Fiction:"Ghostbusters The Kingdom 2" by WAGB23

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ghostbusters is copyrighted 2010 by sony/columbia pictures notes: story takes place four months after the events of Ghostbusters The Kingdom also Ghostbusters:BUU is scraped, Brian's move to Seattle is covered in the upcoming story: "Ghostbusters The Kingdom 3: The Finale Part One: Venkman's problem.... It was a beautiful day in the city of New York. Blue skies, birds flying, a perfect day for someone to go on a walk, unless you were a zombie running through Central Park scaring the living daylights out of people, luckly this city has a team that takes care of such things, that team is called the Ghostbusters! Dr Raymond Stantz, or to his friends as Ray, and fellow Ghostbuster and friend Winston Zeddemore were sitting on a park bench talking when the zombie was coming around the corner. "Are you sure this is going to work?" Winston asked. "Yeah, it should." Ray answered. The zombie ran in front of them as Ray stepped on a foot pedal with a cable connected to a box with hazard tape on the doors. The doors open with a portal of light flashing out of it, sucking the zombie inside the box. "Ray, again tell me that the zombie will stay in there..." Winston said awkardly. "Yeah Egon and I upgraded the traps to work on zombies and other non-ectoplasmic enitity." Ray said as a 1959 Cadlliac Ambulance pulled up. The car dubbed "Ecto-1" was white with red fins, on both driver and passanger side doors was the infamous No-Ghost logo, and on the roof two light bars, complete with Ghostbusting tools and radars. Dr. Egon Spengler climbs out of the car along with Dr. Peter Venkman, who walk up to Ray and Winston. "So how was the date with the zombie? did we get to first base?" Venkman joked. "If you mean by did we trap it then yes." Ray remarked. "Good, lets get back to the lab and anaylze these readings." Egon said as the four Ghostbusters climbed into Ecto-1. Minutes later at the Ghostbusters Headquarters, which is a rundown firehouse that they fixed up, the Ghostbusters pulled in to see their secetary Janine Melentz, talking on the phone. "Who's on the phone Janine?" Ray asked holding up a smoking trap. "It's the Mayor, and he don't seem pleased with you guys." she answered. "I'll handle this." Venkman said as he grabbed the phone. "Hello Mayor, this is Dr. Venkman, what seems to be the problem?" "Venkman, you and your team are costing this city major money, care to explain why Madison Square Garden is heavly damaged!" Mayor Jock Mullgan yelled. "Well, it wasn't OUR fault that the ghosts were flying all over and besides, it needed to be fixed up anyways." Venkman remarked. "Listen to me Venkman, the city can't continue to pay for the damages you guys cause, the PCOC will be reestablished and this time it won't be Walter Peck that will overlook things, you'll get more information when i come down." Jock hangs up. "Ok, what's going on?" Egon asked. Meanwhile, at Grand Central Station, Jessica Venkman, long blonde hair, blue eyes, a body that would be in a magazine, gets off the train. She walks towards the baggage area waiting for her bags when she spots a ad. She looks and sees Venkman, Stantz, Spengler and Zeddemore posing with their gear on with the No Ghost Logo behind them with the words GHOSTBUSTERS on top of the ad, with the slogan "No job is too big, No fee is too big, we ain't afraid of no ghosts! call us cause we're ready to believe you." and the phone number underneath it. Jessica mumbles "....ghostbusters huh?...." She walks out to the busy New York street and whistles down a taxi, a taxi pulls up and the driver rolls down the window, "where to miss?" he asked. "Ghostbusters." she responds. Minutes later Jessica shows up to the front doors of the Ghostbusters Firehall. She opens the door and enters to see the lockers, various Ghostbusting tools and gadgets, and Janine at her desk on the phone. "Listen, we don't sell ghosts so that you can scare money out of your ex-husband...bye!" Janine exclaimed as she looks up and sees Jessica. "Oh, Hi, welcome to Ghostbusters, how may i help you?" Janine asked. "Hi, i'm looking for my uncle's son Peter Venkman?" she responds. "...and you are?" Janine asked as she grabbed a piece of paper and pencil. "I'm Jessica Venkman, Peter's cousin on his dad's side, and i came to see if he could help us." she replied, just then Ecto-1 backed in and Peter climbed out of the car, covered in slime. "Why do they always pick me, WHY?!" Peter exclaimed. "Hey, its not as bad as the time we fought Ivo Shandor." Ray replied. "Yeah, your righ......" Peter stopped cause he noticed Jessica standing there. "Jessica?" Peter asked. " Hi, Pete." Jessica said. part 2: The demon collective Moments later Peter, who just got cleaned up, and Jessica are sitting in his office. "What's going on? We've haven't talked since the family reunion." Venkman asked. "Oh Peter, my dad's in some big trouble, and i mean HUGE trouble." Jessica said. "What kind of trouble?" Peter asked. "Well, all i know is that its something not of this world, and i knew you worked at Columbia in the Parapsycholgy department but when i got here i saw a "Ghost"-Busters ad with you on it and figured you knew how to stop it." Jessica said. "Well your in luck, We have a family discount, come with me and Drs. Stantz and Spengler can help you out too." Venkman said as they got up. "So tell us, have you ever seen this spook, specter or ghost?" Egon asked Jessica as he runs his PKE meter on her. "Well, i didn't see it, all i know it said that something called "The Demon Collective" is planning to invade New York and take over." Jessica said. "Hmmm, The Demon Collective.....Spengs and I will have to do some research about it." Ray said. "You think they'll come after the Containment Unit?" Winston asked. "I dunno, not only do we have to worry about this, but PCOC is back up and running and who knows who is running it this time." Ray replied. "Hmm...according to these readings that i just scanned off Jessica, we're dealing with a Class 4, multivaporous specter." Egon says after he turns off the meter. All of a sudden the alarm hits and the Ghostbusters look at each other. "Time to shine boys, Jessica you can come along if you want." Venkman offered. " thanks i'll stay here." Jessica responds as the four Ghostbusters slide down the pole and to their lockers getting suited up in their khalki jumpsuits with the no ghost logo on the right arm, and the name tag of the respective persons last name on the left side chest area. "What do we got?" Winston asked Janine. "Something's going down at the Macy's, something about a ghost trashing the place." Janine recalls. "OH BOY!" Ray exclaims as he and the others climb into the Ecto-1 rushing onto the scene. Moments later the Ghostbusters showed up and grabbed their Proton Packs, which have been upgraded with all sorts of attachments during the time the team dealt with Ivo Shandor's Mandala of Ghosts, Venkman looks at the department store with disgust. "You know, they have a thing called JANITORS for this kind of thing." Venkman said. "Venkman, I'm picking up a Class 6, bitemperal Apparation inside, very hostile." Egon said as he held the PKE meter towards the building with the wings of the device all the way up. "So, what do we do?" Winston asked. "I say we walk in and asks if it needs help finding it's dress size." Venkman joked. "Brilliant idea Dr. Venkman!" a voice chimed. The Ghostbusters looked around puzzled when they finally found out who said it. "Why you?" Venkman asked. "Yes, it's I Jack Hardenmayer, the NEW head of PCOC (Paranormal Contracts Operation Commenite) and I'm here to make sure you Ghostbusters dont destory this department store with those laser things." Jack replied. "Well OK then, well step back and let the pros do this." Venkman said. The Ghostbusters walk into the Macys, Egon holding the PKE meter stops the team. "We should split up into two groups." Egon suggests. "Good idea Spengler, ok Venkman, you and Winston take the upper floor, Egon and I will take this floor." Ray said. "Great, that just makes more damage that we cant afford." Winston said. Moments later, Venkman and Winston are walking through the clothing department. "Hey Winston!" Venkman yells as Winston turns to Venkman, who is holding up a sweater. "Does this make me look fat?" Venkman joked. Winston laughs. "Don't you think we should be on the lookout for the class 6?" Winston asked. Venkman puts down the sweater and continues down the aisle. Meanwhile Egon and Ray are checking out the electronic department. "Got anything Spengs?" Ray asked checking the area with his Ecto-Goggles. "Very faint, but he was definatly here." Egon said checking his meter. All of a sudden the meter beeps and the wings raise up all the way. "Ray, it's here!" Egon exclaimed as Ray turns on his Particle Thrower. Ray turns around to spot a three eyed, four arms, huge mouth ghost looking at him. "Hey buddy, its time to go." Ray said as he fired a particle stream at the ghost. The ghost moves and hits Egon and flys down to the floor below. "Ugh, now I know how Venkman feels." Egon said. Meanwhile Venkman and Winston make it to women's lingerie section of the clothing department. "My favorite part of the store." Venkman chuckled. Winston looks to see the ghost fly out of the ceiling and towards him. "Venkman!" Winston yells as Peter turns and fires a particle stream at the ghost, catching it in a lasso. "Got him!" Venkman exclaimed. "Trap is out and ready to go!" Winston says as he opens the trap. Minutes later all four Ghostbusters regroup. "Got him." Winston said holding up the foul smelling trap. "We're not done...according to these readings we have another ghost here, a class 3." Egon said looking at the meter. "Ok, Ray and I will check it out, Egon you and Winston go to the car." Venkman said. "ok, see ya later." Winston said as the 'Busters break up. Thirty minutes later, Ray finds something in the baggage area. "Venkman come here!" he whispers. Venkman runs over and they see a group of demons talking. "We all know what must be done." one of the demons said. "Yes, John Venkman has made too many deals with us, now its time for him to pay up." another says. "Yes, the deal hasn't been fullfilled, he needs to cough up the payment." the tallest demon said. "Yes, he needs to hand over, Dr. Peter Venkman of the Ghostbusters!!!!" the leader exclaims. "what?!" Venkman exclaims. "This must be the demon collective Jessica was talking about!" Ray explains. "Your uncle John must of made a deal with them and he had to hand you over so they can use a human scarifice to take over...." "Ray, thanks for that warming speech, but lets take care of this and go." Venkman said as he turned on his particle thrower. "HEY!" Venkman yells as the demon collective look up to see Ray and Venkman pointing their particle throwers at them. "You want me? then here I am!" Venkman yells as he and Ray fires particle streams at them. Two of the streams capture a couple of them, as the others flee. "VENKMAN WILL PERISH!" the leader screams as they vanish. "Ray let's trap these guys!" Venkman yells as Ray throws down a trap and sucks the two inside it. Moments later the two Ghostbusters walk out of the Macy's and turn around to look at the undamaged building. "Hey we didn't do any damage...nice!" Venkman said. Back at Ghostbusters HQ, Jessica and Janine are talking when the front doors open, and a bald man, with a goatee, wearing a black suit, walks in. "Dad?" Jessica asked. "Yes it's me, where is Peter!?" he asked. "They're out on a call, they should be back any minute." Janine answered, just as the Ecto-1 pulled into the garage. Part 3: John's deal "Uncle John?!" Venkman exclaims as he and the other Ghostbusters climbed out of the Ecto-1. "Hi Peter, I guess Jessica told you whats going on." John said calmly as he sat down in a chair. "Why do you have these things after me?" asked Venkman. "Well Pete, I was down on my luck when i met these ghosts, or demons as i was told, they told me they would make my life better, only if i gave them you." John explained. "What are they up to?" Ray asked."I dunno." Winston answered. "Well, NO ONE is going to take me alive...." Venkman said as he stormed up the stairs. Meanwhile the remaining members of the Demon Collective are discussing what happened. "We must do something about the Ghostbusters, they now know what we're up to." one demon said. "QUIET!" a voice yells. the demons turn to see a tall demon wearing a weird armor. "I know all about the Ghostbusters, they must be stopped but first, we will take over New York with what I call the ECTO INVASION!" the demon said. The demons cheer and dance as the man stands with a smirk. Back at the firehouse, Egon and Ray are sitting reading old books, one being Tobin's Spirit Guide, trying to research on the demon collective. "Nothing....I've looked in all books and nothing on this demon collective, or maybe I missed something." Ray said as he closed a book. "We may be dealing with something that's never been discovered." Winston said as he walked in overhearing the converstation. "We need to find out more about this demon collective and there is only one person who knows about it." Egon said. "John." Ray said without missing a beat. "Speaking of which, how's Peter doing?" Winston asked. "I dunno, but I hope we get some answers..." Ray said. Meanwhile upstairs Venkman, Jessica and John are sitting around the table. "Uncle John, care to explain WHY on earth you would make a deal with demons and offer to give ME up?" Venkman asked curiously. "Well, they said they could help me finacically and I wanted Jessica's mother, Jessica and I to have a good life, and when they said that they could give me that, they asked me if i was related to you, I said yeah and then they said they would give me what I want if I was to offer you up, of course I wasn't going to, and recently they've asked me to cough up my end of the offer, and when I said I can't, they would do something horrible." John explained. "Pete, what can you do to prevent something bad from happening." Jessica asked. "Well, Egon and Ray are trying to figure out what we're dealing with." Venkman said. Just then the three other Ghostbusters walked in. Venkman, we have a problem." Ray said. "What Ray? Can't find your keys again?" Venkman joked. "No, we have no background on this demon collective." Egon said. "So now what brainac?" Venkman asked. "RINGGGGGGGGGGG" the alarm rings as the Ghostbusters look at each other. The Ghostbusters slide down the pole to find Janine watching TV. "What do we got?" Ray asked. "Oh, no call, but something very important is going on the television that you guys should watch." Janine said as the Ghostbusters, John and Jessica all surround Janine's desk watching her TV. "Today at city hall, mayor Jock Mulligan made a huge announcement considering the supernatural attacks of the city." The Ghostbusters look puzzled as Jock made his announcement. "As of this moment, the Ghostbusters are on lockdown, what that means is that they cannot fire those proton things unless they get permission from Mr. Hardenmeyer of the PCOC." Venkman turns the tv off with anger. "Well, looks like we're not going to be doing much of anything." Winston said. "Now what can you guys do?" Jessica asked. "Nothing." Everyone turns around to see Jack Hardenmeyer walking into the firehouse. "What do you want?" Ray asked. "As the official of the PCOC it is my duty to warn you that IF you fire one laser without permission I personally will shut you down, and take all of your equipment." Hardenmeyer said as he gave Ray the notice and walked out the door. "Can he do that?" Jessica asked. "Yes, but I have a good feeling it's not him." Egon said. "Let me guess...the demon collective possesed the mayor and Hardenmeyer and pretty much stopped us from using our equipment so we cant stop their plans." Winston said. "Good guess, how did you figure it out?" Ray asked puzzled. "It's just common sense Ray, I mean think about, your a group of demons, hellbent on taking over the world, the only thing stopping you is a group of guys who have stopped Gozer, Vigo, and Ivo Shandor from taking over the world, how else could you stop them, by possessing the two people who can, Hardenmeyer and Mulligan!" Winston replied. "Well, now that we know that, can someone explain how we can prove that?" Venkman asked. John looks at Venkman and puts his hand on his shoulder. "Peter, I think it's time we gave the demons what they want." John said with a sigh. "NO WAY!" Venkman yells. "Wait, Peter I have a plan." John quickly replies. "I hope it's a good one." Venkman said. "All we need is one more Ghostbuster, you guys got one around?" John asked. The Ghostbusters look around when it hits Ray. "I know the person." Ray picks up the phone, "Hello? Connect me to Seattle." Part 4 Ghostbuster from the west side Meanwhile in Seattle, Brian Rippee, former rookie of the Ghostbusters during the battle with the demigod Zandorus , was relaxing in the offices of the Seattle Ghostbusters when the phone rings. "Hello, Seattle Ghostbusters, Oh hi Dr. Stantz!....yeah I can make a flight to New York....OK I'll be on the first flight out!" Brian hangs up the phone and rushes up stairs. He walks in to see his girlfriend Dr. Carena Jones sitting on the couch watching the news. "Babe, I gotta go, the boys in New York need me." He said as he started to pack. "You serious!? You know it's our one year anniversary next week!" Carena exclaims. "Honey, if I don't go help them, there won't be a next week!" Brian replied as he kissed her softly. "Well I'm going with you, after the Zandorus incident I think I should be there with you." Carena said as she started packing as well. Brian rolls his eyes and smiles at Carena. "OK, I guess..." he sighs. Hours later at JFK Airport, Ray, Egon and Venkman was waiting at the gate as Brian and Carena walk out. "BRIAN!" Ray yells as Brian looks over and notices them. "Hey guys, it's been awhile!" Brian said as he shook Ray's hand. "Yeah well, we're in a jam and need your help." Venkman said. "What kind of jam?" Brian asked. "Well, a group of demons called The Demon Collective have possesed the Mayor and the new head of the PCOC, Jack Hardenmeyer, and banned us from using our equipment and Peter's uncle John made a deal with them to help him out, in return want Venkman's as part of the bargin." Egon explained. "Wow, so what do we do?" Brian asked as Carena walked up next to him. "Hi boys." Carena said. "Hi." said the three Ghostbusters in unison. Moments later Brian, Carena and the three Ghostbusters pull into the firehall to see Winston, John, Jessica and Janine talking. "Boy, sure feels great to be back at the firehouse." Brian said with a smile. "Hey Rippee!" Winston exclaims as he spots Brian. "Hey Zeddemore whats up!?" Brian asked. "OK, now that Rippee is here, let's get down to business." Egon said. "Janine, you Jessica and Carena all go out for the day." Venkman said. "OK." Janine said. "You girls don't do anything I wouldn't do." Venkman joked. "Peter, I wonder sometimes." Jessica said. "Be careful hon." Carena said as she kisses Brian. "Don't worry we'll have this demon thing bagged in no time!" Brian said with confidence. Carena smiles at Brian, as the three girls leave the firehouse. "OK, let's begin." Egon said. Meanwhile the Demon Collective were plotting more of their plan. "Sir, the "Mayor" made the announcement, but from what i've gathered the Ghostbusters have gotten another Ghostbuster, the same one that destoryed Zandorus!" the demon told their leader. "So, they've gotten the man responsible for the destruction of Zandorus!" the man exclaims. "They've finally made it personal, boys get ready, it's time to start phase two!" the man said as the demons laughed with glee. In the streets of New York, Jessica, Janine and Carena are walking, windowshopping when all of a sudden the blue skys turn to black and a chill fills the air. "Girls, either it got dark real fast, or something bad is going on." Jessica said. "I'm calling Brian, he'll know what to do." Carena said as she grabs her cellphone and calls. "Hello Brian? we have a problem...." Part 5: The Beginning of the end! Meanwhile, at the firehouse, the Ghostbusters and John are devising a plan to stop the Demon Collective when Brian's cellphone rings. "Hello?..hey babe, what's wrong?....what?!....OK I'll let Egon know....get somewhere you..." Brian hangs up his phone. "Spengler, we got a problem, the Demon Collective is on the move, we need to hurry!" Brian said. "OK, here's the plan, when they show up Brian, you and Winston fire your Staius Stream at the leader, as Egon and Ray, you guys fire two proton streams at him, and I will get the trap ready." Venkman said. "It might work." Ray said. "It's worth a shot!" Winston said. "Let's roll!" Brian yells as they all but John climb inside Ecto-1. The streets are covered in slime, ghosts are attacking from every angle, and Carena and the girls are watching from a motel room window. "I hope the guys are ok." Carena said. "Hey, if they can stop a 100 ft. marshmellow man, a evil tyrant from coming out of a painting, a acienct demon from a tablet, and among others like it, they can handle this." Janine said, comforting Carena. Jessica looks at Janine with a weird look. "A marshmellow man?" she asked. In the Ecto-1, the Ghostbusters look at the chaos in the city. "You know, Las Vegas doesn't look so bad right now." Winston said. "I agree, it's warm, theres no ghosts and lots of ladies!" Venkman added. "I've got them on the meter, they are in the Holland Tunnel." Egon said looking at the PKE meter. "OK, let's stop this once and for all!" Ray exclaimed as he presses the pedal to the floor, rushing towards the tunnel. Minutes later the 'Busters arrive to the tunnel to find the Demon Collective making their way to the end. "HEY DEMON COLLECTIVE, IT'S ME DR. PETER VENKMAN! YOU WANT ME COME GET ME!" Venkman yells, as the demons turn and smile. "Well, Well, Peter Venkman, it's finally nice to meet you, you must be proud." the leader snickles. "What do you mean?" Venkman asked puzzled. "You don't know, we want your soul, so we can resurrect our leader, Zandorus!" the leader beckons. "Zandorus!?" Venkman laughs. "That thing that my rookie friend took care of, wow, and here I thought it was a ghost worth mentioning like Vigo or Gozer, hell even Slimer is much better than Zandorus!" Venkman chuckles as the Demon Collective glows red. "YOU DARE INSULT OUR LEADER, PREPARE TO DIE PETER VENKMAN!!!!" the leader yells as he fires a beam at Venkman. Peter jumps out of the way, barely missing the beam. "Boys now!" Venkman yells as Brian and Winston fire two Statius streams at the leader. "Got him!" Brian yells as one of the demons jumps and attacks Brian, grabbing him. "BRIAN!" Winston yells as another demon grabs him. Egon and Ray then pop out and fire two particle streams at the leader, lassoing the leader in the beams. Venkman throws out a Ecto-Muon Trap and sucks the leader inside the trap. "Got him, that was easy." Venkman said as a particle stream almost hits him. "Hey watch where you fire that......"Venkman stops to see Winston and Brian both possessed aiming their particle throwers at Venkman. "LAUGH NOW VENKMAN, CAUSE SOON ZANDORUS WILL RISE AGAIN AND WE WILL TAKE OVER THIS MISERIBLE WORLD!" the possessed Brian said. "BOW DOWN TO US!" the possessed Winston bellows. Ray and Egon turn on their Slime Blowers mark II and fire at Brian and Winston. The slimes pulls the demons out of them. The demons leave the tunnel, as Venkman, Egon and Ray run to check on Brian and Winston. "You guys OK?" Ray asked. "You know, I REALLY need a payrise!" Winston said as he wiped the slime off his face. "UGH, so Venkman this is how it is being slimed?" Brian asked, also wiping the slime off his face. "Yeah, but it's not over, the Demon Collective is still out there." Egon said. Meanwhile at the motel, Janine just got done telling Jessica the story of how the Ghostbusters defeated Gozer and saved New York from Vigo and Ivo Shandor. "Wow, my cousin is a hero!" Jessica said. "Yeah well, we're about to be finished, cause here come a bunch of pissed off looking ghosts." Carena said as the girls see a group of ghosts coming for them. "RUN!" Janine yells as the girls run out of the room, towards the Ghostbusters' HQ. "What do they want with us?" Carena asked as she looks behind seeing the ghosts following them. "I dunno, but we gotta get back to the firehall fast!" Janine yells as they see the Ghostbusters pull inside the firehouse. "HELP!!!!" Jessica yells as Carena and Janine stop to see Jessica getting taken away by the ghosts. "JESSICA, HOLD ON!" Carena said as she runs towards her and grabs her foot. Carena pulls on it as the ghosts circle around her. "Let go you bunch of slimeballs!" Carena yells as the ghosts grab her. "JANINE!" Carena and Jessica yell as Janine look and sees the ghosts vanish with Carena and Jessica. Minutes later the Ghostbusters climb out of the car, when John walks up to them. "Did it work?" John asked. "Yes and no." Brian answered holding up the trap, still covered in slime. Just then Janine runs inside the door and runs up to Egon. "Egon, something bad just happened." Janine cried. "What happened Janine?" Egon asked. "Carena and Jessica and I were chased by a group of ghosts when they grabbed Jessica, and Carena ran back to help her, but the ghosts were too much and took both of them...." Janine cried and Egon held her. "WHAT!?" Brian and Venkman exclaimed in unison. "What do they want with them?" Winston asked. "I know." Ray answered. "They want Brian and Venkman to surrender so they can use them in their plan to resurrect Zandorus." Ray explained. "How do we stop them? We can't let them resurrect Zandorus!" Brian exclaims. "I dunno..." Ray said as the Ghostbusters knew this battle was far from over. Part 6: Brian's Scarifice Brian walked out of the firehouse, looking up at the dark sky, the clouds forming very strangely as he thought to himself, "I can't let anything happen to Carena or anyone for that matter." Brian looks down the street to see the Mayor's limo parked. Brian runs down the road and looks to see if Jock is inside, and to his surprise he is. Brian opens the door and Jock is unconionus. Brian grabs him and drags him back to the firehouse. Brian opens the door and drags Jock inside. Venkman and the others look as they see Brian dragging Jock next to the Ecto-1. "Look who I found taking a nap during a crisis." Brian said. "huh, what?" Jock mumbled as he looks up to see the Ghostbusters. "Oh, its the Ghostbusters! What is going on!?" Jock asked. "Well once again your honor, you were possessed and stop us from using our equipment, but we had thought we stopped the leader but we didnt and now the end of the world is happening." Winston answered. "Oh, well as the mayor i reverse that order." Jock said. "OK, but now what do we do?" Brian asked. Just then Jack Hardenmeyer walks in. "Ghostbusters! First you use your equipment without permission and now you kidnap the mayor, you guys are so done this time!" Jack yells. "Hardenmeyer, first of all they didn't kidnap me, they saved me and second, I've reversed the order so they can stop whatever is going on, and as of now PCOC is done for good, which means your fired!" Jock exclaimed as Hardenmeyer eyes glowed. "Um...Spengs...get the slime blower." Ray whispers to Egon, as he grabs a Slime blower. "ZANDORUS SHALL RULE!!!" Jack bellows as Ray and Egon fire their Slime blowers at Jack, releasing one of the demons. Brian quickly grabs a Proton Pack and fires a particle stream at the demon wrapping the demon in the beam. "Got him! Now tell me where you took Jessica and Carena!" Brian demanded. "They are about to become servents of Zandorus!" the demon yells as Winston throws out a trap and sucks the demon inside. "Well, now that we know what they're going to become, we just got to find out where they're are!" Brian said. "I've got a hunch." Egon said. "Where at brainac?" Venkman asked. Meanwhile Carena and Jessica wake up to find themselves in a rundown rusty old place. "Where are we?" Jessica asked Carena. "Well, I'll tell you this much, it's no where I want to be." Carena answered. "LADIES, WELCOME YOU WILL BE PART OF HISTORY!" a voice yells. "Who's there?" Carena asked as Zandorus appears from the shadows. "Zandorus!? I thought Brian and the Ghostbusters stopped you?" Carena asked. "You thought wrong, I'm back and stronger than ever, soon I will rule this world and you will all bow to me!" Zandorus laughs. Just then the Ecto-1 bust into the building, with Brian leaping off the roof. "Hey, I thought I told you no dogs allowed in the building?" Venkman joked. "Slience! I will not be stopped!" Zandorus yells as Brian fires a particle stream at Zandorus, with it blinding him. "FOOL! PREPARE TO FEEL THE WRAITH OF ZANDORUS!" the demigod yells as he grabs Carena. "CARENA!" Brian yells. "You want your female motal, then sacrifice yourself." Zandorus demands. Brian looks back at the other Ghostbusters, John and Janine, and then looks at Jessica and finally looks at Carena. "i'm sorry carena, i love you." Brian whispers to himself as he sets his pack to overload. "Fine! Let them go and take me!" Brian yells as Venkman grabs Carena and Jessica. "Brian?" Carena cries as Brian looks deeply in her eyes. "I'll be fine...GO!" Brian yells as he runs towards Zandorus. The Ecto-1 pulls out of the building, and within seconds a giant blast fills the air. "BRIAN!!!!!!" Carena yells. Zandorus flys out of the light in pain. "OK, boys time to send this thing to bed for good!" Venkman said as the four Ghostbusters fire their particle streams capturing Zandorus. Jessica grabs a trap and throws it out, getting ready to trap Zandorus. Zandorus is squriming out of the beams when another particle stream hits him. Everyone looks to see Carena with a spare Proton Pack firing it at the demigod. Janine opens the trap and Zandorus gets sucked inside. The battle was over. Finale: Who You Gonna Call? Well....duh! Minutes later after the battle, Carena looks in the rubble for any sign of Brian, who moments ago scarificed his life to save hers. "Brian, where are you?" she asked herself. Venkman and the others start to help her search for Brian. "BRIAN!" was the only thing you heard from everyone for the past thirty minutes. Hours past and there was no sign of Brian anywhere. Carena sat inside the Ecto-1, crying, wishing that Brian was somewhere. "What do you think happened?" Ray asked Egon. "Well I noticed Brian set his Proton Pack on overload, my thoughts being that he did that to weaking Zandorus enough for us to trap him, But in the process, possibality ending his life." Egon answered. "Poor Carena, we should do something for her." Winston said. "I'm not the mushy type, but I think we need to do something in honor of Brian." Venkman added. Jessica and John come back from looking for Brian. "Nothing....." They both said sadly. Just then a voice chimes out. "You know, if your gonna look for someone look up..." Everyone looks up to see Brian hanging on a ledge. "Damn, that was some ride....." Brian chimes. Carena climbs out of the Ecto-1 and sees Brian hanging. "BRIAN!" Carena yells. Minutes later Brian climbs down and runs to Carena. "Hey, my plan worked." Brian smirked. "What do you mean?! You had me worried sick, you had EVERYONE worried sick!!!!" Carena said angerly. "I set my pack on overload but right as I ran into Zandorus, I threw my pack inside him and when the pack exploded, it sent me to the ledge." Brian explained. Carena kissed him, and then hits him on the arm. "DON'T ever do that again!" Carena warns him. Days later Brian and Carena are at the airport along side the original Ghostbusters. "You sure you have to get back?" Winston asked. "Yeah, stay a few days and help me with my experiments." added Egon. "Yeah, Seattle is home, but if you guys ever need me, you know where im at!" Brian said as they boarded the plane. "So, what do we do now?" Ray asked. "I hear Las Vegas is nice this time of year." Venkman winked. Egon, Ray and Winston laugh as they climb inside the Ecto-1 and drive off. Once again the city was saved thanks to the Ghostbusters. Sneek Peek of The Kingdom 3: In a dark room, a man is on his knees in front of a throne. "Master, the Ghostbusters have defeated and captured Zandorus, our only choice is to bring back a god more powerful than Gozer and Zandorus together....." the man says. "It's time....." the voice says. -THE END?-


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