Vigo Painting Production Photos

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Photos by Glen Eytchison.

"Photo 1: The set was assembled and preliminary lighting was applied to determine if the piece looked "flat".

Photos 2 & 3: These two Polaroids are early make up and hair tests... Work also continues on the costume and set painting.

Photos 4 & 5: These are shots of the nearly finished Vigo. One is a Polaroid test, the other is a print.

Photo 6: This is a photograph of the enlarged (prop) photograph of our set, after aging and distressing by Michael Gross and his team. We asked for the prop photo to be returned to us so we could make our set look more like the distressed photo.

Photo 7: While Mike Smithson and my costumers were working with Wilhelm, we worked with a stand in to light the transitions at Vigo's feet. In the reference painting, the foot area was intentionally left dark to minimize the problem, but as you can see in this photo, fine tuning with light and paint were required to make the area look flat.

Photo 8: One of the final distressed prints."