Spengs are busy?" said Ray as he interupted Peter. "You guys should seriously think of just taking a day off fixing those things and just relax." Venkman said as soon as they heard the alarm. The alarm was a familar sound to the Ghostbusters ever since their first ever bust at the Sedgwick Hotel. The 3 Ghostbusters slide down the pole to see Winston Zeddemore grabbing a call sheet from Janine Melentz. "You won't believe it, but some guy calls and says that he saw a little green blob at a club and its eating up the place." Janine said as Venkman got to the floor. "It's HIM!, let's get him boys." Venkman said as the Ghostbusters suited up and climbed into their converted 1959 Cadlliac Hearse they call "Ecto-1". Few minutes later and Ecto-1 pulls up in front of the club, and the four Ghostbusters step out of the car, as they strap on their Proton Packs, Egon pulls out a box like device he calls a PKE Meter and takes a reading. "Ray, it's a class 5 free roaming vapor..." Egon said. "OK, Ray you and Egon take the back, Winston and I will take the front." Venkman said as Ray nodded. Venkman and Winston walk into the front of the club to see it empty with club music playing. "Hey, I like this song, remind me to buy the record." Venkman remarks. "Sure thing Pete, LOOK!" Winston says as he points at the dance floor. the green specter is dancing and flying around. Venkman pulls out his particle thrower and turns it on. "Cover me, this is personal..." Venkman said. Venkman sneaks up to the green ghost and as soon as he could get close to it, it spots Venkman. "Oh no, not this time your little green piece of shit." Venkman says as he shoots a particle stream at it. The beam misses and the green ghost flys aways and looks at both Venkman and Zeddemore. "hes coming and when he does the world will end.." the spectre spoke as Venkman looks at Winston in awe. "He never spoke before..." Venkman said, "..must of picked up an how to speak english book and tape." "Blast him!" Winston say as he pulls out his particle thrower and fires a beam at the ghost. Back in the kitchen area, Spengler and Stantz are checking the place out. "I'm getting a very strong reading Ray, keep your eyes open." Egon says as the PKE meter is beeping. "I'm looking...a ha! check it out Egon!" Ray exclaims as he points to a green spectre thats eating a cake. "OK, Ray you blast it on 3...NOW!" Egon says as he throws out a Ghost trap, which they use to contain the spirits they bust. Ray fires a stream and captures the ghost lasso style and they are able to get into the trap. "Too easy, lets check on Venkman and Winston." Ray says as they open the kitchen doors to the front of the club to see Venkman and Winston containing the same ghost they just containted. "Whoa!? how is it possible that you just caught the ghost we caught?" Ray asked Venkman. "I dunno Ray, it said something weird though." Venkman responds. "Yeah it said something about hes coming and that the world is going to end..." Winston says as he picks up his trap. "Hmmm..." Egon says as he and the other Ghostbusters leave the club. Minutes later the Ghostbusters return to the Firehouse to see Janine interviewing a young man. "Hey Janine, who is this?" Ray asks as hes carrying two smoking traps to the Ecto Containment Unit. "Hi, my name is Brian Rippee, i was hoping for a job with you guys, i hear about you guys all the time and i figure i would come check it out." Brian says as he shakes Ray's hand. "hmmm...OK we'll give you a shot, welcome aboard!" Ray says as he walks down to the basement. "Brian, this is Winston Zeddemore, Egon Spengler and Peter Venkman, and that man you just met was Ray Stantz, welcome to Ghostbusters." Janine said as she pointed to each 'Buster. "So, what do i get to do first?" Brian asked. "First you get to learn the basics." Egon said. Part 2: The coming of the End....? Meanwhile on the other side of the city at the History Muesum, Dr. Jacob Hunter just came in with a tablet that looked over a millon years old, with some acicent writing on it. "Ladies and gentleman, i give you, the tablet of the greek god Zandorus!" Hunter exclaimed. "Good job Jake, we can finally put all the greek mythology items together and on exibit." said one Historian that was examining the tablet. "..but what does it say?" "I don't know yet, i'm working on deciphering it." Hunter answered, as soon as all three men left the room the tablet started to glow an eerie glow. Back at the firehouse Brian is learning how to test the Proton Pack with the help of the Ghostbusters. "I first must tell you, no matter what don't cross the streams." Egon explained. "OK, so how do i turn this on?" Brian asked as he pulled his particle thrower out. "First I want you to aim your thrower at that cut out of our logo and press that button to fire." Ray says as he shows Brian the knobs on the thrower. Brian aims and fires a ion stream at the logo..only to miss and hit a wall, along with some books and Venkman's swimsuit model poster. "Nice shootin' tex, I think you just busted your first girl poster..." said Venkman sarcasticly. "Don't worry I had a hard time at first, but you'll get the hang of it." Winston added in, just then Janine walks into the room and gives Egon a note. "You might want to go take a look at this..." she remarks. [ The Tablet of Zandorus] COMING SOON TO THE NEW YORK HISTORY MUSEUM FOUND AND DECIPERED BY DR. JACOB D. HUNTER "Zandorus...that sounds familar..." Egon says as he walks over to a bookshelf and pulls out a book called "History of Greek Mythology". "Who's this Zandorus guy and why is Dr. Spengler so interested in it?" asked Brian as he straps off the pack. "Zandorus is one of the many greek gods whose ultimate goal is world domination, but the way he does it is very unique. he gathers a single human soul and uses his or hers soul to give him the power he needs to take over." Egon answered. "When he does, theres no more days at the beach." Venkman added. "Yeah, cause there is no more beach to go to..." Winston said. "Could we stop it?" Ray asks, "I don't know, but I need to take a look at that tablet, get a few readings, Brian you will assist me." Egon said as he and Brian leave the room. Part 3: Zandorus makes his return Meanwhile at the New York History Museum, Dr. Jacob Hunter was walking into his office, greeting his fellow co-workers, then he sees his assistant Carena Jones. "How is your day going Ms. Jones?" asked Jake. "Not so bad, we are ready to decipere the tablet sir." Carena responds. "Good, this will be the greatest discovery in all greek mythological studies!" Jake excalims as Egon and Brian walk into the museum. Egon pulls out the PKE Meter and takes readings. "Brian, this place is full of psychokentic energy, we must take a look at that tablet." Egon said. "Egon, um...isn't that that Jake Hunter guy from that note you got from Janine." Brian said as he pointed to Jake and Carena. "Excuse me, Dr. Hunter? i'm Dr. Egon Spengler of the Ghostbusters, and you cannot decipere that tablet." Egon said as he walked up to Jake. "Oh, I know ALL about you, you guys blew up a high rise building, and the museum of art, and now you think that the Tablet of Zandorus has some paranormal thing to it, excuse me Dr. Spengler but I do not believe in ghosts, so if you don't mind some of us have REAL work to do." Jake said as he and Carena walk out of the room. "So, now what?" asked Brian. That night Jake was working on decipering the tablet when Carena walks into his office. "I'm going home for the night, I'll see ya tomorrow." she said as Jake waved bye to her. Hours passed as he kept trying to figure out what the tablet meant. Jake gets up from his chair and leaves his office to get a cup of coffee, when as soon as he leaves the tablet starts to glow, then a voice calls out. "MY TIME HAS COME, ZANDORUS WILL ONCE AGAIN REIGN SUPREME!" Jake hears the voice and runs to his office, to see a mythical creature standing on his desk with the tablet in its hands. The creature looks like a cross between a bull and a horse with shark teeth and glowing red eyes. Jake looks dumbfounded as the creature steps towards him. "PUNY CREATURE, DO YOU NOT BOW DOWN TO THE MINION OF ZANDORUS..."asked the creature. "I don't believe in the supernatural, your just an imagination in my head..." Jake repeats over and over. "SO BE IT, YOU WILL BE A SCARIFICE TO THE GOD ZANDORUS."the creature yells as he grabs Jake. Carena walks in to see the sight. "JAKE!" she screams as Jake and the creature vanish. "Oh my god, I got to go get help, but who..."she wondered as she looks on Jake's desk to find a calling card of the Ghostbusters. Minutes later, at the firehouse Brian and Janine were the only ones up, Janine was reading and Brian was putting the Ghost Traps into the Ecto-1 when Carena walks into the garage. Brian sees her and walks up to her, he could tell something was wrong. "Hi, I'm Brian Rippee, new member of the Ghostbusters, anything I can help you with?" Brian asked. "Your a Ghostbuster?" she asked back. "Yeah." Brian responds. "OK, well my boss just got kidnapped by a giant monster thing." Carena said. Brian was speechless, he didn't know what to do. "Janine ring the alarm, I think Egon and Ray need to know this..." Brian said. Part 4: Who ARE you gonna call? "...and thats what happened." Carena said as she finished her story to the Ghostbusters. "Why would they take Hunter?" Winston asked. "He owns them money?" Venkman responds. "No, according to the history of Zandorus, in able for him to return he needs a human body to control." Ray said. "Which is why I knew he shouldn't of try to decipher that tablet." Egon said. "Can you guys do anything?" Carena asked. During this time Brian had been staring at Carena, he wanted to help her, he wanted to protect her. "Yes we can! We're the Ghostbusters, we do this stuff all the time." Brian blurted out as Venkman, Ray, Egon, Winston, Janine and Carena all stare at him. "So what do we do brainac?" Venkman asked Egon. "We go to his office and see what we can find." Egon answered. They arrive at the musuem and the 5 Ghostbusters and Carena all walk into Hunter's office. "This guy must of hated animals." Venkman said as he looked at all the animal heads that were on the walls. "Ray, the PKE levels in this room are through the roof." Egon says as he shows Ray the meter. "Quick question, doesn't this Zandorus guy need a soul to become powerful, and if that's the case, when will he start searching for the soul?" Brian asked as he and Carena looked out the windows. "Yes, but they are looking for a certain soul. the name is in this book." Ray said as he pulled out a book with the title "Zandorus' History." "Um...guys take a look at this." Ray said. the Ghostbusters all gather around the book to see the name of the soul: Spenglus "Egon, your on the list..." Brian said. Just then the PKE meter started beeping loudly and quickly. "OK, boys it's busting time!" Winston said as he and the others pulled out their particle throwers. "Carena, go hide somewhere safe ok, I'll be there as soon as I can." Brian said as Carena nods and runs out of the office. The room turned slient and then a big boom was heard and the Ghostbusters see the creature, and it looked at Egon. "OK full stream, storgon pulse, and fire!" Ray yells as the Ghostbusters fire ion streams at the creature, but the beams had no effect, and the creature pushes all but Egon out of the way. "EGON!" Brian yells as the creature grabs Egon and starts to take his soul. "Hey, shit for brains, forget about me?" Venkman says as he blinds the creature with a ion stream into his eyes. "Everyone run get out of here!" Winston yells as the Ghostbusters run out of the room, but the creature grabs Egon again. "SPENGLER!" Ray yells as the door closes on the Ghostbusters. "You guys get out of here, I gotta get Carena." Brian said as he and the three Ghostbusters go in different directions. Just before Brian could find Carena, the creature screams, "NOW HE WILL LIVE AGAIN!" Brian payed no attention, as his only concern was Carena. "CARENA! ARE YOU OK?" Brian yelled. "YES I'M OVER HERE!" Carena yelled back as Brian finds her hiding behind a security guard desk. "Let's get out of here." Brian said as Carena nods in agreement and they both leave the museum. The Ghostbusters were waiting for Brian and Carena. "....What do we do? Egon is gone...." Ray said as he leans on Ecto. "We've got bigger problems, the creature said that Zandorus will be here..." Brian said, "Can we stop it?" "Yes, but where is he going to be at?" Ray answered. "Let's check the book, that might tell us something." Carena said. Ray opens the book.... Meanwhile New York is being overrunned by ghosts. Ghosts are attacking the park, Time Square, Wall Street, even the Tavern on the Green. The Ecto -1 is running through the streets, and the streets look like someone just dumped a big giant bucket of slime all over it. "I don't know about you, but I LOVE what they have done with Time Square." Venkman said. "We've got to find that Zandorus guy and reverse all this." Brian said. "Easier said than done." Winston said, just as they turn the corner, the earth begin to shake. "EARTHQUAKE!" Brian yelled. "No, LOOK!" Ray yelled back as a 100 ft marshmellow man by the name of Stay Puft was walking down the road. People are getting out of their cars in sight of the sailor marshmellow who is grinning with joy as he is destorying buildings. "I thought he was destroyed...Ray did you think him up again." Venkman asked Ray. "No, it's Zandorus, hes using anything against us." Ray answered. This was the end of the world, and the Ghostbusters were the only ones who could save it. Part 5: The battle: Ghostbusters vs zandorus The Ghostbusters drove back to the firehouse, despite all the ghost attacks and the Stay Puft Marshmellow man's apprerance. "Now what?" Winston asked. "THE TABLET!" Brian Venkman and Ray look at him puzzled. "If we can track down the tablet, we can find Zandorus and take him out!" Brian said. "Yeah, but one problem with your theory there Brian, we don't have the tablet to take it's reading on." Venkman responds. "I remember Egon taking readings the day him and I went to the museum to talk to Hunter about the tablet, I saw the readings, they were like a 129." Brian said. "We'll try it, I'll configure the PKE meter to read only those readings." Ray said. Meanwhile in the middle of Time Square, "MASTER, THE TIME HAS COME FOR YOU TO WAKEN, AND TAKE OVER THIS PUNY WORLD, COME ZANDORUS COME!" the creature yells. The tablet starts to glow and a thick slime substance starts to ooze out of it. the ooze piles up and grabs Jake Hunter, who is scared and shocked. "pppllleeeassseee, don't kill me..please...NOOOOOOOO." Jake screams as the ooze takes over his body, then slowly the ooze slimes off to reveal a two horn, three eye, four arms, four legs demon. "Thank you Vegus, your are a worthy friend." Zandorus said to the creature. "IM ALWAYS LOYAL TO YOU MASTER." Vegus responds. "Gozer and Vigo couldn't take over the world, but look at me, I'm about to show those two how it's done!" Zandorus exclaims as he looks to see the 4 Ghostbusters and Carena staring at him. "We're here for the party? who brought the chips and dips?" Venkman asked. "Fools, do you know who i am, I'm Zandorus, ruler of all that is evil, and you puny humans will be my first slaves." Zandorus said as Brian yawns. "Is that all you got to say for yourself, do YOU know who WE are, we're the Ghostbusters, we'll kick your ass back to where you came from." Brian yells as he pulls his particle thrower. Zandorus fires a direct beam at the Ghostbusters, Brian ducks out of the way as Venkman, Stantz and Zeddemore disappear. "oh..shit.." Brian said as he grabs Carena and hides. "Carena, how do we get rid of him? does the book say anything?" Brian asks. "Yes there is one way, you must break the tablet and then his power will fade and bring back the people he vanished, well at least that is what the book says." Carena reads. "OK" Brian said as he runs out and fires an ion stream at the Tablet. The beam breaks the tablet and very soon after, Venkman, Stantz, Spengler, Zeddemore returned. "What happened?" Egon asked. "No time guys, we've got a ghost to bust." Brian said as the 4 other Ghostbusters pull out their particle throwers. "On 3...3!" said the Ghostbusters as they fire 5 ion streams at Zandorus. "NO YOU WILL NOT DEFEAT ME, VEGUS GET THEM!!!" Zandorus screams in pain. Vegus turns to the Ghostbusters and prepares to attack, when out of no where another ion stream hits Vegus. Brian looks to see Carena with a Proton Pack firing at Vegus. "Egon, I know you said not to do this...but I think we should cross the streams." Brian said. "It's worked before." Winston added. "Let's do it like Nike!" Venkman added. "Cross 'EM" Ray said. "NOW!" Egon said as they all cross the ion streams. Vegus sees this and manges to escape Carena's beam but it was too late...the beams manage to destory Zandorus, Vegus and a whole city road. The battle was over... Finale: The resolution The damage had been done. the mayor New York saw the footage on the news. but what had happen to the Ghostbusters? Carena, who hid in a bookstore, climbed from the wreckage and yelled for Brian. She had found Venkman, Egon, and Zeddemore but Ray and Brian were no where to be found. They searched for hours and finally found Ray. "Ray, have you seen Brian?" Venkman asked. "No, haven't found him?" Ray responds as he looks at Carena, who has tears in her eyes. She thought she would never see him again, but as soon as they were about to give up, Brian rose from the pile of debree that was in the middle of the street. "Anyone get the number of the trucker?" Brian asked as Carena ran up to him and gave him a big kiss. Zandorus' threat was over. Months went by and the Ghostbusters were busy as usual, trapping spirits and getting rid of any supernatural pests. Brian decided to open up a branch of Ghostbusters in New York as well, along side with the Original Ghostbusters, him and his girlfriend Carena Jones(They deciced to go out after the Zandorus incident), became the Ghostbusters: BUU (BackUp Unit). As for the OGB, Venkman, while not busting ghosts, went back to his tv show "World of the Psychic", Stantz reopened his bookstore, Winston went and got his parapsychology degree and as for Egon, he and Janine are researching on ghosts together. as for Dr. Jacob Hunter, well he ended up losing his job, but now hes working on a new project...a project called Gozerian Art.... THE END? Author notes: This is the beginning of a new series: "Ghostbusters: Back Up Unit" following the stories of a new team of Ghostbusters who along side with the original team, bust ghosts, goblins and specters of all kinds, so when things start to get more slimey, who are you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS! GHOSTBUSTERS, NO GHOST LOGO, AND ALL RELATED MATERIAL IS COPYRIGHTED 2008 COLUMBIA PICTURES IND. GHOSTBUSTERS: BBU IS A FAN MADE SERIES BASED ON THE MOVIE GHOSTBUSTERS AND IS MADE BY BRIAN RIPPEE.


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