Fiction:"The Protonix Ghostbusters Universe" by Captain Nuclear

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The Protonix Ghostbusters is a 8-manned team of Ghostbusters who have broken the laws of reality and turned a entertainment franshise into a real life business. The rules are broken as our world, ( What is happening now and what has happened, including everything GB) has now seen that the truth is out. Ghosts are real and someone has to answer the call. The Protonix Ghostbusters. Founded by a a crazed high schooler that was struck by incredible forces, he and his teams are here to nuc the spooks. The team isnt like most incarnations of GB. They are much more trained in a way to become a literal SWAT force but yet have a appetite that would put even Slimer to shame. (When running around carrying about 300 to 350 pounds of equipment, you burn of the calories Real quick.) Protonix, meaning in the terms of team leader Derek Stewart, stands as the term used for the incredible firepower and equipment the team uses on a daily bases compared to other Ghostbusters that would use them in rare occasions. In this you can sign up as a member to the PGB. The group utilizes the logic and works of the GB franchise to help aid them in the field. In total there are 5 different branches of the PGB that make up a total of 30 Ghostbusters in the Northeast. - The Protonix Ghostbusters: New York City, New York - The Liberty Ghostbusters: Washington DC - The Patriot Ghostbusters: Boston, Massachusetts (New England Area) - The Allegheny Ghostbusters: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - The Rogue Ghostbusters: New York/Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Protonix Ghostbusters: -Derek Stewart: Team Leader Base Age (What the character would be depicted as): 26 Started Age (When first started ghost busting): 17 Gender: Male Bio: Obsessed with energy and particle physics at a reasonable time in high school, Derek is a two sided guy that holds the heart of the team as much as Ray Stantz. He is the first ever to attempt, and succeed, in building a Proton Pack by accident when working with a prototype cyclotron. Derek, in more times than any, is mostly confronted by women who try to get to him but he remains locked with a relationship. At first the butt of every hole and considered a waste of time in high school, Derek went out to make a name for himself in the world that resulted in disgusting becoming both a reality and his secret for some time. Personality: While at first being one to stay silent and away from people, Derek is a semi-kind hearted guy that used his base know how about busting to help lead his team through situations. When in dire situations, he can become a force to be reckoned with to make sure everyone is safe and gets the job done. Hobbies: Normally watches the firehouse and answers side calls not needed for a team. Tends to conference meets to represent the Protonix Ghostbusters and birthday parties. Founder of the Protonix Ghostbusters -Leonardo (Leo) Johnson: Head Scientist Base Age: 22 Starter Age: 17-18 Gender: Male Bio: A friend of Dereks for most of their lives, Leonardo (Leo) is the technical brains that helped Derek perfect the equipment at the easier years of the PGB and is considered a co-founder. His studies of mythology and legend makes him act more like Egon Spengler. Leo was originally the only one who truly knew about Dereks secret before it was revealed and when Derek did his first ghost bust he was there as tech support. Personality: While collective and resourceful, Leo is some times referred to as the brain child of Egon Spengler with the wise cracking personality of Jillian Holtzmann he is a support to the team that helps dig much deeper into things that most over looked. His brain smarts as allowed him to significantly advance the Protonixs equipment in a short time while still making due with one lines that being back memories of the past Hobbies: Teaches the Study and Reach of the Paranormal at Columbia University or at different events. Leo is considered the Second Original Protonix Ghostbusters -Rachel Bucker: Secretary/ Medic Base Age: 24 Starter Age: 17 Gender: Female Bio: A long time friend and high school crush to Derek, Rachel was a more common knowledged person who took the need to care for others deeply. Studying to become a doctor, she would run into Derek and Leo at times when they were testing or Derek was busting that caused her to quickly pick up on the whole set up. After his secret was revealed Rachels concern over Derek and his safety made both her and Leo work with him during large jobs. Even after moving to NYC she continued her studies to be a registered medical doctor and serves as the teams on/off sight Medic. During times of slow business she would remain at the headquarters as a secretary to help organize everyone. When confronted by a situation where Derek is being targeted, She would do what she could to make sure he, or at times, the others, wont get pulled into a position that would risk damaging their team or lives. Personality: Rachel is the careing mother (in a way) to the team when the morale is at a low. Normal a modest, kind hearted that does everything in her power to ensure the safety of others. When it comes to harder decisions, she is willing to open old wounds to male her point seen through. Hobbies: Works at the New York Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Hospital Rachel is the Third and last Original Protonix Ghostbuster. -Roger Donny: Team Pilot Base Age: 27 Starter Age: 22 Gender: Male Bio: A fresh out of training from the Air Force, Roger is a skilled man when it comes to aerial transport. Helping the team expand out further from their home town, Roger was a kind, helping handy man who would spread word about the team. He owned his own helicopter that later became known as Ecto-2. And after the official set up in New York he purchased two gyro copters that were dubbed Ecto-2B and Ecto-2C that he personally modified. Personality: A much more look alike to Ray, Roger is a much more wise ass joke cracking man who tends to be more close up and personal to the creatures and show his true muscle. Hobbies: Does aerial coverage for News stations. Roger is the 6th member to join the Protonix Ghostbusters. -Ben Smith: Muscle/Guinea pig Base Age: 21 Starter Age: 16 Gender: Male Bio: Ben Smith is the youngest member of the brothers and team. In the first year of the Ghostbusters being revealed he and his brother went out to make Derek a laughing stock to prove that he was a waste of time. This however resulted in a court order to work for the team to pay off debt and small parts of his pride. Because his ique is almost equivalent to Slimer, he is usually the teams guinea pig for equipment testing and biological research. Personality: A more mischievous of the pair, Ben normally follows his brother as a means of getting to know what to do and cause the occasional chaos. He is more simple minded, not normal but higher than Slimers IQ and is the one that Jack drags into the back lot or testing facility where he tries to purposely blow himself and the lab up. Hobbies: New York Transportation Tow service. Ben is the 5th member to join the Protonix Ghostbusters. -Danny Smith: Vehicle Engineering Base Age: 23 Starter Age: 17 Gender: Male Bio: The oldest of the Smiths, Danny is a car junky who has a tendency to go head to head against Dereks decisions for the team which as resulted in bad situations. He, along with his brother, were first ordered by a judge to work for the Ghostbusters via community service for a year. Like Ben he stated on with the team to even going to New York. Personality: Slightly more mature and arrogant of the brothers. Being around machines for most of his life, Danny as a surprising skill set when it comes to fixing things that others cant. His demeanor has at times compromised busts do to this and is usually forces to stay in the firehouse on clean up duty. Hobbies: Automotive collision and repair. Danny is the fourth member to join the Protonix Ghostbusters. -Jackson (Jack) Wolfton: Equipment Engineer Base Age: 22 Starter Age: 19 Gender: Male Bio: Jackson (Jack) is a computer technician that work for the Dill Herling Oil Company station on the out side of New York that had called the Ghostbusters to help investigate a dire situation. When he first met the Ghostbusters, he and Leo kicked it right off. His fascination over the equipment had lead him to help the team further develop parts such as the Slime Blowers for the packs. He originally stayed on as a technician for the team, he continued building more and more tech that rapidly increased the teams arsenal such as the creation of the Protonix Packs, Sabar Traps, and The Experimental Pack. Personality: A fanboy/tech junkie who would try to push the science as far as possible, Jack is a mirror Ed version Leo using his more scientific side. While usually clueless on the matter of the paranormal. He makes up for in his ingenuity. Having the tendency of adding things to the equipment when no one knew, he values his work as they come very hand for unknown situations. And have a much higher risk of blowing up the lab. Hobbies: Technical engineer for the oil and gas industry. Jackson is the 7th member to join the Protonix Ghostbusters. -Mike Docks: Law Enforcement Base Age: 36 Starter Age 24 Gender: Male Bio: Originally a New York City Cop, Mike was the Winston of the team who at first criticized the Ghostbusters legitimacy and they first came to New York. Mostly meant as a escort for around the city, Mike proved his colors when assisting a monster bust that saved the team. After the outbreak and set up of the firehouse headquarters, Docks left the NYPD to assist the team full time but remained in the force to serve as a direct link to the city. While on his free time he collects large amounts of guns of all kinds that are secretly stored around the firehouse. Personality: A miles temperate man with the mind of Winston and Bert Gummer (From the Tremors Franchise), Mike is a act first shot next kind of personal who uses his skills in the law to aid in situations that might involve civilians in the cross fire. While silent and likes to keep to himself unless but when he voices a thought or opinion, his is very skillful with Proton Pistols and Rifles. Hobbies: Part time NYPD Investigator. Full time gun collector. Mike is the 8th and last Ghostbusters under the Protonix official name. -Isabella (Izzie): Mascot Ghost Base Age: 20s Starter Age: 20s Gender: Female Ghost: Class 4 Time Ghost Bio: In the early 1920s, A young women was murdered at the sight of where the Empire State Building was to be constructed. Police and Investigators spent over a decade searching for the body but had to stop when construction of the skyscraper began. When the basement was being poured, workers did discover human remains of a body but disposed of them and continued. In mid 2015, the spirit of the women was brought forth due to the presents of a large pke mass (Black Slime under the city) that helped regenerate her form. When maintenance workers went down to the basement to work they would witness or presents and bail as fast as possible. When the Protonix Ghostbusters were called to deal with a basic removal, they came face to face with her ghost who was willing to let them finish her off in a why that it would resemble a murder scene. The team did capture via a Pressure Trap and, while getting paid for the job being done, took her back to the firehouse and placed her inside a observation tank. She went on and told the team who she was, where she came from and how she even died to the last second. When taking the information down, both Mike and Leo went to the NYC Municipal Archives and found the closed case regarding her death. After filing it through the NYPD Mike brought her to police headquarters where she gave the name of the man and allowed the case to be closed properly. When this happened, many had thought that her spirit would go forth to the next level of her life. But what stumped everyone was that she had chosen to stay with the team. During her time with the team she slowly learned about what had changed over the past 90 years while the team learned heavily off her involvement with experiments. Allowing the creation of much more advanced technology such as the Sabar Traps and Protonix Packs. Around Christmas of the same year, the team out fitted a custom made body that she could possess and retain a more human form. With it she was able to move about on her own without causing fear. And on rare occasions she would strap on a pack and help the team with hard jobs. Being a living ghost detector to locate and even communicate with spirits. Unlike most ghosts who retain a base form, Lizzie can manipulate hers to age like a normal living person. Tests showed that if she was to start from the age she died (Cause that was when her spirit form was born) and age 100 years, she would look more and more like a elder. Because of this she can also reverse back to a previous age, say 36, and become young again. But as a effect to this in order for her to become 100 again she must wait for the other 64 years. Leo says it is possible that she could literally be immortal to our plane of existence and decide when she would die/ crossover to the next realm. Personality: First as a shy person who would hide where ever possible. She eventually became more and more confident and later the public mascot to the Ghostbusters like Slimer. Hobbies: Reading about the modern times, helping conduct research into new technology with Leo. Isabella is sometimes referred to as the unofficial Ninth Protonix Ghostbuster. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Franchise Teams: Despite being a team of 8, Protonix couldnt be everywhere to bust. When traveling in between New York, Pittsburgh, and DC, the team had found large hit spots that resulted in activity. They first opened the Liberty Ghostbusters in early 2015 and later the same year in both Pittsburgh and Boston. The Rogue Team was made up in early 2016 when work in NYC was becoming a hassle. Rogue Ghostbusters: Founded: March 2016 The youngest of the teams. The Rogues are a split team that are more mobile than others. At first ment to be the extend part of the Protonix team to make it 12 from 8, the team served as both the Philadelphia branch and a spare team to New York when the work load is to much or the main team is out of the city. This team is solely referenced to the 2016 film and (in this universe) is and reason behind the movie. Bridget Filmem: Leader Daniel Rikers: Womanizer Jessica Topps: Scientist Sarah White: Writer Vehicle: Ecto-R1 A modified version of the 2016 GB Reboot car, this one has no hearse symbols, a standard roof rack, super slammer, a orange and blue light bar and No-Ghost hood ordainment. - Allegheny Ghostbusters: Founded: October 2015 A close to home type branch, The Allegheny district is the farthest team to the west of the Northeast. Located in the Protonixs original headquarters they watch over the home roots of the company and help with much more out of state work. Michael Jones: Leader Peter David: Physics Engineer Scott Stewart: Investigator, Dereks Brother In-law Blake Stump: City Coordinator John Stewart: Dereks father/ Historian Vehicle: Ecto-1P A standardized blue Jeep Cherokee, based on the vehicle used in the GB fan film, Hellbent. - Patriot Ghostbusters: Founded: October 2015 Patriots (not the sports team) are a Boston/New England company that over sees activity in the most northern states. Because of the large rigged area the team relies on local paranormal teams to help out in both investigations and busts. Matt Blake: Leader Dylan Woods: Historian/Scientist Gabriel Patrick: Paranormal Investigator Oliver Porter: Paranormal Investigator Hunter Walks: Paranormal Investigator Doctor Glean: Paranormal Biologist Vehicles: Ecto-1E and Ecto-2E Ecto-1E: 2010 Chevy Colorado Modified truck. Only gas powered vehicle still used by the PGB. Has a red and black roll cage, extended roof rack that overhangs the rear bed. Equipment locker tool box, on-board Pke Disrupters and push bar mounted proton gun. Ecto-2E: Jeep Gladiator Outside, off sight type vehicle. Basic truck but with roll cage and equipment locker. - Liberty Ghostbusters: Founded: May 2015 The Liberty chapter was the first out of the 4 franchise to open during the teams travel across America. Because of the rich supernatural history that surrounded the DC, the team had to be slightly larger than previously planned (original of four) and be certified to be in just close quarters to the capital with proton equipment. Bruce Morris: Leader/ Scientist Ray Phillips: Nuclear Engineer Thomas Beckons: FBI James Brown: Ghost Cop (First Responder) Lee Willis: Ghost Cop Tyler Rowan: Military Ryan Clock: Military Vehicle: Ecto-DC and Ecto-T10 Ecto-DC A black 2004 GMC Yukon with a Ecto-1A roof rack, push bar over the entire front. Super Slammer, rear window display panels. Resembles the Ecto-1G used by the Protonix Ghostbusters during their first years of business. Ecto-T10 Basically a Ghostbusters themed tank that fires boson darts the size of full size pickup trucks. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vehicles: Every vehicle (except one) run on scaled up 5-ring cyclotrons in the place of the engines. The first vehicle, Ecto-1C, was the First vehicle to have this done to while Danny worked on restoring it. The design of the engine itself is like have a R16 Pack inside the car but the half the size of a commercial air conditioner. This allows the vehicles to not have to worry about fuel because of a coolant injecture that allows the system to be constantly vented. Resulting in not exhaust but steam from the tail pipe. Because of this it most vehicles have much more power to run everything and have left to waste. Ecto-7 however (check below) used a tandem of both the cyclotron to run the truck but used the PCU to run the trailer and its equipment. Despite the down side of each vehicle being a nuclear bomb on wheels, They do technically have the cleanest vehicles in world. -Ecto-X1 Dereks personal ride, X1 is a scratch built motorcycle that Derek customizes over time to his liking. The bike is much larger than a basic motorcycle with much fatter wheels, a interchangeable rear that can either hold a proton pack or super slammer, four trap cartridges for extra traps, a handle mounted clip that can have a proton gun be connected to the bike and a reverse lock that holds the front wheel is place while driving in reverse. The front lock is doable because of the weight being the engine is closer to the ground and the wheels being wide adds much more stability. When in reverse the two rear facing traps could be opened via the control panel built into the gas tank. -Ecto-X2 A dirt bike similar to Ecto-2 in the Reboot, this bike is mostly used for tight cornering to bypass traffic locked streets and chases with a built on particle cannon. Rachel tends to use this bike with Derek when following on jobs. -Ecto-1 Version 1 (A): A simple red cargo van that Leo owned. Derek and Leo used this as a means of transporting large amounts of parts from places. Version 2 (B): A dark gray 2004 GMC Yukon, this was the first vehicle to bare the name Ecto when Derek made his secret public and Rachel joined the team. The car holds a mix style of both the original Ecto-1 and Ecto-1A with a modern look. Version 3 (C): After arriving in New York, the company that hired the PGB give them a new vehicle, The Original Ecto-1A Cadillac. But because of the vehicle being so old and not fit for their uses, Danny worked around the clock to update and upgrade the vehicle to modern equipment. The vehicle now sits higher off the ground with a reinforced body, push bar, updated roof rack with display boards and Super Slammer Trap, a now black removable roof and much more opened cab with two rows of seats. Similar to how the RGB Ecto was set up. Ecto-1 V3 was meant to be as a practical means of transportation around New York while the GMC version was their primary. V3 became the official car after Version 2 was destroyed by a electrical explosion. -Ecto-2A (Aerial Transport) Ecto-2 started out as a basic commercial helicopter when Roger Donny first started helping the team is 2013. First used to get to places to far to reach, he flew the chopper to New York where he dressed the outside with two reflective green strips and the teams No Ghost logo. 2A can hold a maximum of 4 to 5 people and have enough equipment storage for packs. The under belly is equipped with dual particle cannon and slime cannon. A 4 point winch system and super slammer. -Ecto-2B and 2C After their first year of being in New York, Roger, using the massive cash the company gave, bought two single pilot gyro-copters that were all white with red blades. Their are mostly used for navigating the city streets in the air where 2A can reach and be a First Response Unit. -Ecto-3 A modified Jeep Brute 6x6, This vehicle is used more for long distance travel out of the city and used to hauling extra equipment. -Ecto-4 MC (Meson Cannon) Ecto-4 is a Dodge Ram 3500 utility truck that has storage compartments for packs, blowers, traps, cables and disrupters. It has a mini-gun like thrower mounted on the roof where a person could stand in the bed of the truck and fire manually. -Ecto-5 SS (Super Slimer) A extensively modified tanker truck. Ecto-5 is a slime blower on wheels with a large, twin jet blower that can fire large amounts of slime at the force of 10 standard fire hoses combined. The truck as a forward plow that is used to ram debris out of its path or smash into any material entities (Slime Monsters) while have a spray mounted at the bumped to lay down a fast coat of positive slime in front of the truck. -Ecto-6 E6 is a basic Chevy pickup truck (Similar to the Ecto Truck) that is used as a off-set vehicle in case others are in use. The truck however is equipped with on board PKE Disrupters and Super Slammers -Ecto-7 A Peterbilt 389 Flat Top semi truck, this vehicle is used for large scale jobs that acts as mobile base of operations. The main truck as a plow like Ecto 5 but without the spray bar. The trailers however serves a much different use. -Trailers -Mobile Lab Unit The MLU is the default trailer used for most to all purposes. The first 7 feet of the rear is mostly used for storage of Ecto X1 and 2. Above the wheel base their is a mirroring equipment locked that holds up to ten proton packs (2 spares) 2 slime blowers, traps, meters, and other tech. The center 20 feet is cut in half where the left side has a full size kitchen and dinning area and the right with monitor equipment and tools linked to the roof rack. The next 12 feet houses 6 bunks (3 on each side, 2 in the truck) that can hold passengers. On the floor there are compartments used for storing extra clothing.The next 5 feet has full shower/ion shower, toilet and sink. Across from the bathroom is a electric closet that houses all of the circuit boards and relays to the trailer. The remaining 7 feet above the hitch to the truck is a Portable Containment Unit that powers the entire trailer other than feeding off of power from the truck. On the roof above the area of the wheel base their is a hydraulic pad where Ecto-2 can land and be tied down to the trailer. The remaining space is a 2 piece rack that as a dual Slammer unit and sensors. On each corner of the trailer 4 Pke Disrupters can extend out like antennas and cover a 3 mile radius around the location the truck is in. -Proton Cannon Designed to much out more power than 4 proton packs crossing the streams. The Proton Cannon is a large gun truck mounted to a 4 point reactor placed on a modified military flatbed. Storage boxes along the sides allow for large amounts of equipment to be moved, charge or super charge proton packs and clear massive hordes in moments. (To put it in a idea of fire power, Imagine 15 Stay Pufts all in a row with a Ivo Shandors Destructor form at the end. Put the cannon on full power about half a mile away and the beam will cause serious damage to Shandors form.) -Ecto-Marina 8 Basically the boat from the video game. -Ecto-9 A First Response unit built out of a Dodge Charge, used mostly for investigating and travel outside the city. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Proton and Protonix Packs In the beginning of their time of ghost busting the team used modified replicas of the Video Game pack that lacked functions like the health/revive system, working slime blower, and a 4-Ring cyclotron. By 2016, Derek and Leo designed a much more upgraded version dubbed the Protonix Pack. Only Derek, Rachel and Leo wear these versions. This is also why the team is called the Protonix Ghostbusters because they were the original 3 of the team. Unlike a standard Proton Pack, a Protonix Pack utilizes a 6 or 8 ring cyclotron thats broken up into segments that generate power. This function allows these packs to Cross Mode. Cross Modding is a special feature that allows the user to have 2 or more different weapon modes firing at the same time. This is a reason way the cyclotron is broken up. Because it has four base modes (Proton, Stasis, Slime and Meson) the pack divides the power. Though this does weaken the overall strength of a particular weapon, it makes up for in combined force. The both types, Generation 2 Protonix and Generation 1 Packs all use the same weapons despite being built different. The most common is the same Video Game pack that all teams use and others that are based on the cartoons or even fan built creations. The Protonix is a complete combination of all the generations, Movie/Comic/Video Game, Reboot, RGB, Extreme, and Sanctum of Slime. The guns themselves have different mechanics. Theres a button for each mode. (First, Second, Third and Alt Fire) Because some modes have more then 2 settings. Dereks pack is the most integrated one. Equipped with a Ion Cannon (or Boson Caster in the comics) and a double barrel particle thrower. The first fire is located between the meeting point of both handles for thumb access. The Secondary is directly underneath for pointer finger access. On the rear handle is several other switches. On the bottom there is a palm trigger used for activating the Wrangler or Alt mode. A finger trigger for Third fire and a hand cover that swings down for venting, just like reloading a shot gun. There is 2 built in turn dials that both change the strength of the weapon and what mode to switch. On Dereks Pack there is a small joystick that when held down controls the packs Ion Cannon. Each pack as a base set of functions such as a Pke Shield (The thing where if you get hit in the video the health bars will fall) venting, core dampeners, and overloader. The Pke Shield is what still allows for the wearer to be downed by a ghost and need a -revive-. But the person is not entirely down for the count. Much like the game the pack would push out all cores and reset back to proton stream while two indicators, the vent warning and a switch behind the neck, with a column of steam bellowing out. This is done because the air injector that helps cools the pack is shut off to prevent over usage and damage. Making the pack drop from being a 112 pounds to down to nearly 250 pounds. (They are very heavy) While its best for the person to stay down and wait for someone, they can, if they can, get up and move but have a much more slower movement speed, no protective shielding and be left in basic proton mode. How someone can revive them is by either throwing a master switch behind the neck (dont ask why it got put there) that will instantly reactive the shields or by the person standing next to the down Ghostbuster where their own shields can feed into theirs and charge. Venting of course to prevent overheating. Core Dampeners is a main and side function of the venting system. By setting the pack in a -dead vent- where the cores are halfway deployed, the intake the draws power from the cyclotron to active the beams would take in any Pke or energy within a set radius. Similar to how the Electron Beam can turbo charge a pack (check below) this can allow the packs to run on pure ghost energy. And sometime run of external sources such as the vehicles or a large enough power source. The Overloader as the name says is a last resort function that can be sometimes more dangerous than crossing the streams. By placing the pack in a controlled meltdown, the pack would gradually build up a large discharge of particles via the default mode that if fired over time would cause the beam to rapidly grow in size and intensity. If the charge continued to build up to a critical point and then be fired the force would equal that of 3 proton streams crossing even after a backlash. This causes the pack to become extremely unstable to the point that if still used would cause a complete meltdown and explode. Taking everything within a 5 to 25 square mile radius. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Modes and Weapons: Primary Fire- Secondary Fire- Third Fire- Alt-Mode(s) - (These are default and enhancements on standard packs and protonix packs.) 1. Proton Accelerator: - Proton Stream - Boson Dart - Electron Beam (Only on Dereks Pack, Check Bellow List) 2. Dark Matter Generator: - Stasis Stream - Shock Blast - Plasma Inductor (SoS /Sanctum of Slime weapon) 3. Plasma Distribution System: - Slime Blower - Slime Teather - Slime Mine (Wii Game) - Compression Air Blast 4. Meson Particle Dampener: - Meson Collider - Overload Pulse - Feramon Shock (SoS) 5.(Enhancement) Lighting Gun: - Electron Beam - Discharge Cage - Bolt Ray 6. (Enhancement) Specialties: - Vaporizer - Laser Shield. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Equipment- Proton Pack (TVG): Unlike what all PGB teams use, this pack is a direct replica to the video game that uses a four mode, four ring cyclotron. This pack is mostly used for rookies in training or back ups. Slime Blower Mark 5: A redesigned version of the original PSD, the blower is filled with a dual combination of Mood and Positive slime that can fire all 4 modes. Stasis Pack (Fan Creation): A stand alone dark matter generator with all three modes. Boson Pack (Fan Creation/ Comics): Much like the name says its default settings unit that can fire different Boson charges. Ranging between bomb like rockets to rapid, but weakish mini gun type sets. Proton Rifle (Fan Creation) : A rifle type thrower that is meant for more close and unexpected situations. Equipped with a small 3-Ring accelerator. Can only fire Proton Stream or a timely Boson Dart. [Shock] Gun: Similar to the Proton Rifle in build, this gun uses a direct DMG that can generate different fields of Shock Blast. The literal Shotgun of the Ghostbusters. Trap Launcher: A more shotgun like weapon, this gun has a mounted trap at the end of the barrel that can be launched to capture entities too far from ground units or grenades. The Experimental (All): The EPP, Or Experimental Protonix Pack, is the frankenstein version of all the packs. The pack itself is pretty much a copy of Dereks Pack because of it getting new upgrades first before other equipment can be upgraded. But unlike Dereks the EPP has a wider range of functions but as a result, is more unstable. It resembles much more like a steam punk build do to the constant reconfiguration and that the paint has been burned off. The pack could be considered the most powerful Proton Pack ever built, just ahead to Dereks Pack in the form of pure fire power. With over 40 different mode and weapon types. The pack is rarely used in combat due to potential overloading and remains as a test pack for new tech. But on rare occasions however, the pack is brought out from the lab into the field to help combat much more powerful entities that, if possible, the Protonix Packs cant handle alone. (The EPP was Dereks first Protonix Pack call Odin, that was also the predecessor to his current pack Thor. After the events of [Ghost Lord] he salvaged most of the packs parts with new technology to build the new generation. The EPP was later rebuilt and now serves as a test unit.) Battery Gloves (GB2016): Battery Gloves are one if the few melee weapons the PGB use when every need to take something down is high. Theyre full fingered gloves with 4 rings on top of each knuckle wired to a regenerative battery pack strapped to the wrist. The gloves can both dish out several good hits before they are shut down to charge. Even without power they could still act like brass knuckles against physical entities like some monsters or walkers. It is possible that if the battery pack was to be sinked with the Proton Packs energy dampeners that the gloves could hold or even catch energy projectiles in the wearers hand. That when flicked off can be fired back. Mini/Arm Pack (Comics): Arm packs are much smaller, but weaker version of their original counter parts. Using a scaled down, 8-ring cyclotron that, while is weak compared to other equipment, can still hold its ground while in a job. The Mini packs however, are much bigger and utilize a full size 5-ring with two arm throwers. One for proton stream and the other for boson darts. Because of how small it is, the mini packs could be worn under large clothing to conceal the device be used as a surprise attack. (These two are for only Dereks Protonix Pack) Electron Beam: The Electron Beam is basically a lightning gun on a proton pack. (Thus why Dereks Pack is called Thor.) Using a large mass of collective energy, the mode can fire a stream of concentrated electric currents. Though this is classified as a Third Fire for Proton Stream, the mode itself is a Fifth. In order to active this mode the throwers primary mode must be set in default. Taking the forward handle the assembly pops backwards before covering both barrels. The beam is capable of also turbo charging other Protonix Packs by being fired directly at the cyclotron when the cores are in there venting state. The cyclotron core rods will all shift into a light blue color regardless of select modes. This allows the cyclotron to generate power much faster that in turn can increase the packs weapons. Bolt Ray and Discharge Cage The two side modes, Bolt Ray and Discharge Cage are the beams versions of Boson Darts and Wrangler. Bolt Rays are small, concentrated burst of energy that act as something similar to a hand tazer hooked up to a power plant. The Discharge Cage however is much more different. When fired it will attract itself to the negative energy fields paranormal entities have around them and ensnare them in a cage of electricity. The whole effect can result in massive clusters of ghosts being held at the same time. When in tandem with the Ion Cannon or other Ghostbusters they can be wrangled by a normal stream to be slammed, weakened, and captured Laser Shield and Vaporizer: These two modes were secretly added to Dereks Pack by Jack as a extension to the Electron Beam for both offensive and defensive. The Vaporizer is the literal Laser of the pack. Using a super focused conductor, the Laser could cut cleanly through hard materials. If the range is lower to exactly 1, the beam would only become just 7 feet long. This makes it much like a star saber sword for close courter fights. The Laser Shield however does what the name says. Instead of focusing the beam, it expands out in a arch like wave that can shield the user and others from Pke charged items or projectiles. Both these modes however extremely over heat the pack rapidly and can only be really safely used when the pack is in [Overloader] mode. Ion Cannon/ Boson Caster: The Protonix version of the IDW Comics Boson Caster, this is a shoulder mounted thrower that can fire in tandem or separate from the normal thrower. The PGBs however is much more powerful and can handle the different types of modes. (Proton/Wrangler, Bosons, Stasis, Plasma Inductor, Meson Collider, Overload Pulse Feramon Shock) The arm can be automatic or manual. Automatic sets it on a [free roam] state where it will attack as a turret and fire a preselected mode at any ghost in its sights. Manual control is done by using the joystick on the rear handle. When activated the cannon will become sinked to the thrower, where ever you aim your gun it will aim too. PKE Meters, Traps and Etc: Everyone has different types of the sensor. The most common is the touch screen game meter that uses a colored bar graph. Other forms include the Reboot and RGB meters. The meter uses the same color code system with 6 different colors. Green: Environmental Sample Blue: Active Sample Red: Paranormal Energy or Entity Pink: Physical Disturbances (Like invisible objects) Orange: Biological Hazard Yellow: Unknown and Undocumented Traps: The traps the PGB use vary on the kind of situation that calls for what device. Most are built to resemble traps throughout the GB Universe. One of the biggest differences is that the traps use literal ghost power to hold entities inside. It does this by draining the ghosts negative energy field. Not enough to cause it to desintergrated, to generate a holding field inside the unit that can allow a ghost to be held inside without the need of dumping. G-Trap: The most basic of all the traps, this one is a direct build from the Video Game that has a wireless activator and capable of capturing slammed ghosts. Pressure Trap: the Pressure Trap holds more towards its original counter part then other traps. Its equipped with a optional foot pedal or hand trigger that when hit can pull any entity inside. This trap is a one off use only because if opened again can release the store entities. Super Trap: Based on the design of the Extreme Ghostbusters traps just black, these units are much larger more powerful versions of the G-trap and Pressure Trap. Mega Trap: Based on the Comic Series, the MGT is a briefcase sized container with a super trap disk on the top with a tablet like screen on the back. This trap is mostly for holding much more powerful entities and the capture of monsters. Super Slammer: Based on the Video Game, the Super Slammer Muon Trap is a larger drum like device that is mostly mounted on top of vehicles. The traps act as more like mini portable containment units that can be linked to all traps. Directing any ghost from the hand held units into the Slammer. Sabar Trap: The Sabar G1P G-Trap is a advanced version of the trap that is mostly carried by Derek and at times Leo and Rachel. These units are much more advanced than the others but remained a small size. The uniqueness however is the four way capture ports on the sides. The ports are claw like arms that when activated spring outward, when a ghost is slammed to the closest claw it gets hooked and pulled inside. This allows four separate ghosts to be captured at four different moments. The trap is capable of also being turbo charged by the Electron Beam that when done so increases the draw rate, capture cone size and outward pull that can act as a tornado to bring in any non wrangled entities. Capture Grenade: More hand held type devices, these egg shaped booms act in the same way a Pressure Trap works. Extended Abilities: Most would think that the equipment us just for busting ghosts. But in truth the PGB equipment can do all kinds of things that the regular couldnt. Boson Jumping: Boson Jumps are fast but tricky ways of using a Proton Pack to move about. Like the Rocker Jumps in the game Team Fortress 2, the user would point their thrower at the ground. Jump, then fire a Boson. Sending them in a direction they want. This is done because the PKE Shield that protects the wearer from harm absorbs the energy of the blast and uses it as a feedback. Slime Lines: Using the Teather mode, the user could fire a strain of slime at a desired location but not fire the second half. The teather would begin to contract as the slime began pulling back inside the blower, flicking the thrower down would cause a jolt of tension through the teather repelling the user towards where the first anchor was. Something like a Grappling Hook. Ecto Containment Unit: The ECU for the Protonix team serves more purposes then holding ghosts. Relying on dampeners that drains entities inside the unit, it weakens them to a significant point that they still have energy to exist. Similar to the dampeners on the packs, the unit uses these to store enough power to run itself without the risk of blowing up if the power is cut from the building. The unit cant have to little ghosts inside to provide the need power, so 2 back up generates have a delay circuit that activates if the power is below the needed amount. The unit is allow what powers everything in the firehouse form the lights to the shields. Much like the original units, it uses a laser grid to prevent possible escapes from inside the vast universe. A micro-verse is in place of just a traditional storage faculty of a walled offed part of a room or the need for a much bigger system. This allows the unit to holds countless upon countless amount of ghosts that are dumped inside. But as a major risk however, if the unit was to lose complete power for over 90 seconds, 200 seconds in a best case scenario, the unit would use all able energy that is inside, the micro-verse, to prevent a complete collapse. If it is not enough than the unit will erupt outward and take in matter like a black hole. The possible range of how much matter it would need would be a radius around the unit for over 500 square miles, that if enough will seal the unit but cause a back lash in energy, inadvertently, releasing the ghosts or whats left. The unit as a variety of safety protocols used to protect this from happening. One is called the Dead Mans Switch. The DMS is what most would think to be the power lever that would shut the unit off. Instead however, it would shutdown the systems lights and let out a low moan like a generator turning off. A person just simply has to flush the unit with the trap lever to reactive them. In the case of a possible breech in the system, the unit is designed to discharge energy into a sub unit (located under the floor) that would ex-spell the excessive energy. If this was to fail than it would vent via a roof cap that would send out the energy. Usually causing a black out of the city for several blocks around the firehouse. Portable Containment Unit: A separate system mounted inside the Mobile Lab. This unit holds a much great looked to the Real Ghostbusters cartoon unit with a large red cylinder facing outward. The unit has 3 different control panels located next to it. One for direct control over the unit. A side station to control and operate all roof mounted equipment. And a stored closest that houses most of the circuitry. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Firehouse/Headquarters: (Ghostbusters cant be Ghostbusters without the one thing they have to live in. ~Derek Stewart) Much like the iconic 8 Hook and Ladder firehouse used in ever form of Ghostbusters lore, the Protonix are just the same but with a little more to add. When the PGB first came to New York in 2014, Derek went out to find a suitable place for the ever growing team (Jack and Mike were not ghostbusters at this time). When skimming through available commercial properties, he looked over a page about a lot on Moore Street for rent or for full block sale. When he got there the agent had showed him the 8 Hook and Ladder fire station. Still in service but awaiting the property to sale for the company to move to a much more upgraded place, Derek bought the building and surrounding block. ( He he did so, check below.) The single bay building itself stayed as it is but with a hefty renovation. The entire inside was gutted along with basement and exterior decals as it was worked over to be much more like what the film depicts. The buildings surrounding the station were also in progress of demolition to make way for a larger extension. The building quickly took on a more modern firehouse as a 3 vehicle garage bay that spanned the entire length of the building to the end of the street was add to store addition vehicles. (Ecto-1 and X1 would mostly be in the firehouse with Ecto-3,4,5,6 and 7 all in the garage.) The left and back of the building was completely reworked, making the building become much longer than the original that, with now allowed even Ecto-7 to fit fully inside the single bay with plenty of room to spare. Built over the garages, a large extension was added to the current floor plan to allow the team much more space for living and work. The back lot behind the building was cleared away as a storage yard for vehicles, Ecto-7s second trailer and other items not needed inside. Layout: Ground Floor/Garage- The floor plan of the 8 Hook and Ladder after the changes had been significant, the main building is much longer and wider to the left side. Allowing room for 2 vehicles to be inside or the semi to be parked against the wall with room for one more vehicle. The street side (right) mostly has spare parts for vehicles and lockers. On the left side closes to the doors ( The red lift door is replaced bay 2 red swinging ones) is now a small elevator that reaches all floors and basement. Beside it is a opened part of the wall that leads into the garage extension. In the middle are equipment lockers that hold items of variety, the fire pole, and the relocated stair case. Facing inside from outside the location of where (In the movie) Janines desk would be is pushed slightly back to allow a sitting area for clients. Where Peters office should be is now a kind of waiting room that is walled off. A service door on the left side before the basement stairs leads to 3 offices and ending at a bathroom. There is now a balcony that overhangs the waiting room and front desk that is accessible by the stair case landing. This spot is usually used for more stored or meetings. The extended garage bay next to the firehouse has a 3 lane (4 lane if the wall closest to the firehouse was opened up and replaced by a door) parking set up with addition room for work. The first part closest to the building serves as a work and building station with a bathroom opposite to the elevator. The tree lands each have 2 fire poles located in between the middle lanes. A second stair case in the right corner both leads to the research labs and another leads into the containment facility. (Vehicle set up like this: Far Wall Lane- Ecto-7, Middle Lane- Ecto-4 and 5. Fire Wall- Ecto-3 and 6. Firehouse: Ecto-1, Ecto-X1 and X2.) Roof- The ground roof above the garage serves as a recreational area. The upper parts has a small 2 bay aerial hanger used to store the Ecto-2s. Above the main building is a Pke Shield Generator that creates a massive shield to protect the firehouse or at times, the city from massive paranormal threats. First Floor- (Main Building) The top floor of the structure had to go under heavy changes when the main vehicle bay was renovated to have a higher ceiling. Despite this the floor is still in level with the original floor plan. The first half is used as a type of recreational area where most pieces of a giant living room is walled off all the way to the stairs. A hall way on the left side gives a straight shot from the elevator and stairs where a public lab (Where they would take someone to check on them) is located. (This part holds a big similarity to the original layout seen in the video game with the exception of no bed rooms, a hallway on the right side (If youre finding forward to the street) and a second stair case.) (Extension) This part of the building is solely purposed for a full sized lab that covers the entire area of the first floor. It has all the PGBs equipment, access to the garage roof, and the bedrooms above. Two fire poles are cut through the floor to allow the team to instantly get out of their rooms and to a vehicle vary quickly. Each pole as a hydraulic cover with a activator on the railing to prevent accidental falls. The sensor is one a 40 second timer to allow enough time for plenty of people to go down. In the back corner there is 4 isolation stalls to quarantine people or objects if needed. Second Floor- (Main building) The top floor is completely redesigned to allow the team of 8 and others to have the comfort of home and yet still be ready to respond to a job. The area as a fully stocked kitchen (You know why), entertainment, library, showers. Opposite to the elevator there is a pole that leads to the street corner one (the one closer to the front/side door) that drops down onto the lid. There is a release button that will open the hatch and allow a person to slide down from the second floor down to the ground floor. A closed off stair case next to the bathroom leads to the roof. (Extension) The upper level above the lab is completely out fitted with 7 bed rooms ( the brothers both share one). Letting each team member to have their own private space. A stair across across from Rachels and to the side of Dereks leads down to the lab. Basement/Containment Facility- The basement of the complex is now much, much larger than the previous incarnations. The structure is now much more like a bunker with the part under the firehouse used to hold utilities such as the generators and holding tanks (They only really pay for basic taxes.) When walking down the side stair case next to the front desk the floor levels out into a cat walk that leads straight across to the far wall where the elevator in located just below. A stair case at the start leads down to the main facility with another further up leading down to a small firing range where the team tests out new equipment for the packs. At the steps the catwalk banks right and follows along the wall all the way to the corner where a over hang for equipment storage is with a small spiral staircase. Below the catwalk is a equipment station where the equipment is built and maintained with 2 EHTs (Ecto Holding Tanks). Across from the work station the room is walled off where the original firehouse would of lined up with and is where the containment unit is placed. To the right is another catwalk that leads to the garage extensions and a smaller side port where a person could unload traps quickly with the need of a standard dump (insert trap, unlock cartage, close hatch and flush) and instead is a five slot unit where more than one trap, normally Saber Traps, can be completely inserted and dumped while another trap would be waiting in one of the other slots. To the left of the containment unit is a garage bay that leads to a larger storage space behind the unit with access to various systems hidden behind the wall. This area is accessible via the surface with a ramp that leads from the back lot and curves around to straighten out with the door. This is usually how the PCU on Ecto-7 is dumper into the main grid and how vehicles have equipment, such as traps and canons, can be installed. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stories- The main timeline of the Protonix Universe is mostly done over the course of a 6 year extended period. The start of it whole begins in mid-2012 and works its way up until 2018 where the base set of events happen. If need the entire timeline can be pushed up to a different time set to fit in with the current present. Story Timeline: 1. Broken Reality Year- 2012-2014 2. Shadows of the Past Year- 2015 3. Ghost Lord Year- (Alternate) 2017 4. Infestation Year- 2018 5. Armageddon Trilogy Year- 20XX Part 1: The Black Blood Heart Part 2: Hellbent Part 3: Alive Again -Crossovers- The Displacement Effect: The Displacement Effect is one of the bigger driving forces for the PGB timeline. Its the fact that what he see now is a set point that our minds hold solid to. This works for crossovers by using the [Go in and Remember, Get out and Forget] kind of thing. Say you crossover PGB with something and the year is 2015, Take any GB, Derek for example since he has a tendency for this kind of thing, plucking for a moment in that year and drop in another world. He would remember everything from his world to going to the next one. Now when leaving that world he would be put through something like a Reset where he remembers everything only to the point before going. So anything that he knows about the other world is now just a blank. There is however another version where if the crossover involved being sent to Our World or the character(s) being naturally sent back. This would let them remember everything at happened to them. This means that in general Protonix Ghostbusters could be crossovered with practically anything at any given time in the timeline without it being affected. The Icarea Mandala: The Icarea Mandala is another driving force that could be used to join the PGB into a crossover. The way it works was that because of Our World being separate from outside planes of existence, we were confined to one world. When Ghosts and Black Slime started to find its way into Our World, it tore apart that separation. Letting what we thought of fiction or myth to the imagination to be connected. The system is more like a sphere other than a circular system (like the one in the video game) where Our World was the center point. Other worlds that could be for either alternate realities or separate universes could be linked via a direction connection that our world was ripped of in some form. Black Slime: Black Slime is the key driving force in practically every story. The source of how the slime is still unknown on how it got here but is yet a reocurring threat. Unlike the original Ghostbusters Universe where supernatural activity had been going on for its entire time, black slime in Our world had a much more negative boost added because of the raw negative of todays world. With a fresh in take it was capable to rapidly growing in portions that lead to several large scale events and the connection to other worlds.


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