Stay Tooned

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"Stay Tooned"
Real Ghostbusters episode
Episode no. Season 6
Episode 14
Original air date December 1, 1990 (1990-12-01)
Episode chronology
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"Guess What's Coming to Dinner"
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"Very Beast Friends"
Real Ghostbusters: Season 6
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Ray and Slimer try to fix the tv so they can continue watching The Sammy K. Ferret Show, but a freak accident occurs and brings the title character into the real world. The Ghostbusters have to deal with them as Sammy's cartoon antics become all too real and dangerous.




  • The Lenny Jason show is a parody of The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson right down to the Ed McMahon style introduction "Heeeeere's Lenny!" though the host has an appearance similar to Johnny Carson's successor, Jay Leno.
  • The TV Guide that Winston holds says, The Slimsons on the cover, a reference to popular cartoon family, The Simpsons.
  • It is revealed Egon has an affinity for actress, Michelle Pfeiffer.
  • When Ray messes up the TV, Peter asks if the show is Married...With Static, referencing, Married...With Children.
  • After the chaos caused by Sammy in the kitchen, Egon's jumpsuit is incorrectly colored brown as Peter's.
  • At one point in the street, Winston's face is incorrectly colored.
  • Ecto-3 makes an appearance.