Fiction:"TMNT Meets The Ghostbusters" by sspdirect01

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TMNT Meets The Ghostbusters by Sean Pultz

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Characters Created By Kevin Eastman and Peter Laired

Ghostbusters Characters Created By Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis

Denver Ghostbusters Characters Created By Hank Braxtan

It is to be called The City That Never Sleeps or The Big Apple. If you look on the horizon of the bustling and busy city of New York, you see tall structures made of concrete and steel. But below, you see hundred and thousands of people on their way to work or on their way to interesting tourist attractions that lies in this glorious city. But, not all of New York is peaceful and filled with hundreds of people. The slums and the darkest, deadliest streets are filled with individuals whose only forte is crime and corruption. Every night, they plan to make their next move. With each attempt, they are all preparing to be turned in by the long arms of the law. But, the story I'm about to tell you isn't about the law, it's about something unlike anything you've seen before.

One night in Central Park, Three women were mugged and robbed at gunpoint. One of the victims was Channel 3 News reporter, April O'Neil. The three men ran underneath a tunnel somewhere in the park to count up the loot. 'That was easy,' said the first goon with steel blue eyes, dark hair and crooked teeth. Another goon with a lot of earrings pierced on his lips and ears gloated, 'Of course it was easy because they aint going to do nothing'. The third man with black teeth and a lot of tattoos was a gunman. As the third man placed his gun on the sewer manhole cover, it somehow lifted up and underneath the lid was the head of a giant turtle warring a purple bandana over its eyes. 'Did someone knock,' it asked. Then the lid fell back on the ground then shot up in the air like a rocket, knocking the crooked teethed thug in the face and on the ground unconscious. Then without warning, four giant turtles with different color bandanas emerged up from the sewer. They are Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donnatello and Raphael the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. 'Lord of the Rings,' Mikey cackled, grabbing the heavily pierced thug by the ears then socking him dead in the stomach. The gunman was quick enough to grab his gun and took aim at Michelangelo's head. Just before he could pull the trigger, a ninja star hits him right in the wrist. Letting out an unearthly scream of pain, he dropped the gun and then a loud BANG filled the whole tunnel. In response, Leo took out one of his katanas and swung like a baseball bat, causing the bullet to ricochet off the blade and right into the crooked teethed thug's rear end. 'Home Run,' Mike said, imitating the voice of the New York Yankees.

Then suddenly, the leader, Leonardo started to gain up on the gunman. 'Didn't your mother ever tell you, never to play with guns,' questioned Leo. In response, the gunman pulled out a wicked looking knife then glared viciously at the four heroes, showing his rotted teeth. Donnatello grimaced at the sight. 'When was your last dental appointment?' With one swing of his right arm, he punched the gunman solidly in the face. The gunman fell on the ground unconscious, spitting out his rotted teeth. 'No need to for a while.'

The Turtles cheered victoriously 'COWABUN But they were cut short from the sound of two things, approaching police sirens and a scream from the other side of the park. 'Oh, goodie,' Mikey said happily. As the New York Police Department came to take the three men away, the Turtles ran down to the Tavern on the Green. As they entered, they saw two figures in the room, one was dressed as a Redcoat from the Revolutionary War, the other was dressed as a Confederate Army solder from the Civil War.

'Hey, didn't you guys know that Halloween is over,' Leo said sarcastically. 'Get'em Turtles!' As Raph lunged toward the Redcoat, he ended up ramming with bone jarring force into a brick wall. Mikey, Donny and Leo tried to kick the Confederate solder, but ended like Raph. Looking at the two 'ghosts' in horror, Donny says to the others, 'I don't think they are human!' Just as they were about to give up hope, a voice from the other side of the room yelled, 'Back off, creeps!' Then all of a sudden, a bright flash of light filled the room, and then everything fell silent. Then the voice asked, 'Are you 'guys' alright?' As the Turtles opened their eyes and got on their feet, they saw seven men in gray jumpsuits warring huge backpacks. 'Who are you guys?' One of them answered, 'We're the Ghostbusters!' One by one they all introduced themselves. 'I'm Peter Venkman', 'Raymond Stantz, but you can call me Ray', 'Egon Spengler', 'I'm Winston Zeddemore', 'Ed Spengler, Egon is my uncle', 'Neil Anderson', 'and I'm Pavel Karnov.' At the same time, the Turtles shook their hands and also introduced themselves. 'I'm Leonardo', 'I'm Michelangelo', 'Donnatello', 'I'm Raphael.' After all the introductions, Egon looked at his PKE Meter and found nothing on them, then asked, 'Where did you guys come from?' Leo looked at his brothers and they all nodded their heads in agreement, then said, 'Come with us, we want to show you something.'

After Ray parked the ECTO-1 ambulance at their headquarters, The Turtles took the Ghostbusters down to the sewers of New York and down to their home. They started to give them a tour of their home until an elderly old man voice said angrily, 'Who are you, what are they doing here, my sons?' The Ghostbusters turned to find a giant talking rat warring rags and holding a cane. It was Master Splinter. Leo bowed down to his master, 'These men saved our lives, so I thought we might show them around, don't you recognize them, they are the 'Ghostbusters. Yes, I know,' Splinter said, interrupting Leo.

Splinter told the Ghostbusters about how they came here. 'Weird as hell,' Neil said, as if he was hypnotized. 'How was the ooze able to get down in the sewer,' Pavel asked. 'TGRI was an organization who stores and disposes this so called 'ooze,' but someone was on their way to the TGRI laboratory and lost their grip on one of the canisters and it fell into the sewer,' Ed answered like it was obvious. So overnight, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles became friends with the Ghostbusters.

One night in Time Square, 2 things were happening at the same time, one was a robbery and the other was a haunting. The Ninja Turtles responded to the robbery and the Ghostbusters responded to the haunting at the Palace Theater. Once the robber was down for the taking and the ghost was trapped, both heroes came out to ECTO-1 and started to talk to each other. But their conversation about the action they witnessed was cut short by a familiar voice. 'Well Turtles, we meet again!' As our heroes tried to find were the voice was coming from, they caught sight of a horrific figure dressed in purple clothes, a black cape, gauntlets and kneepads, covered with sharp knife blades, a Darth Vader like helmet and a slab of metal over his mouth. It was the Turtles number one nemesis, THE SHREDDER.

'For the last time,' Shredder laughed. 'You took the words right out of my mouth, freak,' Mikey said back to him. 'Lets get'em, Turtles,' Leo said to the others. In response, all four Turtles ran towards The Shredder. Quick as a snake, Shredder shot pink lightning from his fingertips, sending the Turtles towards the window. 'How funny, you're going to fight a ghost,' Shredder laughed triumphantly. 'A GHOST,' all four Turtles said at the same time. 'Yes, the last time we met, I mutanized myself using the ooze, then without so much as an attack on your useless selves, the whole dock collapsed on me, ending my life, but now I'm back for revenge, revenge against YOU,' Shredder said with a laugh. Egon and Ed both looked at their PKE Meters, as it turns out, Shredder wasn't lying. 'Yep, he's a ghost alright,' Egon said to the others. 'Well then, lets bust this son of a bitch and go home,' Neil yelled, unhooking his neutrona wand and switching it on. The other Ghostbusters unhooked their wands and switched it to on. Then all seven Ghostbusters took their positions, taking aim at The Shredder. 'One'Two Egon started counting. 'THREE!' All at once, seven proton streams fired from their proton packs and hitting Shredder in his chest. As the Ghostbusters watched The Shredder screaming in pain, Egon was prepared to throw the ghost trap, but Shredder took the metal slab off his face and a burst of energy shot from Shredder's mouth, knocking the Ghostbusters to the ground. 'Has this guy ever considered taking a breath mint,' Peter asked sarcastically. The Shredder stood over them laughing, 'You and your weapons are no match for me, you haven't seen the last of me!' With that, he vanished in a flash of smoke. Pavel looked and saw that he was gone, 'We are in serious trouble.' Ray took one look around Time Square and saw that it looked like a war zone. 'We are in very serious trouble.' Egon looked at them and said, 'You have no idea.'

When morning came, the news of Shredder's supernatural attack in Time Square spread through New York like wildfire. 'I can't believe that Shredder bastard got away with Time Square in ruins,' Neil complained, walking back and forth. 'He aint Mr. Clean, what did you expect him to clean up Time Square after an attack,' Raph said with honesty. 'Well, they're gonna take it out on us, they'll have to put us away forever.' 'That's not gonna happen,' Ed said to Neil, comforting him. 'What makes you so damn sure, brainiac?' 'Look, Neil,' Ed said, pointing to the TV. The news reporter, April O'Neil pointed out that a huge amount of ectoplasmic residue on a street sign and told viewers 'whatever happened wasn't done by a human being.' 'I told you so,' Ed smiled. 'Whatever you say, you're the smart one.' 'Correction, ONE of the smart ones,' Ed said, looking at his uncle. A few minutes later, April came down in the sewer to see the Turtles. As they were talking, the Ghostbusters came in and saw April. 'Hey, you're that pretty lady we saw on the news this morning,' Pavel said, as if he first saw his favorite movie star in person. 'And you guys are the Ghostbusters, I've heard a lot of interesting stuff about you guys,' April said with a friendly smile. While they were talking about The Shredder in Time Square, Peter came into the room to ask Egon a question, but stopped, gasped and looked at April as if she were an angel who just descended from heaven. April looked at Peter and gave him that irresistible smile. Egon got up from his chair and waved his hand in front of his eyes then pinched his neck with his fingers. 'Hey, that hurts,' Peter said to Egon like a child. 'Sorry, I thought you were brain dead,' Egon joked. 'Look at her, Spangs. She's beautiful. Isn't she,' Peter asked Egon? 'Don't get me wrong, Pete, she is kind of Ray said, butting in. 'Is your name, Egon,' Peter asked. 'Guys lets not fight, she's beautiful, let's leave it at that,' Donny said, breaking up the fight. 'I was gonna say she's cute,' Peter said, topping Donny. April started to giggle, 'I think your cute too, Dr. Venkman.' The whole room fell silent and everyone was looking at Peter who started to laugh sheepishly, 'Well I didn't see that one coming.'

As the hours went by and the sun began to set, Peter came running into the room with a beaming smile. 'What are you so happy about,' Winston asked. 'After a little talk, we just sealed it with a kiss,' Peter said. After a little group discussion, the news came up saying that ghosts were scaring people while thieves were looting stores on Fifth Avenue. 'Suit up, guys, its time for us to kick some ghosts and you Turtles to kick some ass,' Egon said to the others. 'Right,' they all said.

Down at Fifth Avenue, thousands of bystanders were running for their lives. Thousands of ghosts and thieves were in the streets. The sirens of ECTO-1 blared out loudly then came to a complete stop, the Ghostbusters have arrived with the Ninja Turtles. 'This is gonna be harder than I thought,' Egon said to the team. 'But we might as well make the best of it, Let's get'em!' As the Turtles unleashed their weapons and the Ghostbusters unhooked their wands from their packs, a familiar voice echoed from the buildings. ' It looks like you fools are outnumbered!' It was The Shredder! 'But these babies do even the odds,' Ray shouted back to him while petting his wand like a cat. 'We shall see,' Shredder laughed. 'ATTACK!' In response, all of Shredder's controlled spooks and crooks came at them like charging solders. 'Just like 'Gladiator',' Neil said in amazement. Just before they got to them, the Ghostbusters fired their weapons at the ghosts. The flashing light from the proton packs blinded the crooks. 'Now's you're chance, Get'em guys,' Egon said to the Turtles. In response, the Turtles attacked the crooks and fought until every crook was on the ground unconscious. As the Turtles cheered over their victory, the Ghostbusters had trapped the last ghost. 'Curse you, why can't you just die,' Shredder screamed. Consumed with rage, he caused the whole ground to shake and several parts of buildings began to give weigh and tons of rocks and debris began to fall on our heroes like an avalanche. Luckily, they ran to a nearby building until everything fell silent. Everything was covered with rocks and debris.

Again the next day, the news of The Shredder's latest attack came through. The Turtles and the Ghostbusters were glued to the TV, especially Peter, who was paying no attention to the story but only to the reporter, April O'Neil. 'I'm gonna ask her out,' Peter vowed to the others. 'You don't have a chance in hell with her,' Neil complained. 'Besides your not her type, she's a reporter, you're a scientist,' Egon added. 'So what, she told me her true feelings about me and I'm gonna ask her out like I'm supposed to,' Peter concluded. Again as before, April came down to see the Turtles. As it happened before, they all had a group discussion about The Shredder and where he might make his next move. Peter didn't mention his dating proposal until she was about to leave to go back to the news studio. 'April, I was just wondering, if your not busy, maybe we might want to go someplace, you know maybe a Broadway show after dinner at the Plaza Hotel?' April looked at him in surprise then did that cute little giggle then said, 'Ok, Sunday at 6:00 PM. You can pick me up at my apartment.' 'Great,' Peter accepted. After agreeing, she kissed him on the lips and crawled out of the sewer. 'Bulls eye,' Peter cheered and everyone cheer him on.

Days went by without one sign of Shredder. Then Peter's big day came. He went to April's apartment to get her. He was dressed in a suit looking very spiffy. April came out of her apartment warring a black dress with black mousquetaires covering her elbows and hands. 'You look beautiful,' Peter said as if he was hypnotized by cool beauty. As Peter kissed her gloved hand, they both walked the streets of New York. The Plaza Hotel had a huge ballroom filled with people dancing and people have a great four-star dinner; among them was April O'Neil and Dr. Peter Venkman. After dinner, they both went to the dance floor and danced to 'Georgia On My Mind' by Ray Charles. The whole evening started off really well until a huge burst filled the whole room, shattered glass rained on everyone like snowflakes, purple smoke flowed through the windows then formed into The Shredder. 'Ah, Miss O'Neil, You look even more charming than I saw you last,' Shredder said approaching her. Then Shredder started to grab her. 'Take your hands off her you satanic son of a bitch,' Peter yelled. 'If you will not let me have her, I will destroy everything,' Shredder warned. 'Destroy this,' Peter said back to him, flipping him off. Consumed with rage, Shredder let out an unearthly scream, sending ghosts into the room and started to fly around the guests like a swarm of insects. The spirits started to crowd Peter, who was trying to find April, who got separated in the commotion. Peter spotted her but so did the ghosts who was gonna go after him until a bright flash of light from a proton beam filled the ballroom. The Ghostbusters were there to save the day. The Turtles started to grab Venkman to safety. When all of the ghosts disappeared, the astonished crowd of patrons cheered. But they were cut short from Shredder's unearthly scream. He appeared again in smoke form and was holding April and then disappeared into the nighttime sky with his hostage. 'Get me my uniform, we're going get her back,' Peter declared. He stormed out of the ballroom and into the Men's Room to put on his ghostbusting uniform. He ran out in full ghostbusters gear saying, 'Lets roll!'

The Ectomobile was driving around Manhattan until Egon and Ed's PKE Meter picked up any large amount of psychokinetic energy. In the back of the car, Peter is very pissed off at what just happened, 'I can't believe this, what the hell dose he want with April?' 'Calm down, Peter. We're gonna get her back, just relax,' Ray said to Peter. 'Wait,' Ed yelled. 'I'm getting 1138 on the PKE Meter and it's coming from the cemetery area.'

As ECTO-1 pulled up to the cemetery, both the Ghostbusters and the Ninja Turtles searched the whole graveyard for any sign of Shredder or April. Everything was quiet until an evil laugh made them jump. They turned around to find The Shredder standing in front of a tomb. Both groups walked up to the tomb, then Peter asked, 'Where's April?' 'She's right hear,' Shredder said revealing her under his cape. Peter started to go for her but then Shredder threatened him by saying, 'If you take one more step and I'll send as much supernatural energy to blacken New York forever!' 'What are you gonna do to her,' Peter asked. 'I'm going to make her my bride, first I will end her life and take her soul with me to the next world,' Shredder answered with a laugh. 'Oh, for the love of God,' moaned April, rolling her eyes in disgust. 'Shut up,' Shredder yelled at her, slapping her in the face. In his rage, Peter unhooked his wand and switched it on as fast as he could and fired a proton stream, hitting Shredder in his eyes, blinding him. Now was her chance, April ran as fast as she could towards Peter and embraced him. Shredder, now seeing that April was back with Peter, decided to raise hell. As The Shredder chanted something in Sumerian, a huge wave of supernatural energy ran throughout the city. All fell silent until they our heroes heard the sound of crunching and crumbling from the ground. Then a rotted hand sprang up from the ground, followed by another and another. Suddenly, from out of the ground arose a total of 20 zombies. At the same time the zombies came out of the ground, a gravestone was cracked down the middle, then another and another, and then from out of the cracked tombstones arose evil spirits and phantoms. 'I have a bad feeling about this,' Neil said in shock. 'We should run,' Donny gasped. 'We should hide,' Mikey cried. 'We should kick their geezerly asses,' Raph yelled out. 'Come on, guys. Lets show these old timers their time has past.' As the Turtles started for the zombies, all the Ghostbusters unhooked their neutrona throwers off of their proton packs and powering up. 'Blast'em,' Winston cried out. In response, the darkness of the graveyard was lit up with proton streams. 'Try this on for size,' Shredder screamed out to Neil, Pavel and Ed.

As before, a huge burst of supernatural energy shook the whole city. Then the ground shook again, and again, and again. Suddenly, out from behind a building stepped a huge white object in a sailor's hat and a beaming smile. It was none other than THE STAY PUFT MARSHMALLOW MAN. 'Oh, great,' Neil moaned. 'What is it, Neil,' Ed asked. 'This is easy as pie to destroy this bastard, Fry'em,' Neil commanded. Neil, Pavel and Ed fired their proton streams at the Marshmallow Man. The Marshmallow Man's beaming smile turned into a grotesque frown of anger and causing him to bellow out in pain as the giant's body burst into flames. Meanwhile, the four other Ghostbusters and the Ninja Turtles have overwhelmed the last of the spirits and zombies then glared at The Shredder. 'Your turn, you bastard,' Ray said angrily. 'Damn you,' Shredder yelled at them. 'Damn you all to HELL!' Suddenly, lightning struck the tomb behind him causing fire to spout out and turn spiral. The sound of screaming lost souls filled the graveyard, as it turns out, this tomb has become a portal to hell. From out of the flames came out huge inhuman hands starting for April, but Winston and Ray were ready for it and fired their proton streams. Egon and Peter turned their proton packs up to full power and fired them directly at The Shredder. 'NOOOOO,' Shredder screamed. On the other side of the graveyard, Neil, Pavel and Ed were still shooting the Marshmallow Man, who was still standing. Thinking quickly, Ed turned to Neil and whispered in his ear. 'Well, its sounds dangerous, but hey, where's our sense of adventure, Cross them,' Neil yelled out. In response, the three other Ghostbusters put their neutrona wands together and crossed the streams. At that point, the Marshmallow Man turned from white to red.

Back on the other side of the graveyard, the Ghostbusters were ready to finish The Shredder off. 'GO TO HELL, AND TAKE YOUR FRIENDS WITH YOU,' Peter yelled at the top of his lungs. And with that, Peter caused his proton stream to hit Shredder solidly in the face causing him to get sucked in the fiery portal and into hell. As the portal closed, the Turtles and the Ghostbusters turned around to see the Marshmallow Man about to blow his top. 'TAKE COVER,' Egon screamed. 'RUN FOR IT,' Ed yelled to his two other partners. Quickly, both teams ran for cover as the Marshmallow Man exploded in a flash causing liquid marshmallow to fall on the city and our heroes.

As the smoke cleared, the Turtles started to emerge out of the piles of marshmallow. 'Are you guys alright,' Leo asked his brothers. 'We're all okay,' Donny answered. 'Hey, Leo,' Mikey yelled. 'Do we have any chocolate or graham crackers, we could make smores?' 'OH, NO,' the other Turtles groaned. 'Hey where's April and the Ghostbusters?' Everything fell silent until the sounds of approaching footsteps were heard. Then 8 figures covered with marshmallow emerged from a cloud of smoke, it was the Ghostbusters with April O'Neil. Knowing that they were okay, the four Turtles cheered them on. Then the Turtles were commenting on their every move. 'Awesome,' 'Bodacious,' 'Radical!' "You guys really need to come up with better words than that," Venkman laughed. Then an elderly rat appeared. It was Splinter. 'I have always liked'Cowabunga.' Then the Turtles let out one big 'COWABUNGA!!' "And We have the tools, and we got talent," Winston cheered, then Vankman chimed "It's Miller Time" then the Ghostbusters hi fived eachother. Then they were on their way out of a graveyard to a crowd of more than a thousand spectators, some from the Plaza Hotel cheering both teams of heroes. While going out to sign autographs and talk to other reporters, April kissed Peter on the mouth and said to him, 'Thank you for saving my life.' 'No problem,' Peter said back with another kiss. On the other side, the sound of crowds cheering filled the whole streets when the Ghostbusters and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hopped on ECTO-1 and drove back home for the best victory feast ever, PIZZA!


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