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GHxSTBUSTERS: The Kingdom III by Brian Rippee It was a beautiful day in New York City as Dr. Raymond Stantz walked outside to take his daily jog., It was Ray's usual morning ritual to jog. "Hi Miss Johnson!" Ray said as he waved to an elderly woman that was sitting outside enjoying her coffee. "Good morning Mr. Stantz. How's your morning?" she asked. "Good, just going for my morning jog." Ray answered. "That's good!" she exclaimed. "Well I'll talk to you later." Ray said as he continued his jog. "Have a good day Mr. Stantz." she responded, meanwhile Ray's friend and collegue Dr. Egon Spengler was checking his PsychoKentic Energy Meter for the morning's PKE levels. "Hmmm." Egon thought, as Dr. Peter Venkman walked in the room. "Hello Spengs, what's going on?" Venkman asked. "The Psychokentic energy levels are disturberly high! I'm afraid something is on the horizon." Egon answered as he looked at Venkman, who was dressed up in a suit and tie. "Where are you going?" Egon asked. "Well Egon, I have a date this morning with some reporter, she wants to do a news story about our encounters with Zandorus." Venkman said. "Oh." Egon said. It has been several years since the Ghostbusters battled Zandorus, and since then the Ghostbusters' business has been very slow, Brian and Carena had went back to Seattle and started a resturant business. "What about Zandrous?" Winston Zeddemore asked as he walked into the room. Meanwhile Ray is still jogging when he noticed something off the corner of his mind. Ray stops and turns around and notices a pile of ectoplasmic slime on the ground. Ray kneels down to take a closer look. "What the heck is going on?" he asked himself, suddenly the slime started to glow and a ghost flies out and slimes him. "UGH!" Ray yelled as the ghost flies away. "I gotta get this back to Spengler!" Ray thought. Moments later at the garage bay of the Ghostbusters' Firehouse Egon, Peter and Winston are sitting at Janine Melentz's desk when Ray rushes in. Venkman plugs his nose and gives Ray a weird look. "Ray, what the hell? Were you dumpster diving?" Venkman exclaims. "Yeah Ray, smells like you just rolled in some shit and enjoyed it." Winston added. "No, We've got a situation, I was jogging and found a puddle of Ectoplasm on the ground, and as I take a look at it, a Class 4 Semi-Transportional Vapor flew out and slimed me!" Ray explains as Egon is taking readings on his PKE Meter. "Ray, You need to show me where this puddle is." Egon said. Down the street, the Ghostbusters are standing near the spot where Ray found the slime. "It was right here!" Ray said. "I don't see anything." Winston said. "Yeah, maybe you just seeing things..." Venkman said. "No, something was here, the meter is picking something up." Egon replied as the meter buzzes loudly. "Guys, seriously it's been years since we battled Zandrous, and we haven't seen a ghost since, and now out of the blue Ray is seeing ghosts, slime and other crap...." Venkmand remarked. "According to these readings that I have, we could be dealing with the return of Zandorus." Egon said. "But how? Didn't Brian destory him?" Winston asked. "I believe so, but we need to make sure." Egon said. "We need to get back to the firehouse and do some research on Zandrous, I think we missed some info on this guy." Ray said. "Good idea, meanwhile Venkman, you and Winston deal with any calls we get, this look likes its going to get busy." Egon said. "Better cancel my date..." Venkman shrugged. That night Egon and Ray are sitting in Egon's lab, looking at old books and papers. "I haven't found anything on Zandrous in anything we have, We've got nothing." Ray said as he closed the book he was reading. "Let me pull up his PKE readings and let's see if we can find him in the spirit database." Egon said as he grabbed his PKE Meter. Egon and Ray walk over to Egon's computer and plug the meter in. "Now if the spirit database doesn't have anything then we gotta go find Dr. Jacob Hunter, he's the only one who would know about him." Ray said as the database started to pop up. Meanwhile Venkman and Winston are downstairs getting suited up in case of a call. "What do you think will happen if Zandorus shows up again?" Winston asked. "I dunno, but I know one thing...he's not going to be one happy puppy." Venkman remarked. Suddenly the phone rings and Janine Melentz answers it. "Hello?Ghostbusters, oh, hi Brian, yeah Egon is here....why what's up?......I see.....hang on a second." Janine pushes the hold button. "Ghostbusters, uh huh....ok they're on the way sir." Janine pushes the button again and looks at Venkman. "You got a call, West 1st Avenue." Janine said. "OK." Winston responds as the two Ghostbusters climbed into Ecto-1 and zoom off to the call. "Sorry about that Brian, I'll get Dr. Spengler for you...." Ecto-1 pulls up to a nightclub, the same club the Ghostbusters went to when Zandrous first came around. "Hey isn't this the place we fought Slimer when Zandrous first showed up?" Winston asked. "Yeah, don't remind me..." Venkman said as the nightclub owner walks up to them. "Listen here, I don't know why, but all these ghosts keep coming to my club! Get in there and take care of them!" the owner yelled. "Sir, calm down! The reason the ghosts come here is cause your club is the best club in the city, they just want to party." Venkman remarked as he and Winston walk into the club. They walk in to see the dancefloor covered in slime and the walls bleeding slime. "Ewww, gross." Venkman quiped. "Look!" Winston exclaimed as he points to two ghosts stareing at them. "OK, let's earn the big bucks." Venkman said as he pulls his particle thrower off its hook. The ghosts start to charge at them, snarling at them. "NOW!" Winston yells as they fire two particle streams and capture both the ghosts in the beams. "Get the trap!" Venkman yelled. Back at the firehouse, Egon is on the phone with Brian Rippee. "OK, see you when you get here." Egon said as he hung up the phone. "What's going on?" Ray asked. "Brian and Carena are on their way here, they know about the recent PKE surge and want to help out." Egon responds. "Hey, Carena helped out with the tablet of Zandrous, she might know something about Zandorus we don't." Ray said. "True, but I need Dr. Hunter too, something tells me we're going to need him..." Egon said as the garage bay doors open. "Hello, Ghostbusters." a voice said. "Who's there?" Ray asked. "It's I, Dr. Jacob Hunter, I'm here about Zandrous." Jacob said. "Good, now we need Brian and the rest to get here." Egon said. Hours later at JFK Airport, Brian Rippee and Carena Rippee got off their plane from Seattle. "You know, we should just move to New York. We always fly here, it would save us money." Carena said. "Good idea, we could open up a resturant in New York....." Brian said as Carena stopped him. "Hon, your a Ghostbuster, you always check that PKE Meter thing everyday, you tell all the empoylees all about your last two battles with Zandrous, and you even have a Proton Pack hidden in our closet." Carena said. "oh..." Brian said as he grabbed his and her bags. The two walk out of the airport to see a group of ghosts terrorizing a group of people. "Well, thank god you said something hon, cause I packed this in case." Brian said as he pulls out a Ghost Trap from his bag. "How did you get that past the checkpoints?" Carena asked. "I have my ways." Brian said as he ran toward the ghosts. "Hey slimeballs, pick on someone else for a change!" Brian yelled as the ghosts stop to look at him. "Yeah, I'm talking to you! I ain't afraid of no ghosts!" Brian exclaimed as the ghosts start to fly toward him. Brian drops the Trap and opens it. Meanwhile at Ghostbusters HQ, the Ecto-1 pulls into the garage bay. "That was easy." Venkman said as he holds up two smoking ghost traps. "Yeah, but it's crazy out there, ghosts are coming by the boatload!" Winston remarked. "You think that's bad, someone at the airport just did our job for us." Janine said as she turned her little travel tv towards the Ghostbusters. "Jim Roberts reporting live from the JFK Airport, where appentarly a Ghostbuster has busted a group of ghosts and saved a group of people from being hurt, with us now is that Ghostbuster, Brian Rippee." Janine and the Ghostbusters look at each other. "We gotta get to the airport fast!" Ray exclaimed. "Mr. Rippee, what are you going to do about all the ghosts in the city?" Jim asked. "Well, my bosses at Ghostbusters Inc, are working on the situation and we will be taking care of it very soon." Brian answered as he left the screen. "This is bigger than we thought." Ray said. "Yes, this does look like the work of Zandorus." Egon said. "That is correct Dr. Spengler." The Ghostbusters turn around to see Dr. Jacob Hunter walking in. "Zandorus has indeed returned, but not the way you think." Jacob said. "How is he returning? Brian had stopped him twice, and the last time he blew him up." Winston asked. "There was something on the tablet that i was trying to decphier before Mr. Rippee blew it up, but without the tablet we will never know what it said." Jacob said. "Good idea I took photos of it." Egon said as he opened up the file cabinet and pulled out a folder. "I took these when Brian and I went to the musuem to take PKE readings on the tablet, will this work Dr. Hunter?" Egon asked. "YES! All I need now is for Carena to show up, she helped me with the tablet and the only one that knows most of the history of Zandorus." Jacob said. "What's going on?" asked Brian, who with Carena just had walked into the garage bay and overheard the conversation. "We're up in our heads in spooks, Zandorus has returned and Carena and Jacob are the only ones who can tell us how to stop him." Venkman answered. "Carena, you know a lot about Zandorus, do you know how they entrapped him into the tablet?" asked Ray. "Yes, according to the research and files I found out, the only true way to stop Zandorus once and for all is...."Carena said before she got interrupted by a loud bang noise. Everyone turned around to see Zandorus standing in the doorway. "GHOSTBUSTERS!!!! THIS TIME I WILL BE VICTORIUS! I WANT THE MAN WHO HAD STOPPED ME TWICE, EITHER HAND HIM OVER OR FACE THE WRAITH OF ZANDORUS!!!!" He bellowed. The four Ghostbusters run and grab their proton packs and pull their particle throwers. "Ok boys, let's show him again, why we kicked his ass twice in a row, FIRE!" Venkman yelled as the four 'Busters fire four particle streams at Zandorus. Zandorus screamed in pain as the beams lasso around him. "Wait! You're only making things worse!" Carena yelled. Brian strapped on a pack and walked over to her. "Tell me how to stop him." he said. "The only way to stop him is by scarficing a human soul and sealing it into something." Carena said. "Hon, just remember that I love you." Brian said as he kissed her. Carena looked on in shocked as Brian ran to Zandorus. "I scariface my soul and entrap you into this Ghost Trap!" Brian yells as his body starts to glow. Zandorus screams in pain as the Ghostbusters ceased fire. "BRIAN!" Carena yelled. Brian's body started to glow as he started to float up in the air. "Egon, what's going on?" Ray asked. "Human scariface, Brian is going to scariface his soul to save the world." Carena answered. "No he is not." Jacob added. "How do you know?" Carena asked. "You missed something, when someone scarifaces his soul to entrap Zandorus, he gains the power to stop him and survive." Jacob answered. "We can trap him for good, when he is weak, all of us will fire four particle streams at him, Carena you will throw a trap out and open the trap sealing him inside for good." Egon said as they looked on. "YOU THINK YOU CAN STOP ME THIS TIME YOU FOOLISH HUMAN, YOU MAY OF GOTTEN LUCKY THE FIRST TWO TIME BUT THIS TIME I'VE GOT THIS WON, YOU CANNOT STOP ME!" Zandorus screamed. "Oh I beg the differ, OK boys now!" Brian yelled as a beam of light shoots out of Brian's hands to Zandorus blinding him. "NOW!" Ray yelled as the four Ghostbusters fire at Zandorus. Carena runs up to Brian and kisses him. "Don't you EVER scare me like that again." She yelled as she grabs the trap from Brian's belt. She runs up to the Ghostbusters and throws out the trap and opens it. The trap opens and a pyaimid of light shoots out of the trap sucking Zandorus inside. "NOOOOO!!!!" Zandorus yells as the trap sucked him in, shutting the doors tightly. "Did we do it?" Winston asked as everything went calmly. "Let's see." Egon said as he pulls out his PKE Meter. Egon walks outside and the meter doesn't go off. "We did it." Egon said. "Will he ever return?" Venkman asked. "No as long as he's in the Containment Unit, he'll never be able to come back again." Ray answered. "Yeah, unless someone shuts the thing down." Venkman added. "We should thank Jacob and Carena for figuring out how to stop him." Winston said. "Don't forget Brian, he's the one who scarificed himself to save the world." Ray added. "Where is Brian?" Jacob asked. Everyone looks around and finds Brian's suit empty. Carena starts to tear up, as Janine walks up to her and gives her a hug. "Where did he go?" Winston asked. "His soul must of gotten entrapped with Zandorus." Egon said. "Well, we gotta do something to get him back." Ray said. "There is no way to get him back Dr. Stantz, Mr. Rippee has saved the world by giving his life." Jacob said. "I loved him so much, I hope he'll be ok." Carena sobbed as she picked up his uniform and held it to her chest. It was the end of Zandorus once and for all. A Week Later ------------------------------ Carena walks into Ghostbusters HQ with a basket. "Hey Carena, what's that for?" Janine asked examining the basket. "Oh, it's a thank you basket to the guys for saving the world and all that." Carena answered. "Oh, you don't have to do that, how are you doing?" Janine asked. "Fine, just trying to accept the fact that Brian won't be coming back, but the weird thing is that I kissed him before everything happened......I could of sworn I saw him before he vanished." Carena answered as the Ecto-1 pulled in. "That was a blast!" Ray exclaimed. "Specially since it was a fireworks factory." Winston added in. The Ghostbusters noticed Carena talking to Janine. "Hey Carena!" Ray said. "Hi Ray." Carena responded. "Hope your doing ok." Winston said. "Yeah, she should try and find someone and go out on a date, I know a certain Ghostbuster that's single." Venkman joked. "I don't think she's in the mood for jokes." Janine said to Venkman. "Egon, can I ask you something." Carena asked to Egon who was grabbing the traps out of the car. "Yes?" Egon responded. "Do you think Brian is still alive but just not here?" she asked. "Hmm, I've been wondering the same thing, It's funny but I did notice that once Brian disappeared the PKE levels went down to low levels, as if he was the source of the disturbance." Egon answered. "Wait, Spengs, your saying that Brian was the problem, not Zandorus?" Venkman remarked. "Not in a sense, but it could be possible that with the previous encounters with Zandorus, Brian had sparked some kind of PK energy that he didn't know he had, in which sparked off the recent events." Egon said. "Now if that was the case, how do we, if we can, get Brian back?" Winston asked. "There's a slim chance that Brian's energy levels are around all we need is something of his to pick up the energy levels so we can track him down and find him." Ray said. "Good idea Ray!" Carena exclaimed. Meanwhile in a dark void Brian wakes up. "What in the hell?" Brian thought as he looked around. Brian gets up and looks around. "Egon?.....Ray?......Peter?......Winston?.......CARENA!!!!????" Brian yells as he walks around the darkness. "SO YOU HAVE FINALLY AWAKEN." a voice echoes. Brian looked around to find the voice. The voice sounded like someone who drowned a cat and then try to dry it with a flamethrower. "YOU ARE KNOWN AS XANSTADR, THE KEEPER OF THE KINGDOM!" the voice continues. "Who is Xanstadr? My name is Brian Rippee, Ghostbuster of the New York and Seattle franchise." Brian said. "NO! YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND, YOU ARE THE ONE WHO WILL OPEN UP THE KINGDOM AND WHEN YOU DO THE SPIRITS WILL BE FREE!" the voice said. "What is the Kingdom?" Brian asked. Meanwhile, at Ghostbusters HQ, Egon was going through some books, when he dropped one. "I got to get this stuff orginized." Egon thought when he looked at the page that the book had open to. "uh oh..." Egon thought as he grabbed the book and ran over to Ray, who was working on a proton pack. "Ray, I may of found a way to get Brian back." Egon said as Ray turned around. "How?" Ray asked. "According to this, once a human soul is sent to the neitherworld, you can summon it back to the real world." Egon answered. "That's great!" Ray exclaimed. "Yeah, hopefully it works." Egon said as Winston walked in the room with a book in hand. "Guys, I don't think we heard the last of Zandorus." Winston said. "How?" Egon asked. "According to this book I was reading Zandorus had a partner named Xanstadr, the keeper of The Kingdom, their plan was to open the kingdom and let millions of ghosts run free and take over the world, and you won't guess who has the excat look of him." Winston said as he holds up a picture of Xanstadr. "BRIAN!?" Ray and Egon exclaimed. "Yep, either he didn't know about it or something tells me he knew and didn't tell anyone." Winston said. "I don't think he knew, but we should investigate this." Egon said as Carena walked in and saw the picture of Xanstadr. "Brian?" Carena thought. "Hey Carena, what's up?" Winston asked. "Oh, nothing. Is this one of Brian's ancestors?" Carena asked pointing at the picture. "Yeah, we're investigating it, something tell us Brian isn't gone, but taken away." Ray said. "Really?!" Carena excitely asked. "There is a slim chance that Zandorus was going after Brian to try and awake Xanstadr so Zandorus and him could open the Kingdom, which is what Zandorus was trying to do this whole time." Egon explained. "..And if he is successful in opening it, let's just say it would be worst than what we have ever faced or dealt with." Ray added. "I want my man back, so tell me what we need to do." Carena demanded. "For now, we need to get more information on this Xanstadr and the kingdom." Egon said. "Ray, you and Winston go to the public library and look in the acienct text for anything about him, I'll stay here and look at what we have and see if I can find out." Egon added. "What about if we get a call, Venkman can't handle it by himself." Winston said. "Good point...." Egon said. "How about if I look at the books here, and you can go handle the ghosts?" Carena said. "She is smart, and knows a bit about Zandorus." Ray said. "OK, Carena check these books out, Winston and Ray to the library, Venkman and I will handle the ghosts." Egon said. "Let's go." Ray said to Winston as the two headed downstairs. "THE KINGDOM IS A WORLD WHERE GHOSTS ARE HELD SO THEY DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT HUMANS TRAPPING THEM AND SENDING THEM IN A STORAGE AREA, AND WHEN YOU AND ZANDORUS OPEN IT, ALL THE GHOSTS WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD." the voice said to Brian, who was walking back and forth. "But why me? What does this have to do with me?" Brian asked. "YOU ARE IN THE BLOODLINE OF XANSTADR, SO WE NEED YOU TO AWAKEN HIM, WE DIDN'T KNOW YOU WERE WORKING WITH THE HUMANS WHO CAPTURE GHOSTS." the voice answered. "How do you know about the Ghostbusters?" Brian asked the voice. "BECAUSE IM THE ONE THE GHOSTBUSTERS DEFEATED TWICE BEFORE ZANDORUS, I'M THE ALMIGHTY GOZER THE GOZERAIN!" said Gozer as she walked out of the darkness, looking the same that she did the night the Ghostbusters first met Gozer. "You! Why are you doing this? You know the Ghostbusters are going to defeat you again, They destory your temple, and stopped Ivo Shandor as well." Brian said. "AH, YES BUT I HAVE SOMETHING NEW ON MY SIDE THIS TIME." Gozer said as Zandorus walked in beside her."Wait, I thought the Ghostbusters trapped you in the Ghost Trap?" Brian asked. "NO, THAT WAS A DECOY THAT WAS THERE SO I COULD SNATCH YOU!" Zandorus explained. "ZANDORUS, I THINK IT'S TIME FOR HIM TO AWAKEN." Gozer said as Zandorus lifted his hands. Zandorus hands started to glow and two lighting bolts hit Brian, making him fall to the ground. Brian gets up, his eyes start to glow and he puts a evil grin on his face. "I Xanstadr, will open The Kingdom and take over that puny city." Brian had turned into Xanstadr. "First stop, to free all the capture spirits that have been taken by those Ghostbusters." Xanstadr said as he flew up in the air into the darkness. The sky in the city turned dark, all the people were in a panic, due to it being around lunch time in the city. Egon and Venkman had just got done with a call when they walked outside. "Egon, remind me, did the weatherman on channel 4 say it was suppose to get this dark?" Venkman asked. "No, according to these readings it looks like something big is coming." Egon said as he closed the backdoor of the car. "Let's hurry back to the firehouse, I don't want to miss my tv show." Venkman shrugged as he started up Ecto-1 and drove back to the firehouse. Carena and Janine were downstairs at Janine's office looking through the books when the garage doors open. "Hello? Can I help...." Janine was shocked to see who it was. "BRIAN!!!" Carena screamed with delight, but he wasn't Brian. "Who is this Brian? I'm Xanstadr, here to free what was captured, do you dare stand in my way?" he asked. "no..." Carena sighed. Janine reached for the particle thrower under her desk. "How about YES!" Janine yelled as she fired a particle stream at him. "Janine, NO!" Carena yelled as she moved the thrower, moving the beam out of the way. "What are you doing?" Janine asked. "You don't understand, you hit him, you hurt Brian." Carena answered. " you do stand in my way, fear not, I WILL release my captured spirits right now!!!" Xanstadr said as he fired two lighting bolts at Carena and Janine, just as Ray and Winston returned. "Whoa!" Winston exclaimed. "Brian!" Ray yelled. "I'm NOT Brian, you pitaful fool!" Xanstadr exclaimed as he fired two bolts at Ray and Winston. "ow..." Winston grunted. "NOW to release the spirits!" Xanstadr bellowed as he went down to the Ecto-Containment Unit. "RUN!" Ray exclaimed as he, Winston, Carena and Janine rushed out of the firehouse. Venkman and Egon pull up to witness something they've witnessed only once, the explosion of the Ecto-Containment Unit. "How?" Venkman asked as he and Egon got out of the car. "Brian's back, but he's not himself." Janine explained to Egon. "Yeah he said he was Xanstadr." Winston added. "Then, what we found out has been confirmed." Egon said. "Well, it was nice working with you guys...." Venkman joked. "How's Carena taking this?" Egon asked. "Not so good, can you save him?" Janine asked. "I don't know, we need to get out of here." Egon said as everyone climbed into Ecto-1 and rushed away from the damaged firehouse. The Ghostbusters parked in a parking garage that wasn't infested with ghosts. "What do we do now, Brian has freed all the ghosts we've captured!" Ray exclaimed. "Well I want to know is do i get overtime for this." Janine added. "Spengs, you better have a good plan, cause I don't want to spend the rest of my days a slave for a slimeball ghost." Venkman said. "Well, from what Winston and I have found out at the library, Xanstadr was the keeper of The Kingdom, Zandorus and him were partners in opening it up, they wanted to create a world where ghosts could live peacefully..." Ray said. "Peacefully, that's not so bad." Janine said. "Not really, they were going to take all the humans in the world and make them their personal slaves." Winston added. "SEE!!!" Venkman exclaimed. "So all this time, Zandorus was trying to awaken this Xanstadr guy from Brian, who is his ansctor or something, so they could open up this kingdom thing where ghosts can invade Earth and control humans?" Winston asked. "Yeah pretty much." Ray answered. "But who could coordinate such a plan?" Venkman asked. "Gozer." Egon answered. "WHAT?!" Ray, Winston, Janine and Venkman shouted. "Yes, from what I found out, Gozer is the one who created the kingdom and left it in charge with Xanstadr, who brought in Zandorus to help him out." Egon explained. "But wait, if the Goze is the head honco of all this, why hasn't Gozer shown up yet?" Venkman asked. "Gozer is waiting for the right moment." Ray answered. "I'm worried about Carena." Janine said as she looked at Carena, who was sitting in the far back of the car, staring out of the window. "Poor girl." Venkman remarked. "Ok so we've got three gods trying to take over the world, what do we do?" Winston asked. "I've got a idea." Ray said. "I've done thy bidding." Xanstadr said to Gozer. "GOOD, NOW ZANDORUS WITH HIM OPEN THE KINGDOM NOW!" Gozer yelled as the Ghostbusters showed up. "I don't think so." Ray said. "No one opens nothing without my permission!" Venkman exclaimed. "Give us back our pal or else." Winston threatened. "WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?" Gozer asked. Ray and Winston, who are armed with Slime Blowers, aimed at Xanstadr. "This!" Ray said as Winston and him slimed Xanstadr, who turned back to Brian. "OK, Now!" Venkman yelled as Egon and him fired two particle streams at Gozer. "STOP THEM!" Gozer commanded. Zandorus appeared and rushed down to stop Venkman and Egon, but was stopped by Janine who had a proton pack on. "Say good night Zandork." Janine said as she captured him in a particle stream. "Wait, we trapped you!" Winston exclaimed. "NO ONE HUMAN CAN TRAP ME!" Zandorus yelled. "Fools." the voice of Xanstadr said. "You cannot stop what has already started." he said. "He's right." Egon said. "But I knew you would say that, so I came up with this." Egon added as he looked over his shoulder. Carena walks up with a strange contraption on her arm. "Say hi to the Trap Pack." Carena said as she fired up the pack. "NO!!!" Gozer screamed as the light from the Trap gun flashes and starts to suck Gozer, Zandorus and Xanstadr inside. "I hope this can contain all of them." Carena said to Egon. "It should I made it from the same design mockup of the Super Slammer we used." Egon said. "I CANNOT BE CONTAINED...I..." Gozer screamed before the trap pack shut down. It was over, the city was once again safe for now. Carena ran up to Brian who was knocked out, covered in pink slime. "Is he going to be ok?" she asked. "Yeah, this stuff is postivitaly charged, he'll wake up feeling brand new." Winston answered. "Well, now what?" Ray asked. "Well we're going to have a bunch of pissed off people calling us about released ghosts tomorrow, but hey we can charge them again and get paid!" Venkman answered. "Let's get them back to the containment unit." Egon said. The next day, the sun was shining in the city, Brian woke up looking out to a beautiful blue sky. "what happened?" he asked himself as he got out of bed. Brian walks downstairs to see everyone talking. "Babe!" Carena exclaimed in delight as she kissed him deeply. "Wow, miss me? what happened?" Brian asked. "You were taken and possessed by Xanstadr, a demon who looked a lot like you, and try to open The Kingdom with Zandorus and Gozer." Egon answered. "Wow, I missed a lot." Brian said. "Yeah, I missed you the most." Carena said as she kissed him lightly on the cheek. "Now what?" Brian asked. "We've got a call on the Upper West Side, you guys better go." Janine said handing Venkman the call slip. "Want to go Brian?" Ray asked. "Hell yeah!" Brian said as he and the other Ghostbusters climbed into the car and zoomed off. -The End- The Aftermath: Brian and Carena went back to Seattle to settle down and focus on their resturant business. The Ghostbusters returned to doing what they do best, busting ghosts! Gozer, Zandorus and Xanstadr are safely in the containment unit never to be released.


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