The Ghostbusters in Paris

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"The Ghostbusters in Paris"
Real Ghostbusters episode
Episode no. Season 2
Original air date October 23, 1987 (1987-10-23)
Episode chronology
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"Ghost Busted"
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"A Fright at the Opera"
Real Ghostbusters: Season 2
Real Ghostbusters: Episode Guide

When workmen on the Eiffel Tower accidentally break into Monsieur Eiffel's secret lab and damage a device, thousands of ghosts are released. The Ghostbusters arrive and discover that the tower was actually a very early form of a Containment Unit.




  • Peter is a fan of Humphrey Bogart and Spencer Tracy movies.
  • Winston reveals he used to be a construction worker.
  • Ray wears the Ecto Goggles in this episode.
  • When the ghost lifts Winston over his head on the roof, he is incorrectly colored as Ray.